Concerned Citizens Coalition Public Meeting at RCAF Wing in Cornwall Ontario – February 28, 2013

2nd Hospital

CFN – The Concerned Citizens Coalition will be holding a public meeting at the Air Force Wing on Thursday, February 28th at 6:30 pm.  The Minister of Health has encouraged us to bring forward a “Community Proposal” regarding the future use of the General Hospital and that is what we intend to do.

We have been instructed by the Hospital Board to bring our proposal directly to Re/Max and, Mr. Jamie Cameron from Re/Max, has confirmed he will be at our meeting.  This will be an opportunity for public consultation and we will be handing him our conditional “Offer to Purchase”, on that evening.

Our concern is that the building must be used for the common good and social benefit of our area with the focus on seniors.  Long term care, wheelchair accessible housing, supportive housing, seniors housing and dementia care are just some of the areas of concern.

Our offer to purchase will be based upon a similar initiative in Barrie Ontario called Victoria Village.



  1. Offer to purchase? Clarity please. Well aware of letters to CCH, Health Minister and LHIN but offer to purchase appears to indicate

    that a citizens coalition has been formed and are ready to make an offer to buy for purposes set out by our citizens desires of

    seniors over the next number of years. Did some of us miss something here?

  2. ie., Do we bring our cheque books?

  3. If this is an offer to purchase it sounds like it is going to be a private old age home where seniors with deep pockets will only be accepted. If this is the case then it will hurt the little people who need care and can’t afford it. We have those deep pocket places here in Ottawa and it takes people with money when it is private. I am wondering if this is going to be the case.

  4. No offense to Mr. Cameron, however it does seem odd that the hospital has given control to someone who earns a living from sales, as well as such short notice On a positive note, perhaps Mr. Cameron has contacts with deep pockets to see a proposal work.

  5. I will be there as a concerned citizen .
    The second street site has the potential for a great service to our community particularly the elderly.

    With our population of elderly growing at such a fast rate, it would be truly a shame to lose what could be deemed a health center that could provide a variety of services.

    If we as a community want to attract more Doctors this may be the catalyst for this.

    Please if your at all interested ,take the time out of your busy lives as it may be you that will soon require those services that this institution provides.

    Take care my fellow citizen’s

    Democracy is taking an active roll in what citizens are concerned with and encouraging politicians to make decisions in the interest of those citizens.

  6. What Chris said^. And if Mark MacDonald and these guys have a decent proposal, I say Mark for Mayor. Nobody needs to worry about the money yet. However the hospital should transfer the property for real estate fees plus a dollar as a show of good faith only so Jamie doesn’t have to sue them. A gesture by the authoritarian hospital board to the community would be rewarded by the people. $100,001 should be the selling price to a group with a good plan. Good luck guys.

  7. Wow I second that and I completely agree with Chris Cameron and another great man with great ideas. I would like to see Mr. Mark MacDonald in as mayor and get rid of all the scum bags except for André Rivette and Maurice Dupelle. I don’t know Mr. Dupelle but from what some people are saying that he is good. Put the rest of the gang out in the same way that my favorite comedian George Carlin said “garbage in garbage out” and you can see him on folks. We all need a good laugh and I sure overdid myself and I apologize to all of you but I needed that.

    We need a good place for seniors and I already said my piece about it under the topic of Kilger and his finger on the buzzer to THE BARNEY FIFE POLICE DEPARTMENT’S heading as well as on We cannot go and have our seniors at risk and most are people who are not wealthy and need a place to live and a safe one. It is going to cost a great deal of money to repair and bring up to date and that takes big money. I was thinking about some fundrasing that might help to purchase that building. I said in that other column that I wouldn’t pay more than $5 million because of the costs of knocking down the old nurses residence built in the Depression years or before which was later used as clinics. The place needs a complete overhall and everything costs big bucks.

    Do not let “Camptown Races Here We Come Doo Daa Doo Daa Kilger” get anywhere near the place since he would turn it into another hockey rink. LOL LOL. ROLF! Get rid of this loser and his clique for good.

    Mr. Mark MacDonald for mayor.

  8. I am totally disappointed in our city council’s inactivity in this regard. Narry a word other than the good councilor Andre Rivette.

    Council should have been the leader here ad should have taken the bull by the horns on it with the Health Ministry.

    The efforts of Mark McDonald and Andre must now be highly recognized by all the citizens of Cornwall in the next election if not sooner.

    I might be a little ahead of myself here but the writing is on the wall for our Mayor and council, Mark (pun) my words.

