Leslie O’Shaughnessy Finally Explains Why He Resigned from Kilger Council in Cornwall Ontario

leslie jan 2012CFN -It’s highly rare for a City Councilor to step down under the circumstances that Leslie O’Shaughnessy chose to.

Below is the letter he has released to finally address a tiny minute amount of why he made that decision.  We are releasing it in its entirety although we are highlighting sections below and adding pictures.


For immediate release.

As most are aware, I resigned my position as an elected member of City Council on April 10, 2012. On April 4, 2012 I met with the city solicitor to outline my reasons for my untimely departure and to explain my concerns for the way the people’s business was being conducted. At that meeting I voluntarily indicated to him that I would not make a public statement giving the reasons for submitting my resignation. I did this to protect the integrity of work that Council was about to begin.

fitzy praying

This work was to be conducted behind closed doors and the estimated time for completion was June 2012; however, unforeseen circumstances extended the time frame. I now understand that the work has been completed or at least advanced to the stage that will allow me to provide my statement.


The comments that I will be making are mine and mine alone and should not be considered as those of any other member of Council nor should it call into question their integrity or their commitment to the people that they represent. As individuals we set our own level of understanding of what “accountability” and “transparency” means…because my understanding may be different, it should not and does not make mine right nor theirs wrong.

The simple answer to the question of why I resigned is that I felt that I could no longer be accountable for the decisions that were being made during closed door meetings. Without accountability there cannot be transparency.  During my tenure on City Council, I can show that I was lied to, that I had been mislead on various issues, and that information that was pertinent to the decision-making process was wilfully withheld.

Bob n Fitzy May 14 2012
While sitting as a Member of Council from December 11, 2010 until April 10, 2012, I literally spent more time conducting the people’s business in closed sessions than in meetings that were open to the public.


In December of 2010 I was made aware that an envelope addressed to me was dropped off at City Hall, and was withheld at the direction of another Council member. I later learned that this happened twice. Subsequent to this event, I received a copy by email.

In January 2011 I was asked to make a decision on whether the City of Cornwall should plead guilty or not guilty to charges filed by MOHLTC against the City, regarding retaliation against a whistleblower that came forward over an issue at GSDL. I was not provided any written documentation or recommendation from administration to make this decision, and I was also told that there was no documentation (dating back to 2008-2009 when the incident occurred) that I could review to help me understand what happened. I was then given the opportunity to ask any questions that I might have to Legal Counsel that was in attendance.  I had no knowledge of the issue, no information, no recommendation from staff, no written legal opinion to review – only individual verbal accounts of what happened that were inconsistent…and Council was advised that it had to make a decision that night.

As you are well aware Council voted to plead not guilty – to this day I am still confused as to how that decision was made.


Over the next eight months, while dealing with the issues surrounding this case, there were never any written reports or recommendations from administration, provided.

In April, May and June of 2011 I began walking out of closed sessions and refused to vote on any issues that did not have accompanying reports. I believe that reports are the lifeline for Council because if accountability becomes an issue, there is a paper trail that contains the information that was used to make the decision… without supporting documentation, how can you defend that decision?
In September, and only after I had a meeting with a Council member and an individual from administration, I was assured that all closed door issues would be presented to Council with a report and recommendation.

The first such report and recommendation provided to Council was in regards to the escalating legal costs associated to the charges brought forward by the Ministry. Council, in a public release, indicated that they would be changing their plea to guilty because of costs… I agreed to change our plea, not because of cost, but because I had become convinced that the City of Cornwall was guilty. The City of Cornwall plead guilty to a statement of facts and none of those facts were related to cost.  

October, November, and December was probably the most disappointing period in my political career. After receiving court documents relating to the court proceedings Council began another round of closed door meetings.  


During these meetings I witnessed continuous neglect of the Ontario Municipal Act, direction given by Council not followed, and direct political and administrative interference occurred pertaining to motions passed by Council. The most disturbing issue was the realization that legal advice received in January 2011, in my mind, became questionable. It is my opinion that the City of Cornwall may not have been represented in accordance with the Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC), that lawyers are required to follow. I am also aware that a complaint was filed with the LSUC in regards to this case and I know for fact there will be another filed in due time.

In December of 2011 during an interview with Le Journal I publically apologized to the whistleblower in this case, Mrs. Diane Shay, for the political and administrative abuse I felt she had suffered.  At that time I was also considering my resignation, but decided to wait to see if things would change. They did not.


