BREAKING: CCH Accepts Offer for Cornwall General Hospital – March 15, 2013

2nd HospitalCFN – Sources have shared with CFN that the Cornwall Community Hospital has accepted an offer for the Cornwall General Hospital site.

That offer is not the one tendered by the Concerned Citizens Coalition that was hoping to save the facility for the community.

We have asked confirmation via the Minister of Health’s offices.   Minister Deb Matthews has the final say whether the private purchase can move forward or whether the process continues to find a new buyer.

We will be updating this story as more information comes to light.

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  1. This doesn’t sound too good to me. I am concerned after reading this. Cornwall’s kitty is broke since Bare Assed Kilger spent good money on nonsense. Cornwall is going to be a seniors town and seniors are not going to be playing hockey and with young people on ice. This is a huge boondoggle on Bare Ass Part. I am concerned for the elderly and people who need medical care. Sell that cursed albatross of a “tax mahal” that you call a Benson Centre – get rid of it. The elderly are a great deal more important than some stupid skating rink on highly polluted land that will not benefit any of those people. Such stupidity and from the same jerks who sold the land of Domtar. Things never change in Tombstone.

  2. Nope, can’t be good whatsoever. It will fulfill the needs of the self-serving only. Those 2 women that fly in on their broomsticks causing more damage to this city. CCH most likely sold it off for some “French only” to take up residence, no matter what it would be used for. They are spiteful and could care less about the seniors. Same thing goes with Mayor Bobble-head and most of council.

    Another slap in the face to all the concerned citizens, Andre Rivette, Mark MacDonald and most of all our important seniors. This city can’t get much worse.

  3. When I read that it just threw me overboard. I had to read it again and again until I was able to believe it. Yes those old hags at CCH I saw them before and yes they could turn it into a French type of a hospital or clinic.

    I was more worried that Bare Ass would have bought it and turn it into another hockey rink. I then thought the cupboard is bare so that can’t be the case. Anything could have come out of Bare Ass since he lost his marbles some time ago and forgot to pick them up and put them back where they belong.

    Whatever this is not looking too good so far.

  4. Just another sad day for Cornwall and area…I am NOT surprised …if you are …please give your head a shake

  5. Maybe something good is about to happen. Maybe the purchaser is going to use the facility for the elderly.

  6. This is a sad for Cornwall seniors or anybody who cares about them, I have to agree that bobble head has cornwall near bankruptcy with his pay off deals & lawyers

  7. To Jimmy Olsen
    Hoping you are right about the new buyers. Always good to keep positive. But if that were the case it is probably someone that will be like the McConnell Manor or the New Senior condo’s on Second West. Way out of the price range for most seniors that busted their butts paying taxes to employ the people that are making such bad decisions. I for one will never be able to afford $1800.00-$2400.00 per month for a closet condo.
    To those, making decisions with their own agenda in mind rest assured that your heaven on earth will soon come tumbling down. And if not you will meet your maker and then answer to him for those decisions. I feel for you.

  8. Author

    Florence I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate for a moment. The people of Cornwall knew that Cornwall General was to be deemed surplus since the amalgamation. They voted in this Mayor and Council no matter how apathetic the vote.

    This is a pure example of what apathy gets a community. If people can’t be bothered about their city then the people that do have interest get their way over the public.

    While it’s not over yet and the Health Ministry has to sign off on the deal if they do not see any reaction from the public why wouldn’t they?

    We get the government we deserve and right now this is what we are getting.

    The only way to change it is to be loud and proud.

    There’s a rally Monday in front of City Hall over Councilor Gardiner’s criminal act against protesters signs. There’s nothing that doesn’t stop people from protesting about the Hospital sale as well. All it takes is for lazy apathetic people to get off their arses, make a sign and show up.

    Hope to see you there at 10AM in front of City Hall.

  9. On with the show this is itttttttttttttttttttt!

  10. ADMIN – I could not agree more ( regretfully ) with your comment regarding the apathy of individuals of this community.

    It has long been my opinion that if an individual doesn’t exercise his/her right to vote than they have also rescinded the right to complain about the results. When individuals remain silent by not voting they become part of the problem rather than the solution.

    “loud and proud” or live with the consequences of inaction.

    Not to protest is to send a message of acceptance to the very people that could endorse efforts made.

    The very people in the future that will complain the loudest will be those that did not seize the opportunity to be heard when it meant the most. Just ask them where they were March 18th, 2013.

  11. Further to my statement above I would like to offer the following opinion;

    For me the issue of Syd Gardiner is old news and we should all move on and turn the focus of the protest ENTIRELY onto the future of the hospital . SYD is not the future and his opportunity to mend any fences with this community is now mired in the past.

    Let the protest reflect the desire to bring support to the real issues at hand. Doing so I believe would encourage more people to become involved. Would have also preferred to have seen a little more strategic planning with regards to staging a protest. Saturdays or Sundays when people are out and about would create more of a visual impact and thus awareness. Plus the obvious benefit of more individuals being able to participate.

  12. Author

    Hope to see you at City Hall Monday morning at 10 AM David. Bring a few friends!

  13. Author

    David this protest Monday can be about a lot of issues. It’d be nice if this community sent a message to City Hall.

  14. Florence Nightingale if we were to go and pay those prices in Cornwall for seniors care you might as well be here in Ottawa – mighty unaffordable. The average people are having a hard time.

    I can tell all of you that I was blown away when I read it and since yesterday that is all I was thinking about and I am not kidding. It was like hot water poured on my head wondering what next.

