Cornwall Ontario Councilor Syd Gardiner Still Not Charged for Damaging & Moving Protest Signs at Council Meeting

Syd GardinerCFN – Does being a city Councilor in Cornwall give you some sort of immunity from the law?    This is the question being asked by many in Cornwall Ontario after he moved and damaged protest signs.

Protesters and this writer himself witnessed the councilor fold and bend signs that were removed after from outside the council chambers.

too muchAfter a peaceful protest in front of City Hall protesters left their signs outside of council in respect of the rules.  Protesters than asked police present to press charges against the councilor after seeing what he did.   Police present refused, and protesters called for assistance which resulted in the very police present who refused to charge the councilor to take the report.

As of 2:05 PM the Councilor has still not been charged and we have been told there is an ongoing investigation.   One of those the filed against Mr. Gardiner emailed us this:

Interestingly enough the cop I talked to said she would decide if charges would be laid after she got his side of the story. I told her I want the full extent of the law.I just left her a voice mail & hope to hear back from her tonight when she returns to work. i am willing to get a lawyer if necessary.

What a (MODERATED) fiasco!!!!!
What is the hesitation to charge?  Does that mean we can all go and key Mr. Gardiner’s car with no penalty?   Mr. Gardiner damaged private property in the door way of council!   What is the purpose of laws and police when we allow someone to behave like this?
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  1. Well I hope that those protesters hear from the police soon and the police do lay charges! There has been so much corruption taking place that now the average citizen has their property destroyed right in front of everyone at city hall!

    Two thumbs up for these people that took the time to stand up for all the citizens of Cornwall.

  2. Have we as taxpayers not already paid ENOUGH LEGAL FEES at the hands of the current mayor and his council?

    I am FOR NOT shooting ourselves in the foot over this latest fiasco.

    I would rather have Syd Gardiner attempt to save face by RESIGNING from the public position of trust that he so willfully violated as a result of his DESPICABLE ANTICS.

  3. Jamie if you get yourself a lawyer make sure it isn’t from Cornwall because there is no justice there it is only like what Gerald Celente quotes “JUST US”. You must get a high priced lawyer from Ottawa or Toronto to represent you. Forget the farm layers of Cornwall they are tied to the hip in corruption to the core.

    I had a neighbor in Cornwall who called the cops THE BARNEY FIFE POLICE DEPARTMENT and she picked up and sold her house and left for Toronto where she lived most of her life. I never forgot her description of those cops down in Cornwall or is it Cornhole like what some people call it.

  4. You have to admit the breastfeeding yourself is funny. I sag a bit too. I like Jules and think that she is perhaps on painkillers, but I respect that.

    Remember Jules. You live in your mind.

  5. I was thinking of getting a city of Cornwall firefighter position. Do you think the mayor could pull some strings for me.

  6. LOL LOL. Wow I am not on painkillers but I can’t stop laughing. Believe me even doing the dishes I couldn’t help it. Even now I just feel like I am on a roll with jokes and laughter. I said it the other day to Mike (the swimming pool guy) that I am wacky at times but since all this fiasco happened I am really wacky. Sorry to be so crazy but this is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

  7. Michael not unless your name is Samson, Grant, Kilger, Licky, Latour, etc. You would be SOL unless a miracle happens. LOL LOL. I am wacky tonight more than ever before so please excuse me I am having more fun than a barrel of monkeys tonight. The laughter does not stop. I need to calm down but that is hard to do. What a corrupt bunch down there. Syd Gardner ripping up signs and I bet at the bullying of the head monkey Kilger.

  8. Sorry admin, I have to be devil’s advocate on this one. You are leaving somethign out are you not?

  9. Author

    Hailey I’ll be your Devil’s Advocate. What is it I’m leaving out?

  10. Well Jamie, we are all still watching and waiting to hear. This “investigation” should be pretty cut and dry. Syd did it and it is against the law! The protesters tell me that they still have not had their signs returned to them, nor an apology. I am waiting for the police department to prove that they are not corrupt on this one and follow through with the laws that are in place. I hope that Syd is writing his resignation as we speak, otherwise I will be back at council with more signs to support these people that were done wrong by, big time!

  11. Syd Gardners life style has always been narcissistic. He is a consummate bully who always blows off whenever it means his peers will look at him as their hero. He only takes responsibility when it is in his favor and will not apologize for anything that makes him look stupid. He can do that all by himself.

