Cornwall Ontario Municipal Sunshine List – March 28, 2013

City of Cornwall ADAMS MAUREEN Manager $133,591.19 $3,265.61
City of Cornwall AIKMAN DANNY J. Deputy Police Chief $142,332.06 $5,129.96
City of Cornwall ALEXANDER STEPHEN Manager $137,017.46 $3,303.87
City of Cornwall BISSONETTE MARC Sergeant $118,073.95 $898.43
City of Cornwall BOILEAU MARK A. Manager $116,308.33 $1,225.90
City of Cornwall BURNIE ROBERT Inspector $123,726.04 $1,092.41
City of Cornwall BUTLER TREVOR Sergeant $107,079.49 $898.43
City of Cornwall CARROLL JEFFREY M. Sergeant $101,841.73 $920.70
City of Cornwall CASSIDY MYLES Chief of Fire/Emergency Management Services $121,664.12 $1,334.31
City of Cornwall COULTER SCOTT Police Officer $110,353.12 $758.46
City of Cornwall DAIGLE DEBORA Manager $124,405.25 $1,334.31
City of Cornwall DEPRATTO PATRICK Police Officer $101,309.20 $735.84
City of Cornwall DEROCHIE GARRY Staff Sergeant $115,933.38 $1,006.68
City of Cornwall DEROUCHIE DONNA Manager $118,667.50 $1,301.55
City of Cornwall DOYON DANIEL Police Officer $102,338.52 $758.46
City of Cornwall DUCHESNE DEREK Police Officer $109,205.38 $780.73
City of Cornwall DUPUIS MATTHEW Police Officer $109,391.88 $735.84
City of Cornwall EMERTON-PROULX DANA A. Captain $102,752.00 $1,318.98
City of Cornwall FITZPATRICK PAUL Chief Administrative Officer $183,079.70 $1,924.14
City of Cornwall FRASER ALAN R. Captain $103,015.80 $1,318.98
City of Cornwall FRASER KURT Sergeant $115,609.31 $891.47
City of Cornwall GELINAS DENISE LABELLE Manager $112,549.12 $1,235.77
City of Cornwall HAMILL PHILIP Captain $102,686.04 $1,318.98
City of Cornwall HICKLEY JOHN ROBERT Deputy Fire Chief $106,433.60 $1,170.24
City of Cornwall HOLLAND WAYNE G. Sergeant $110,848.94 $898.43
City of Cornwall KNEZEVIC GEORGE A. Sergeant $109,072.58 $875.81
City of Cornwall LEFEBVRE GARRY S. Sergeant $108,604.54 $920.70
City of Cornwall LEVAC NORMAND Manager $137,017.46 $3,303.87
City of Cornwall LEVERE GEORGE Sergeant $106,167.47 $920.10
City of Cornwall LISTER WILLIAM Deputy Chief – Emergency Management Services $100,315.25 $1,099.22
City of Cornwall MACLEAN DORIS Division Manager $104,204.04 $1,091.02
City of Cornwall MAILLE DANIEL J. Sergeant $101,117.72 $898.43
City of Cornwall MARTELLE SHAWN Sergeant $109,809.94 $875.81
City of Cornwall MCCORMICK GERALD Captain $102,158.43 $1,318.98
City of Cornwall MCCULLOUGH RICHARD Deputy Fire Chief $106,433.60 $1,170.24
City of Cornwall MENAGH ROBERT Manager $124,784.85 $1,367.32
City of Cornwall MICHAUD DAVID Police Officer $109,863.05 $822.67
City of Cornwall O’REILLY DANIEL Inspector $125,125.88 $1,092.41
City of Cornwall PARISIEN JOHN MARC Manager $120,663.61 $1,078.90
City of Cornwall PARKINSON DANIEL Chief of Police $152,650.04 $7,129.96
City of Cornwall PILON PIERRE LAURIER Staff Sergeant $121,892.02 $1,029.12
City of Cornwall SNYDER BRIAN Staff Sergeant $118,364.17 $1,006.68
City of Cornwall WELLS KEVIN Police Officer $111,450.61 $735.84
City of Cornwall WHITE SHAWN R. Staff Sergeant $118,138.44 $1,029.12
City of Cornwall WILSON TERRY Registered Nurse $101,289.26 $877.31

CFN – The Sunshine List for Ontario for 2012 was just released and here is our list for the City of Cornwall.   And we wonder why our taxes are up by nearly 3%?