    Jamie is right when he said that the government we have now is what we deserve and it is a bad one indeed in Cornwall. These people need to be kicked out PRONTO! People out there go and vote in the next election and remember how you are all being screwed royally by what you are experiencing just now and I can tell you right up front and honest it is going to get a great deal worse if you do not step up and do something about it NOW. I am really worried about the outcome since ordinary people cannot afford the private health care – that is for the rich.

  15. Jimmy Olsen I am mighty concerned about the elderly and I can say the prices like what Florence mentioned is for the rich. We have a friend here in Ottawa who placed his mother in a private care at those prices and she hated it and he couldn’t afford such a thing and took her out and put her in like ordinary people. With those prices it would bankrupt anybody who is not wealthy. We don’t want a place for the wealthy but for the ordinary everyday people. I am thrown way back like as if someone dropped a pail of hot water on me. I couldn’t believe what was written and had to re read it quite a few times to believe my eyes. We have to see what is going to happen.

    Everybody has to vote and get those bobble heads and ningcompoops out fast – they lost it.

  16. I suspect that although the offer has been accepted, there are conditions.

    And for the sake of the “Pratt Sisters”, one hopes that the conditions will allow the CCH to slip out of the “deal” and make way for a community non-profit to acquire the property.

    Councillor Bernadette Clément will have only this one opportunity to snatch victory from defeat in the next provincial. Let’s see if she has any sway, or is just a Queen’s Park hanger-on.

  17. Like you Simon this is going to be interesting to see. Bernadette Clément is there for a reason and it isn’t for the good people of Cornwall. We will see if she tries to swing something.

  18. Good points Florence Nightinggale.

    But since it will take time for facts to emerge one can imagine.

    Here’s a fictional idea…The purchaser of the Second St. site is in the elder care biz. This major company offers to take on Glen Stor Dun lodge residents so that the City can sell Glen Stor Dun to a group of local developers who then build luxury condos on the former site of the lodge.

    It’s prime waterfront. I smell money.

  19. I work out in the community as well as a long term care, first hand I see the need for placement of the elderly at present, this situation is going to increase in mass volume in the future coming and Cornwall will be hit hard. The daily topic at hand I get from my elderly clients always gears towards the hospital closure and how they hope it will remain open as they fear the quality of care/waiting time will decrease and in essence they fear having no place to go if needed, there really isn’t much available at the present time as for example the waiting time for a long term bed is up to five years and primarily admittance is based on a doctors referral and the severity of the clients condition. I was shocked when layoffs were announced at one of my jobs very recently, I was affected and lost mass of hours after years of hard work, there were others,,I realize it is a reflection of our economy but this is not a good area to neglect as this line of work is vital and the elderly deserve and have earned their right to sustainable and efficient care. The hospital has great potential and could benefit our community in terms of health care service increase as well as long term care bed availability, will this area of need generate the mighty dollar and win the game, probably not……:(

  20. So much scrap metal…
    Any bets its a number corporation with the intent of demolishing / stripping the building?
    More vacant lots in the core of the city.
    Nothing illustrates how well Cornwall is “thriving” better than Pitt and Second.

  21. Jimmy it is my understanding that he city must own one Senior’s residence.. if that is the case and i firmly believe it is does that mean the city is taking over the General and selling Glen Stor Dun? I don’t think this would fly honestly!

  22. Smith if you were in Cornwall back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s Cornwall thrived compared to today. Today Pitt and Second is dead and needs revitalization. I don’t know how that is going to be with a “disaster, brain dead mayor” who turns everything into an arena and for whom when the population of Cornwall is mostly very old and these people will not be needing an arena but instead a place to be taken care of. Young people will have to move to other cities and towns for work. Things are not going to improve in Cornwall for jobs. I was reading again like I usually do about the world is going to have to depopulate and the west is going to have to de-industrialize.

    It is of utmost importance to have a place for the seniors who can no longer stay in their homes and be on their own. Eva knows first hand what is going on since she is dealing with this all the time.

    I am afraid that investors (developers) will turn the General Hospital into something for the rich whether a private hospital of some sort or some fancy condos only for the rich. I see condos here in Ottawa going for the price of those in Cornwall which is utterly rediculous for Cornwall. The people of Cornwall better wake up fast because like I said in other posts YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO LIVE IN CORNWALL AND I MEAN THAT FULLY. WAKE UP.

  23. Jimmy Olsen, I along with you smell a rat and I am well aware of a certain particular rat that really smells the most to feather his pockets at the expense of the little people. Take out our particular kind of rat poison and get rid of them all.

  24. Smith……Pitt and @nd point well taken……also Brookdale and 2nd, 7th & Cumberland and any no. of other vacant sites.

    In my view, CGH is not destined for the hammer.

    I see the sale of the east parking lot part of the sale of CGH whether ultimately a private or public process.

    I see medical facility whether a public or private unit(s).

    My guess is that we are jumping at straws prematurely.

    We still have another offer on the table and time is the only thing now on our side.

    Why all the hew and cry. Pray and trust is all you need.

  25. CORNWALL ‘REQUIRES’ a positive outcome with CGH. We need this as a non-profit venture to keep personal and social service costs to a minimum.

    Lord knows we’ve had hundreds of negative events (politics anyone), rallies, meetings, hot zones, slow and possibly still receding economy, senior retirement over load we can only hope they will ease out of the work force (ie. NOT go early), over loaded welfare segments among so many other things to tear us down.

    The jobs alone could pick up many of those who lost recent health care jobs, as well as professional openings in administration and others too.

    Thank goodness we have this media source to give us vent.

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