Taking a Walk on the Wild side in Morrisburg Ontario – Your CFN Photo / Video of the Day


CFN – On a pleasant Sunday afternoon a trek down #2 to the Migratory Bird Sanctuary east of Morrisburg resulted in a pleasant surprise.  We really weren’t going to check out any early returning Canada Geese, but the Blue Jays, Chickadees and other small birds are always fun to watch and photograph.  For anyone wondering, the road in is still pothole heaven.  While on the way to the parking area, some drivers were greeted by two young deer looking for any spare apples and such.  Perhaps they didn’t see the signs cautioning against feeding wild animals.  As you can see from the photo and short video clip, the deer were anything but wild. And, upon our return to Cornwall, the Canada Geese could be heard a squawking.

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  1. What a magnificent thing to witness!

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