From January until April 10, 2012 things did not improve, as a matter of fact things got much worse.  I found out on a media website that the City of Cornwall was threatening legal action against that media website, and as a member of Council, I was unaware of this. In a closed session, I was witness to an individual Council member being singled out and intimidated by some members of Council for doing what every member should do… inform the public.


This councillor fought back…the public knows who that Councillor is, it was ruled by the city integrity commissioner that he had done nothing wrong. This Councillor’s family, friends, and supporters, and in fact every rate payer in the city of Cornwall, should be proud of the contribution this man has made and continues to make to his community.

Recently I was provided the opportunity to voice my concerns, and vent my frustration in an interview that was confidential. The interview lasted seven hours. There is so much more I would like to say publically, and to explain fully all the concerns that I have, but I must be guarded on my comments because everything that led to my resignation happened behind closed doors .Upon release of this statement I will have fulfilled my promise to explain my reasons for leaving Council and as of today I have finished this chapter of my life and will move on.

In closing I would like to inform the media that I will not be granting any interviews or offering any further comments at this time. I have returned to my private and business life and wish everyone the very best as we move forward.

Leslie O’Shaughnessy

We will be updating this story shortly.  In the meanwhile what do you think CFN viewers?   You can post your comments below.



  1. Wow Thanks for bringing this to the public,shamefull closed door meetings Conflicks of interests.This is a dogs breakfast hurling out of control,mayor bobble head has to go!!! Sooner than later

  2. Thank you Mr.Shaughnessy for your candor. Everyone can see you are a person of great integrity. In a future election, should you run for Mayor, I will vote for you. Also thanks to CFN for bringing this sad state of affairs to the citizens of Cornwall and area.

  3. Leslie O’Shaughnessy, please accept my greatest respect being offered to you from me. I wish you all the peace, happiness, abundance and harmony that you can achieve in your private social and enterprising life. Good luck in all your endeavours.

  4. The evidence keeps piling up. How can the mayor even go out in public without hanging his head in shame? It’s time for him and the other compliant bully councilors to resign. Cornwall needs a clean sweep, a big flush, and waiting for the next election is too long. Letting the council to continue on is just allowing them to compound their contempt for the law and disrespect for the taxpayers.

  5. Mr. O’Shaughnessy thank-you for your honesty and professionalism.

    It seems you are giving up on politics which is too bad. We find ourselves on the losing end in your decision. Who knows, perhaps you will give it some thought in the future. Your return to political life would be advantageous to all but of course we realize how thankless, hectic and time consuming it can be.

    Best of luck to you and family Leslie!!!

  6. Honourable, thoughtful presentation Leslie. This city, as well, have suffered a major loss, THAT OF YOUR DEDICATION TO APPROPRIATE, TIMELY, ÈLEGALÈ BEHAVIOR,

    The requirements to be followed as per councils decisions that were not followed is appalling.

    Thank you Leslie for your openness in as much as you could.

    You and a few others can hold your heads high and proud.

    With all that this media has been covering in the past number of months, vindication is surely theirs.

    The question now is will those potential advertisers come back or will it remain honour among thieves mentality. Tarnishing the word honour itself. Shame and a pox on all those who continue their fear campaign any longer.

    Truth is a hard pill to swallow. Yet, truth must be told……and yes, ‘we can handle the truth’.



  7. Please note a typo in my letter of 12:29. My computer had been set in French type mode. Therefore when I really want a ‘, I get an è or È instead as in the 1st paragraph it shows in error a ÈLEGALÈ while the true intent was to say ‘legal’.

    Thanks for you realization.


  8. FINALLY!!!

    This is a clear example of what we need! The OLD BOYS Club needs a good swift kick in the pants!!!!

    I wasn’t going to run in the next election due to personal commitments but this truly inspires me to atleast run and make sure the voters don’t forget how blindly misguided and supported this council truly has become!

    Blind obedience to bad leadership is not patriotism, it is reinforcing corruption!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  9. Leslie O’Shaughnessy for mayor hell no is that pope position filled yet. No reason to doubt him closed door or not !!!

  10. As always I am on Leslie O’Shaughnessey’s side on this matter and others and as always André Rivette who has fought and continues to fight for the people of Cornwall as usual.

    There isn’t enough praise given to André and others who fight so hard for the citizens of Cornwall. Who needs 10 councellors for such a tiny town when bigger cities do with less. This is rediculous to pay 10 councellors when you only need 5 to 7 at tops.

