BREAKING – Fire Strikes 33 Cartier Avenue in Cornwall Ontario – March 10, 2013

fire rivetteCFN – Fire struck a Cartier Street house in Cornwall Ontario.  This is a breaking story and we will update as more information becomes available.



Photo courtesy of Samantha Poirier
Photo courtesy of Samantha Poirier

Updated at 5:28 PM

Photo courtesy of Grant Reso of Red Storm Creative
Photo courtesy of Grant Reso of Red Storm Creative



Photo courtesy of Grant Reso of Red Storm Creative
Photo courtesy of Grant Reso of Red Storm Creative


Photo courtesy of Grant Reso of Red Storm Creative.
Photo courtesy of Grant Reso of Red Storm Creative.

6:38 PM

Cheryl “Eagle Eye” Brink from the Free Holder is reporting that the fire was started via the family BBQ.



Update 6:49  Two photos above courtesy of Jason Reasback

Update 7:22 from the Cornwall Fire Department

Fire Department Responds to Residential House Fire

The Event
At 3:13 pm, on Sunday March 10th, a call was received by the 911 operator advising of a residential structure fire on Cartier Ave.

The Response
The Fire Services Department responded with five vehicles from both Headquarters and East End Stations.   A total of 17 fire personnel were at the scene.

The Summary
The fire was quickly extinguished with no injuries or loss of life.  At the time of media release incident is still under investigation.

The Fire Prevention unit has been dispatched to investigate the cause of the fire.

Fire photo from Calvin Hanson


James Moak


  1. I hope that there is no injuries

  2. I am not privy to any injuries. When I arrived on scene, a representative of the fire department said that one cat had not been rescued.

  3. Author

    Great job Grant!

  4. Hello…my wife saw the fire when it first started and stopped to help. When she got to the front door of the house, there was a couple taking out two dogs. She asked if anyone had phoned 911 and they said yes. My wife proceeded to the house where the man that was in the house was frantically looking for his cat…which my wife saw running out of the house. She tried to grab it, but it was too quick for her. My wife then proceeded to help his neighbors, one of which was disabled, out of their house. I just wanted to comment on the above comment to let them know that if they only have 2 dogs and one cat, they were all evacuated.

  5. Here in Ottawa it is illegal to have a BBQ in apartments and townhouses and only a small electric BBQ is allowed. We used to BBQ on the balconies and even when we owned my mom’s house we BBQ’d on the back varanda and we were always afraid. When we bought another house we BBQ’d far away from the house and still if something went wrong with that BBQ it would pose a terrible danger just the same.

    This is tragic for the people involved and I hope that everyone got out ok. This is a very valuable lesson for everyone and a mighty scary one.

  6. there is still one dog missing she was shot out of the house by the owner when the fire started along with 2 other dogs the dog was really scared by the fire and ran down the street She is a med black dog and her name is Brezzy she is a timid and now a very scared little girl if anyone has seen her or knows where she is please contact me at 613 -933-9097 I am the owners sister thank you

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