  9. It has been a while since I have been listening to Mark MacDonald and I see a good man there as well as André Rivette. Both men care very much for Cornwall and it is in them both. André does not come from wealth at all – what you see is what you get and a mighty good man and a mighty good family. If I was down in Cornwall I would shake both their hands if I see them. I knew André from my childhood and knew the family and is a very caring person for Cornwall. Everyone should back this man up. I see Mark is a good community person and he should be mayor.

    I am more than sick of these rich no good for nothings who have their cliques and they are the bullies that never left the school yard and I said those very same words before and I mean that. I think of the little people not the rich. The rich can get along very well but it is the little people who need our help.

  10. Hmmmmmmm..

    Jules -Quote – The rich can get along very well but it is the little people who need our help.

    Jules are you suggesting that the poor should be put in charge of the city. With respect you sound like the Italian comedian who believes the government should be democratically run via the internet.

  11. Dukers what I mean is that the rich can afford to pay for private care in those old age homes but the ordinary people cannot afford private care and rely on government help. I would like to see the former General run as a place that is affodable for people and not something private for only the rich people can afford. I said that rich people have the money to look after themselves but the poor and middle need help that is what I am getting at. Private care for elderly is like $2,000./month here in Ottawa and even more depending on the place.

  12. Costs here are comparable Jules, but as you say, there are places for each group. $4/5,000 is normal for full service in better retirement homes with perks.

    Some take in pay your own way or qualify for social services help but they primarily are not too mobile….maybe take a handicap or city regular bus to get around.

    Then there are those who need constant care such as S.D. $ G. Seniors Home on the St. Lawerence, Heritage Manor and others like them.

    I foresee the CGH (hopefully with a resurgence of its name) being similar as the latter, however, that will be decided by others as the needs will also dictate. No doubt there will be a number accessing from outside Cornwall as well to fully utilize and justify itself.

    No doubt too the plan will require full participation of LHIN, the Ontario Health Ministry for much maintenance funds for salaries, unit maintenance and food services and much more.

    Here’s hoping all works to the benefit of our seniors, exta on site doctors offices, physiotherapy (ie perhaps Dr. Reen would love to come back), clinical massage and mental health may play rolls too.

    I have a lot of faith in Mark McDonald to continue his utmost on behalf of Cornwall and area to see this through. He and Andre are excellent, compassionate people.

    But then, what do I know.

  13. You are absolutely right Duckers and all that takes big money. Yes to house seniors full time sure does cost a lot and no wonder the government pushes more for home care. My mother had home care as well and was going to be placed but she died before being placed and never wanted to go to an old age home. The population is aging and seniors who can no longer care for themselves need a place to go. I sure do hope that something good comes out of all of this.

  14. Yes Jules, much work, much ‘team Cornwall, S.D.G. citizens support and council support, and LHIN support, and Prov. gov’t support………..and, and, and,,,,,,oh yes, the money thing.

    All of that comes with a few other initiatives, desire and belief.

    Let’s not forget, a whole lot of prayer……

  15. Yes absolutely Duckers prayer moves mountains as they say and believe me I have a miracle in my own household that was done by prayer. People may laugh at that but it is very true indeed.

    Money is needed badly and it is going to take big bucks just to take down the old nurses residence. My eldest sister resided there back in the early 50’s when I was born. She took me home along with mom from the General. The old General the way it used to be brings back so many memories and I worked there as well as the former Hotel Dieu as a candystriper when I was a teenager. I am very much for health care.

    I want to see the seniors in a good, and safe environment and one that they will be happy. Kilger and his clique are only for the rich in Cornwall and area and for nobody else. I much preferred Mr. Nick Kaneb than Kilger any day and he was never a snob but always down to earth. I would love to see Mark MacDonald as mayor of Cornwall.

  16. Moving forward with a proposal is great news in itself.

    Recruiting or at least consulting with some of the principles involved with the VICTORIA VILLAGE in Barrie Ontario (i.e. the project manager) would be an appropriate step in assisting the success of a similar project in Cornwall.

    I believe that if the needs of the growing retirement community hope to be met it chances lie best with an non-profit format which promotes volunteerism from the vary individuals who will ultimately require it services. Students from our high schools (all of S.D.&G.) could receive credit for participation etc. etc. I see a world of possibilities to secure this projects success.

  17. Letter sent 03/05/2013.

    Mark aware/approved.

    We will review any reply.

    If this bid successful, perhaps

    a visit would ensue if not with

    some of us, at least with city

    scouting involvement.


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