    Jamie replaces that dirty rag that I make fun of calling it “Cornwall’s toilet paper of record” and believe me that is all it is is toilet paper. Jamie fights hard to try and get the truth out to the public. Thanks Jamie.

  11. That’s all he can say? This situation is obviously becoming more litigious. {MODERATED} you city council! You are all getting voted out. In particular the voodoo maven and the chicken lady and the grumpy old dudes.

  12. kudo’s to you for stepping forward and doing what you saw was the right thing, Leslie O’Shaughnessy , its too bad you felt the need to resign, we could so use more honest people like you on our council, and also to the “other” member. Thank you for telling us why you resigned, we as I well imagine your family is, are very proud of you. Now can we get rid of the “good old boys”???

  13. Mr. O’Shaughnessy thank you for your honesty, integrity and follow through of your commitment to the taxpayers of Cornwall.

    I respect your level of understanding of what accountability means and that compromise has its limitations.

    The councilor your alluded to also seems to have discovered the means to be held in the same regard.

    As for the remaining members of council, questions are mounting as to their perceived commitment to accountability and transparency and their general regard for the taxpayers of Cornwall. Thank you again on your decision to distance yourself from a situation that at this time seems ultimately doomed to depict Cornwall in a negative manner. I continue to hold onto a small glimmer of hope that another councilor, that I have respect for, can be as candid with this community as you have been and either step up to the plate or step down, intact.

    Best for the future


    David F.A. Oldham
    Cornwall resident and taxpayer

  14. What a bunch of bastards running this city. If it’s not time Cornwall to get everyone in this council out now, we deserve to lose even more. All along Kilger and company denied and denied some more in other words lied yet again to the taxpayers and cost us millions.

    Fitzpatrick out banging a co-worker on the taxpayers dime and he and her get a huge parting gift from the Mayor and this council. Disgusting, totally disgusting.

    How in the hell has people not been fired from the city, arrested?

    And further, this media was punished by that damb a-hole Bob Peters for wanting the truth to come out, well Bob for covering up the Mayors lies and councils lies what does that make you? You were always a part of this group and guilty just the same. Do us a favor, stop promoting yourself like you are saving the city from disaster, you are causing disaster just the same, take that to your next TV promo of yourself.

    Kilger, now what are you going to say, all this is lies too and you will print off another BS media release? Gardner, what about yourself? still going to lie and hide yourself?

    If this does not cause a crap storm once and for all, I don’t know what will. Cornwall it’s time for these worthless group of dishonorable people to get out now.

  15. More and more people have to get out there just about everyday and put this a$$hole to shame. I was thinking something very funny to post but Jamie won’t post it. LOL LOL. ROLF!!!! It goes to show you all what you have voted in all these years. If you think that voting alone is going to change things think again. It is going to take a great deal of people to get out there and get your pitchforks and all and chase the hell out of that thief and liar as head honcho of the crooks. Kilger is a coward and look how he ducked into his office so fast like a snake that he is slithering in his office.

    Get the whole bunch out PRONTO!

    Mike Bedard if you are a sincere person and nothing like Kilger and his rats in council then let the people see who you are and run. As long as you do not belong to Kilger and his slithering snakes like what people have named then you would be ok. I like the people who are not wealthy and down to earth since people who are wealthy got there by deceipt.

    The only one that I know personally who is mighty good is André Rivette and some say Maurice Dupelle. The rest have to go running like rats in their holes. If something is not done very soon Cornwall will be bankrupt and I guarantee that. That Adams woman is hiding out somewhere in a closet type of room with her pencil sharpened wondering how to pay for that “tax mahal – albatross” and the “sheeple” have their mouths open up wide wondering how they are going to keep their homes and heat and light their homes with things that are going to collapse worldwide and yes including our Canada very soon. Wake up people.

  16. What was that again? Jamie makes up stories, creates situation for a story? So much criticism of Jamie for wearing a t-shirt and fighting back and so few looking at the bigger picture. These advertisers who have pulled their adds with CFN need to wake up and realize this isn’t high school any more. Take a stand and don’t let people intimidate you into doing what they want. These people are doing exactly what they accuse Jamie of doing. They just wrap it up in a nicer package and do it behind closed doors! Great job getting the story Jamie. Surprising since some people will say you aren’t a journalist and that CFN is just a blog!! Shooting the messenger and jumping on the band wagon is so much easier than facing the truth!

  17. RALLY @ City Hall, Monday March 25th at 6:30pm before the council meeting. OBJECTIVE Demanding Kilger’s resignation. Jules if you go I will treat you to Timmy’s afterwards! ALL ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND!!!

