Are We Progressing or Regressing? by Jacqueline Milner


Are we progressing or regressing?

What the heck are we doing folks?  I attended a community gathering last week which was organized by one of our local non-profits; what I would describe as an environmental organization which featured speakers from another environmental organization.  I knew the talk would touch on tree cover and was hopeful that information would be shared on actionable items that are being taken to prevent any further degradation of forest habitats in our areas and at the very least receive some good news on actions being pursued or taken to insure that our rural landowners are or will be obliged to keep hedgerows surrounding their acreage and buffer zones along waterways.  Sadly this was not the case.

We do have various Environmental Organizations, federal, provincial and municipal that do amazing work such as research, share information related to water quality, percentage of forest cover required for a healthy biodiversity, habitat health, and how to co-exist with wildlife just to name a few.  These are the go-to people if you’re looking for answers on species, how to revitalize or preserve a particular habitat and they can, or know where you can, find answers to your questions and concerns about the health and safety of our natural resources, plants, animals, water, soil and air.

Do you think they are responsible for insuring we maintain natural areas such as this?


Not!  Many of these Environmental groups have a say and are consulted on the health and welfare of our public lands and may be consulted on proposed bylaws on the various government levels however please do not presume that your area environmental associations or your local, provincial or federal governments are insuring that we maintain ecosystems necessary for the various forms that permeate our fair land.  They do not!  They do provide information and support for those wishing to maintain ecosystems and why it is in their best interests to do so.  They do not however have the power to prevent  the rape and pillaging of our rural landscapes, hedgerows and waterway buffer zones that has become a regular site seen far too often here in rural Eastern Ontario.


So what can we do?  In cities we can exercise our voice and insist that our elected officials pass laws to maintain habitat, especially vital tree cover.  We could also pass laws for our rural land owners to maintain tree and bush habitat in specific areas giving our bees and animals the vital ranges necessary for cover and food.  Need I say that their health and welfare is, whether we know it or not, intrinsically tied to our own.  Now we know that land owners are abhorrently opposed to having laws dictated to them as to what they can or cannot do on their lands; what other options do we have?  How about encouraging a conversation with the rural landowners in your community and family?  Discussion and action on how to maintain and resurrect these corridors are necessary for our health…period.  We need to come up with solutions that see everyone flourish. Please share your ideas here.  It just might be the best concept that directs us to the path of co-existence.

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