    In all the time this man has been on city council to this day I have NO IDEA why he is there or what this man has accomplished other than glory spots and media pics. He blows his own horn best.

    My bet is that he has too many ‘friends’ and former relatives in the police department so in his mind he is above the law when it come to disagreements with the public in general or in particular with an individual.

    Gardner should resign with his tail between his legs to save further embarrassing council and our city in general.

  12. Poor Syd, he’s so out of touch ! What was he thinking , when he destroyed peoples signs ? He is a disgrace ! “THE BIG FLUSH” movement has put Syd, in our “econo flush ” list of candidates, as we feel, he’ll be one of the easiest, that will be expelled from Council, at the next election ? What do you think flushers ? We “the MOVEMENT” appreciate your thoughts !

    (Membership Chair)

  13. Did Sid have to go out of his way to reach for the sign, or was it placed in location in order to make a point? That is all to often the case in situations such as this.

    I am on your side and am only trying to have you look from a different perspective as to not look childish in our endeavours

  14. Author

    Hailey the signs were near the entrance to council, stacked against the wall or bench. They were not blocking traffic. They did not block entry. Syd collected them. The ones we all witnessed bent or destroyed were done right in the entrance to the council chamber. There is no excuse or defense. It’s either being covered up and he’s being given partial treatment or they have to charge him.

  15. Jamie
    Please hang tough on this one as Syd most certainly should be
    charged & convicted if he destroyed private proper .

  16. Hey Jamie!

    I sincerely think you should walk around town with the camera and record whatever happens anytime and anywhere. Cornwall is the best reality show going!

    I have had people stop me at work and ask me what is next? I have to clearly advise them that in Hazard County, you never know what will come next. That’s all part of the fun!

    Yes, it’s high time that the mothership come back and take back what was rightfully dropped off in the 1950’s = corrupt politicians and old milltown mentality types!

    On with the show this is ittttttttttttt!

  17. Sorry Admin, but ther are many holes in what you expect…I wish you well in the challenge!!!!!!!

  18. Wow, you users, abusers, and takers, all looking for the free ride without any giving. Next time U R out enjoying lunch, remember Mr. Gardiner was the one that cleaned the air of foull smoke long before the province jumped on board. Maybe for your next fun you can join the student protesters/whiners in La Belle province. Please try and find a real cause and stop wasting the time of the “real” people.

  19. Syd is not a real person…..he’s a cheap politician…who stands in front of the mirror to much… their day will come…..

  20. @ Hailey

    I do appreciate your support, but as the owner of some of the “signs” I can tell you without a shred of doubt that Jamie’s reporting on this subject is 100% correct.

    @ Syd

    I want my signs back-please!!!

  21. @ Floyd

    We live in a democracy in case you forgot & we apparently are entitled to freedom of speech. Protesting is our democratic right & if you don’t like it, well move to China!!!!

    @ Syd

    You need to resign, you do not represent the people of Cornwall!
    To destroy the protesters signs is an act of complete disrespect to our democracy & to ALL Canadians.

  22. Debbie Cameron

    Remember, the law in Canada and even the charter is NOT written clearly and always…always open to interpretation.

    To begin simple,
    Sid could claim he speculated it was merely litter and he inadvertently removed the signs to clean up. Who knows they could have belonged to a person having abandoned the protest.

    If anyone found the contents of the sign in poor taste or is in its nature irreconcilable with the right of free passage…he could remove the signs and there is little you can do about. Supreme Court already has this decided as a result of some past protests.

    First of all I still wish you all the best. It is a huge uphill battle and a much needed fight. Unfortunately they have more money and a much larger association of friends willing to support them. Should it make it to court remember, you are depending on a man that wears a wig and a dress to judge your fate.

    Maybe a different approach is necessary, spend less time writing the personal opinion stories and focus on how to incorporate change. Posting edited photos combined with defamatory comments will not win you favor, or the favor needed to make change. All we have seen so far is Bob thinks his face is distasteful or he doesn’t like milk.

    He stole my signs???
    I understand what you are trying to do but quite honestly it seems a tad desperate. Right now it it is beginning to look like they are giving all of you rope and given enough you may just hang yourselves.

    Some where I read where the Admin spoke with a lawyer stating it would cost a hefty fee to challenge the system here and the people with in.
    Hire him and tell him to charge the fee to those you wish to prosecute should he win.

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