  18. As you know Leslie ..I have always respected you and your integrity. You today you took a giant leap for the citizens of Cornwall . I for one have EVEN INCREASED THE RESPECT THAT I HOLD FOR YOU .
    All the best Leslie and thank you for your honest service .

  19. Thanks Leslie! You have confirmed Kilger’s BAD!!!!!! Stand proud as we are all proud of you for speaking up. So many people are too afraid to speak the truth. You are a good man. Please consider running again once the garbage has been put to the curb!

  20. Lolochuck I wish to God that I was going to be in Cornwall with all of you. I am sick and tired of Bare Assed Kilger and his gang of thieves and liars. They are cowards and snakes in the grass. Lolochuck I thank you for your very kind offer and I would stand with you without the Tim’s just to get that dirty SOB out of office.

    My daughter said to me today if only we were living in Cornwall and she used to want to come back here and she admitted that and said that she wishes that she were back in Cornwall. There is a big quality of life in Cornwall that you don’t get in big cities.

    I am so mighty upset that I can eat nails just now and I am talking about the ones that you hammer in. Bare Assed turned his fat assed to Jamie today and his ass looks more like that horse in the picture. LOL LOL. ROLF except that the horse was much better looking.

    Something has to happen folks because I mean it and meant it from the beginning that Kilger is bankrupting Cornwall and I will not step down on this. I can feel what is going on down there and I see that Fitzy got a huge pension as well as the rest and the high priced lawyers (shikesters) that Bare Assed got at your expense.

    I am not kidding about the world’s economy collapsing. China is holding the US together so far but not for long folks. They are also holding everyone’s mortgages including Canada’s. Kick the bums out now before it gets any worse.

  21. and would you look at that, to this minute the freeholder still has yet to publish anything about this, cornwalldaily did, seaway news too, yet Claude and that crap loader did not. Hey Claude Mac what are you going to say now in your next pile of crap letter, that you were sorry?? I doubt it, but I am so happy you were made out to be the low-life jackass you really are. Take that trash Bob Peters with you next time you and Kilger are drinking at the sports bar, you can all drown your tears together knowing so many people are now laughing at all of you. Feel free to take Latour and your tramp radio host too Bob.

  22. Wow!

    Thanks Mr. O’Shaughnessy for your honesty regarding why you left council.

    And now, I would like to impart the following message to council:

    “On with the show this is ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!”

  23. Given that this was the proper course of action in my opinion, where are the rest of the resignations? Surely there are others on council that don’t abide breaking the public trust?

  24. Time to pirogue council.

    This council unbelievable, save two or three.

    No wonder Andre doesn’t want to run again.

    And to think one wants to lead the NDP?

    One or two want to run for Mayor in next term.

    One wants to manage her alter ego in Toronto.

    The rest aught to hide with Gardner.

  25. Author

    DS this is an indictment of the municipal act. There are no remedies. There is no ombudsman with power. The Province will do nothing. If councilors will not speak out against the mayor he can just slither around and refuse to admit his conflict while spending thousands on high priced lawyers to circumvent the law.

    The public could go to court, but that would be costly, expensive, and risky. Remember Brian Mulroney stiffing Canadian taxpayers over RCMP allegations that essentially turned out to be true?

    No, we need reform in Ontario; but what we need now is the public to really show itself and condemn this mess.

    In Cornwall the woman that does an amazing job mopping the floor at City Hall cannot hold office without giving up her job; yet we have Denis Carr with Heart of the City; Denis Thibault with EOTB, Elaine MacDonald on committees while being the President of the Labour Council; the Mayor and Elaine on a committee seeking cash from City Hall without recusing themselves and we have Bernadette Clement, getting gig after gig with the Federal & Provincial Liberals while silently saying nothing about what she’s witnessed.

    If this isn’t a freaking Gong show what is?

    No, you have to flush this group as a whole and take some city managers who have played along with this too. You have to cut out the cancer before you can heal.

  26. @ADMIN

    I certainly have no problem with the Mayor or councilors having other sources of income or participating in furthering other causes.

    I worked with Brian Sylvestor during his time as mayor of Cornwall. Brian readily admitted that being mayor of Cornwall was a part time job. Personally I wouldn’t be able to rest until I had secured employment for Cornwall residents that would support families and allow youth the opportunity for careers in their home town. But I digress.

    My issue is with conflicts of interest, self serving attitudes and general lack of respect given to taxpayers and I see that I am not so alone as I once thought.

