LTE Brian Lessard of Cornwall Ontario on Joyce Murray – Most Media Missin’ The Boat

joyce murrayWith all due respect to local hard-workin’ media, I think we all need to look a little beyond our regional and personal bias and start thinking of what’s good for all Canadians.  It seems the pundits believe the public is naive enough to think that /Liberal supporters’ will elect Justin on the basis of cameo spots that glorify his star power and good looks.   Meanwhile, mainstream media seems absent of any discussion of issue, or judicious comparison of candidates.  They would like you to think it’s all about who the biggest fundraiser is.


It was policy and Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s depth to challenge the Status Quo that elevated him to super star status.  He generated a lot of news and earned his respect as Lester B. Pearson’s Minister of Justice and Parliamentary Secretary. The media loved him as they do his son today; however, the media landscape has changed substantially. The media in the days of P.E.T discussed policy.  Small town editors openly debated the issues.  Not so anymore!

Justin is a smart guy and means well but a ‘PM in waiting’ if I ever saw one. If we elect him now we could potentially push a great leader out into the fray way too early.  Give Justin a ministry under the wing of Joyce Murray. Give him time to learn the ropes of a ministerial capacity, like his father did,  and let Joyce and Debra be his support/back-up, . Let him take the time to learn the ropes just like his dad.. At least we can give him that.

In the meantime, Justin Trudeau (PM in waiting 2022) based in the East and Joyce Murray (PM 2014-2022) in the West work it to bring out the vote, build the party, and govern strong.


After all, this is all to decide the next leader of the Liberal party. He or she could very well be the next Prime Minister and local media and big media isn’t covering it. If we let the corporate media decide what information the public receives it will certainly be a crowning of Justin for all the wrong reasons and also a crowning for opposition leader in 2015.


Who is the media not telling you about?   That would be Joyce Murray. Check out her bio. on wiki:  to see where she comes from and what she’s done….it’s unbelievably impressive!  And then if you have any doubt about the legitimacy of her campaign check out her page for what she plans to do for Canada.


As a small business owner and big time community development guy I see Joyce’s campaign as the only comprehensive, integrated, and inclusive program out there bar none. Not only will she connect with young people, she has significant resonance with women and seniors….the list of notable individuals lining up to support her is indicative of their respect for her ability to get the right things done.

Joyce has a plan, she’s prepared, organized and ready to put the Liberal engine into gear and give sense and sustainability to our community. ..I feel better knowing that Joyce would be in the room with all that is to be done on Parliament Hill and anywhere else the PM needs to go,G8  or Kyoto for example.  I trust Joyce to be capable of not only standing up to tough negotiators and skilled players on the national and international scene but bringing her solid experience and insight to the table.


I challenge anyone to seriously compare any of the candidates with Joyce….Joyce is not one of those politicians that develops policy on the fly while maintaining a firm grasp on the pulse of public trend. Joyce lives and breathes her policy.  Her policies have been well known when she first became a liberal candidate in 1999 and was advocating a ‘sustainable community’ back when the idea was nowhere near the halls of opportunity. Progressive leaders around the world today are embracing the ideals of a sustainability community and if we’re lucky we’ll get to trade with them.    Joyce will unite the progressive vote, the women’s vote out, and many of the seniors…and there is an excellent chance she will bite a big chunk out of the Tories strong hold in Alberta and B.C. And if applause at the debates are any indication, franco-phones will love her too. Check out the list of supporters who believe in Joyce’s vision of where Canada could be and how we’ll get there…if Canada wants a star I think it’ll be Joyce Murray

What big media doesn’t get is that with Trudeau in the trenches of a ministry and Murray in the P.M.’s Office you can bet there would be lots to capture the minds of Canadian citizens…interest in the media would be peaked just like it was in the Trudeau years.

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  1. I don’t think Joyce Murray is ready. Her biggest draw is cooperating with the NDP and Greens to only run a single non-CPC candidate in each riding. However, she has shown zero evidence of swaying Mulcair on this issue and he is the Leader of the Opposition. If she fails, she has nothing to fall back on and she won’t be PM.

    If Murray is hiding some evidence of progress in bringing Mulcair around, now is the time to show it. She’s behind on fundraising and other measures, so she has to show something concrete on her one defining issue or she is simply not ready to be a leader.

  2. Joyce Murray’s biggest draw is not just about co-operating with the NDP….Murray’s platform rides on developing a sustainable community and intergovernmental co-operation. And as a cabinet minister in the B.C. provincial government she has demonstrated her readiness successfully moving that province forward now touting the highest broadband internet access in the country: no minor accomplishment given the vast landscape of the British Interior. So she has demonstrated her ability to get things done beyond just getting elected. If you check out her web you’ll see that. Furthermore, there is a lot of talk about splitting votes and how to stop it from happening in selected ridings. It’s only natural for Mulclair to initially be against it as he sees momentum towards the Murray’s Liberal values of integration and inclusion of all citizens in its policy delivery. Elizabeth May is already on board and I fully expect the citizens of Canada when confronted with the option of voting for someone in another progressive party other than the Tories will welcome the opportunity. But I do understand where you’re coming from Charles. If I only listened to mainstream media without thoroughly checking out factual accounts of each candidates accomplishments I’d probably come up short in my analysis too!

  3. Joyce Murray would not have to sway Mulclair, he will be joining the Liberals and Greens because grassroots NDP are also wanting to cooperate.

    Like David Suzuki, many progressive Canadians who desire democratic reform will leave partisan politics behind until Proportional Representation is in place.

    Candidates who believe in working harder and rolling up their sleeves are no different than the Conservatives who are the only true leading party.

    Every vote should count not just Liberal votes.

  4. Right on, Brian. Joyce Murray has the smarts and the toughness to do a great job. The facts in her bio
    speak for themselves.

    Besides, it’s high time we had a well-qualified woman leading the country. Men keep messing up, none more so than the nasty piece of work we have in Ottawa at the moment.

  5. Absolutely agree about Joyce Murray, she is one of the best candidates for the party. She would make a wonderful PM, but would she win against Harper. That is my fear, because as a Canadian I see that Harper has/is not only selling us down the river, he is helping to pollute it at the same time. He is almost as bad as a little dictator, fortunately we will be able to vote him out at some time. Our society does have it’s blessings.
    On the other hand, the reason that I like Justin Trudeau is that I believe that he can without a doubt beat Stephen Harper. I believe that the country will rally around him. Is he ready? Well maybe not, but then I think that he might grow into the job quite well, and he does hold many of the same values as Joyce. Either one would be a welcome change, and these are my two favorites in the race. While some of the others are good, they have litle chance of winning, or changing the liberal party.

  6. Hi Phoebe. Harper is a tough cookie. He comes to the debating forum well armed with lots of rhetoric and misdirection for the ill-informed to consider but to think that Joyce Murray wouldn’t be able to handle him is not to know Joyce Murray…..

    You can tell a lot about a candidate in how they respond in a debate or a personal interview; and one very relevant and informed journalist, Michael Harris, brings a lot of light to defining a great and visionary politician and in particular the character of Joyce Murray. It clearly defines why I will vote for Joyce. It’s a beautiful and informative peace. Please read the full story and I hope you will comment on what you’ve read.

    Full story: The credibility candidate: Joyce Murray in conversation
    By Michael Harris | Mar 3, 2013

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