Kathleen Wynne Doubles Down on Double Speak Over Toronto Casino Fees – Does Ontario Need More Casinos?

wynne floorCFN –  The Tweets are fast and furious as many across Ontario are upset at the Province seeming to give Toronto, the centre of the Universe, at least to Torontonians (many of whom are former Montrealer’s)

Our Preme Kathleen Wynne is in damage control and issued the following statement below.


“The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) is in the midst of exploring additional opportunities for casinos in Ontario. Some news stories today are suggesting that Toronto is going to get a special deal, with regard to hosting fees.


In light of these stories, I would like to reiterate the new Ontario government’s expectations as to what will happen with casino expansion.


First off, there will be no special deal for Toronto in connection with any proposed casino development. The approach OLG is taking in Toronto with regard to hosting fees will be the same as the approach being used in other parts of Ontario. The hosting fee for Toronto would reflect the size and scale that global gaming companies have confirmed is possible in the city. If the same capital investment and job potential are possible elsewhere, the same hosting fees would be generated.


While a lot of attention has been focused on Toronto, OLG is intent on expanding casino opportunities to a number of regions in Ontario. The underserved markets of North Bay, Kenora, Collingwood-Wasaga Beach and Belleville-Quinte, are currently being considered for development.


My government will ensure that all regions of the province will benefit from OLG modernization.”

–          Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario

Gambling is a cash cow for the governments all over.   The sin taxes, booze, gambling, comfy socks, help create huge masses of cash; sucked out of local economies so that they can be flooded back to party cronies.

The approach OLG is taking in Toronto with regard to hosting fees will be the same as the approach being used in other parts of Ontario.

Someone gets paid a lot of money to come up with porkies like that one.  Of course there is no other part of Ontario or Canada as large as Toronto.    Torontonians have to drive to Niagara Falls and other parts to gamble.  Imagine if the locals and tourists can just hang out in TO?

Does Ontario really need extra casinos?  Do they need any?  Are casinos good or bad for economies?   Those questions are for more learned people than this scribbler.

What I do feel is that Toronto gets enough free rides in this province.  Eastern Ontario doesn’t.   This sounds like some fast footed fair pre-election jizz and it reeks of….well I’ll let you dear viewer figure that out.

I’m not sure if I’m incensed at no cities being named east of Belleville or that the Province wants to leech that much cash from mostly bored seniors?   And if they really want to go after bored Seniors surely they should be building one in Cornwall where they can leetch  degenerate gamblers from Montreal and other parts of Quebec?

slot machine

Some days I wish I was a farmer….

My government will ensure that all regions of the province will benefit from OLG modernization.

That line is a killer.   Does modernization involve human grade lubricants?

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.



  1. For sure Cornwall will never see a Casino here under the offices of the OLGC, for the distinct purposes of improving the lot of S.D.&G nor in particular Cornwall itself………..NOT with the news that Akwasasne now wants to also put a new Casino ‘Royale’ on Hamilton Island with ferry boats and all.

    It is a guarantee for any betting person that they would supersede any ‘outsider’ bids from non native capitalists.

    I can here the crying after the fact now since we pied on the program of such for Cornwall years ago……..now look where a local Casino is….sucking the gaming funds out of not just Cornwall but also Ontario as the only Casino near here is on Indian lands on the south side of the St. Lawerence River.

    The best we will ever do here is the local bingo hall by the Second St. bus stop at Pitt and Second. Whoopee.

  2. Ms. Wynne would rather see the money leave the province with some big conglomerate than stay in the province as the slots at racetracks program was doing, killing rural jobs and family owned business. The slots at racetrack program put over a billion… yes, that’s billion with a “B” every year into the coffers, there is no way that a foreign owned casino will do the same, they won’t be reinvesting the money in the province, just taking what they can get and turning their back. There is word on the street that Caesars will be pulling out of Windsor within two years, they are losing money… they have already killed the racing there, so then what, more bingo parlors for Mr. Tannenbaum and friends?

  3. Gambling is for the worst degenerates in Ontario. Mr. Wynn knows where the KY is. It’s on the bedpost.

  4. OLG, if given some deep thought, is one of Ontario’s largest legal criminal sources running.

    When one individual group or entity runs a business they too control where the money goes.

    We could use more casinos to bring competition to the OLG. When the Casino is Gananoque was a charity casino they use to pay out much more then they now do as a OLG money grab.

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