    Looking forward to seeing the healing begin, Admin.

  27. Author

    David the mayor’s position isn’t part time. The councilors are. The point isn’t them working on the side. The point is that some of those “side jobs” are directly related to City Hall. There surely is a conflict for example for Denis Carr earning a salary with Heart of the City and then participating at Council in funding decisions on various projects related to City Hall.

    Elaine MacDonald participating in discussions with the Fire & Police services or staff at City Hall while being the Pres of the Labour council.

    These are direct correlations. While the toothless MA focuses on money in their pockets directly we all know there are benefits that sometimes do not follow under that narrow description.

    Another example is influence. When a councilor busts the doors down to get his good friends daughter a job for example he’s not directly getting money in his own pocket. When he’s bucked back by the HR manager, other councilors, and finally by the Union and keeps pushing so that the city creates a whole new job classification and position how do you label that?

  28. Leslie O’ Shaughnessy

    Well folks you have read what Leslie’s statement reveals to us about what was & or is going on @ City Hall & we can take
    out of it what we wish but a person would have to be very
    thick indeed to not realize that a big problem exists with our
    Mayor & many members of City Council . Many around that
    table appear to have been hiding ( cover up ) behind closed
    doors & making wrong decisions there . The two councilors
    that I’am very disappointed with are Bernadette Clement who
    is a Lawyer and most certainly should have known better &
    Elaine MacDonald a retired teacher both these ladies have University education that they have not been using on behalf
    of our taxpayers . Both are tied to close to Bob Kilger .
    We haven’t seen anything just yet Leslie will be called as a witness
    & OMG look out the whole story will come out, can hardly wait .
    Thank you Leslie please reconsider & run for Mayor .

  29. I agree all the way with you Jamie (Admin) and I said it before is that you have to take out everyone including a lot of the city managers – all the tops have to go BYE BYES. This is the only way that things are going to change folks. We have no other recourse. Just getting rid of Bare Ass himself is not enough – you have to change the whole council and not have 10 counsellors but only 5 to 7 at tops for a tiny population. You need to stop sneeking in people who are not elected but selected. Get rid of all this crooked stuff and you start at the beginning.

    Jamie is right all the way and I have said that before and I don’t know if Jamie published it or not. I am so mighty angry that I said plenty and I know that Jamie didn’t public a lot and I don’t blame him. I could eat nails at times for what is going on. Our Ontario government as well as all governments are mighty crooked and we as Canadians just go and laugh things off but it is no laughing matter but a mighty serious one.

  30. Much a due about very little.

    Little said here is likely to be followed through. City hall and all involved have their backs up. Unless the council itself, a legally self moderating council, concedes the errors of their leaders and others ways of council, they WILL NOT gather together to remove said pigeons and hawks.

    Mark my words, unless the Mayor HIMSELF and or a few of the council members make the decision that the community would be best served by their resignation, IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

    Outside influences can only do so much. The conflicts of interest, the lying and with holding of information to effect a different outcome. including vital reports, while requiring voted items to be processed, you name it, it WILL NOT force or otherwise cause any changes during this councils term of office.

    Too much time and efforts needing councils involvement have been passed over. There are many immediacies that must be tended to. So much deliberation on wrong doing has actually ‘wasted’ valuable council time, sidetracking them.

    We need their full attention NOW.

    As frustrating and aggravating as that is, that is the way it will remain, UNTIL THE NEXT ELECTION.

    I too appreciate the honesty of Leslie O. He will NOT get in as Mayor, should he choose to run. Too many old timers do not appreciate a quitter. HE WOULD HOWEVER, SHOULD HE CHOSE, BE REELECTED AS TOP VOTE GETTER AS A COUNCILMAN.

    Mark MacDonald has show issues as well that preclude his ability to attain Mayor status. As a councillor it would be also a very high vote as with Leslie.

    If Mayor Bob so chooses to re run, I guarantee you he would get far more votes by a gullible public who have not been following this media site as we have. I trust he is not that dumb, to run again that is. He’s had his hay day. Now out to pasture he should ‘choose’ to go.

    Mrs. MacDonald. Mr. Gardner are out. Too bad for use that Andre says he will not re-run. His suggested replacement may be well known in his church, however, he will likely NOT make councillor appeal.

    Other thoughts in future, however, I am well aware I am not the ‘voice’ of the community. Each one of us have said our piece and peace’s with a lot more to come yet.

    Anyway, warped as you or Jamie may see all of this, for now, that’s how I see things unfolding. TIME TO SETTLED DOWN AND GET THEM BACK TO WORK.

    We know what we have to do at election time, don’t we.

  31. The mayor is an expert at cracking a whip, It was his job in parliament and I know patronage is a very sharp tool indeed. Cornwall needs to shuffle the deck and throw a few cards away as stated by many. The question is who will stand up for Cornwall taxpayers? Certainly not the people elected or appointed.

  32. I’ve been following the comments on this story in the Freeholder .
    I am amazed to see how many have been removed or censored by admin. Your forum promotes honesty and discussion and is truly democratic. Bravo!

  33. Author

    Thank you Miss Steak.


    On the question of who will stand up for Cornwall taxpayers?

    Perhaps a change in strategy is required for this community to move forward. Perhaps it is time to forgo electing career politicians who have become incredible adept at responding to questions rather simply providing the answer. Perhaps someone who truly understands the concept of what accountability to taxpayers means. Perhaps someone with the courage to speak the truth regarding necessary decisions for the community rather than promoting self serving legacies that divert monies from projects that would benefit the majority. Perhaps someone with a vision of Cornwalls’ future and the capacity to create a detailed route to reach a common goal. Perhaps someone not groomed for succession and given the nod but rather an independent thinker that truly listens and responds to the communities needs.

    He or she Frederick is in our midst, of this I am convinced. We need to open our eyes and see, open our minds to change the future and close the door on the past. Most important of all Fredrick, we need to encourage all those amongst us to exercise their right to vote, to support democracy and to have a voice as we have found here at CFN.

  35. Diddilysewat

    Your comment= RE Leslie O’ Shaughnessy
    ” He will Not get in as Mayor should he choose to run ”
    ” Too many old timers do not appreciate a quitter ”

    You are certainly entitled to your own opinion but calling
    Leslie a quitter is in my opinion both untrue & uncalled for
    ( A low blow to a good man ) .

    The old timers that you refer to are more likely to grasp &
    understand & appreciate the high road that Leslie has remained
    on & the information that he has so far given us .

  36. @ ADMIN

    I was not suggesting that the mayors job was a part time position but rather sharing a fact that a former mayor held a full time position outside of his duties as Mayor of Cornwall.

    As for your question regarding use of influence and “how do you label that?” In a word, UNACCEPTABLE. The councilor should have been removed by way of a vote by his peers in council after a motion brought forward by a mayor with a backbone. A leader leads by example and tolerance of this type of behavior within the political arena equates to acceptance or worse, endorsement. That is my unwavering opinion. End of story.

    March 20, 2013 at 10:28 am


    Your comment= RE Leslie O’ Shaughnessy
    ” He will Not get in as Mayor should he choose to run ”
    ” Too many old timers do not appreciate a quitter ”

    Justice, we all agree with you. The comment is based on a specific statement to me,

    We recognize also that our good friend Leslie O. has broad shoulders and has very likely ‘processed’ much more than that in his times as a politician.

    You and I would continue to vote for him.

    Thank you.

  38. I am pretty perplexed as to why people are hailing Mr. Oshaughnessy as a saint.
    His resignation over the events outlined above are worth praise, but he also details many things that went on between December 11, 2010 and April 10, 2012 that he himself was compliant with.

    One example from above:
    If he was acting on principle he should have raised the issue of mail fraud being perpetrated at city hall the first time it occurred. He did not. It then happened twice more.

    What you have outlined is one too many straws that broke the camels back, not the actions of a person operating on principle.

  39. Author

    Smith I’m not defending Leslie, but what I can say is that it’s very difficult to talk about certain issues because of the legal system. I’m in a similar position that I can’t report on some things; even if I know them to be true because of potential litigation.

    I have a hunch Mr. O’Shaughnessy would have much more to say if he legally could.

  40. More honor and vindication with Dian’s letter Leslie. More vindication for you, ‘our’ friend.

  41. Surprise, though Todd L. did not write them or maybe that is why the got written and bypassed him cause they slipped in on page 14 of this weeks Seaway News. OMG, Ed Allard and Scott McDonald allude to the same concerns we all have about our Cornwall smuck’s at city hall.

    Seems though that Ed has a hard time reconciling with Leslie O’s letter of explanation while Scott of Martintown, On. Suggests that even they have issues with Cornwall…commented…’The city of Cornwall needs a new voice, a clear voice, a people’s voice.’ then ‘This city is run the likes of Montreal and all of Quebec for that matter.’

    More comments to come, we can be sure.

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