45 people were on the list which is nearly one per thousand residents.

Several people on this list actually did not work all or part of 2012 due to settlements given out by the city; most never mentioned.

bobfitzydeniseFor example the city has refused so far to reveal the settlement bestowed on former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick who is alleged to have had a relationship with former Manager of Glen Stor Dun Lodge Donna Derouchie who still made the Sunshine list without spending a day at work for the city of Cornwall.

Next year it should be interesting to see how many more of these settlement people are on the list.

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  1. F{MODERATED} ridiculous for a small town! I wish them all a miserable 2013.

  2. It is the darn public service unions.. UNIONS have no place in the public sector.

  3. A load of police officers on that list…

  4. ADAMS MAUREEN General Manager – Financial Services & Treasurer $148,280.74 $3,364.99
    AIKMAN DANNY J. Deputy Chief $146,332.06 $5,199.05
    AITKEN DAVID Firefighter $107,269.97 $1,206.86
    ALEXANDER STEPHEN General Manager – Planning, Parks & Recreation $170,741.74 $3,589.77
    BARIL MICHEL Firefighter $101,013.95 $1,171.62
    BARIL PIERRE Captain $116,103.72 $1,344.80
    BISSONETTE MARC Sergeant $111,988.53 $984.52
    BOILEAU MARK A. Manager – Economic Development $122,074.76 $1,312.30
    BURNIE ROBERT Inspector $129,038.04 $1,199.05
    BUTLER TREVOR Sergeant $105,012.96 $984.52
    CARPENTER RACHEL Sergeant – Detective $100,466.59 $851.78
    CARROLL JEFFREY M. Sergeant – Detective $105,949.74 $1,017.74
    CASSIDY MYLES Chief, Emergency Medical Services $129,103.14 $1,403.88
    CLARK AUSTIN Constable $111,312.18 $809.61
    COTNAM ROBERT Captain $119,459.02 $1,344.80
    COULTER SCOTT Sergeant $112,769.99 $878.28
    COUSINS REID Captain $114,432.40 $1,344.80
    CREPEAU GILLES Platoon Chief $119,273.62 $1,405.51
    CRITES CLIFF Senior Fire Prevention Officer $111,998.73 $1,368.92
    CRITES JASON Firefighter $103,309.32 $1,168.54
    DAIGLE DEBORA Manager – Social & Housing Services $129,223.26 $1,420.39
    DEGRAY RODNEY Constable $103,093.64 $809.61
    DEPRATTO MARTIN Constable $101,785.66 $809.61
    DEROCHIE GARRY Staff Sergeant $118,238.59 $1,104.12
    DEROUCHIE DONNA Administrator Glen Stor Dun Lodge $118,757.08 $1,327.84
    DEWAR JODY Captain $114,771.10 $1,288.84
    DOYON DANIEL Constable $101,501.92 $833.61
    DUPUIS MATTHEW Constable $120,283.52 EAMER LARRY Platoon Chief $115,304.25 $1,393.71
    EMERTON-PROULX DANA A. Platoon Chief $127,259.61 $1,423.21
    FENTON MURRAY ALEXANDER Training Officer $120,469.29 $1,422.48
    FITZPATRICK PAUL Chief Administrative Officer $192,230.33 $2,104.15
    FRASER ALAN R. Platoon Chief $118,597.33 $1,423.21
    FRASER KURT Sergeant $121,102.62 $984.52
    GELINAS DENISE LABELLE City Clerk $115,065.78 $1,275.08
    HICKLEY JOHN ROBERT Deputy Chief Fire $108,562.13 $1,205.34
    HUYGEN PATRICK Constable $105,045.15 $801.09
    IRWIN JOHN Firefighter $108,240.09 $1,206.86
    KINSTLER ANDREW Firefighter $104,579.38 $1,206.86
    KNEZEVIC GEORGE A. Sergeant $108,252.01 $962.43
    LALONDE WILLIAM Firefighter $100,578.68 $1,206.86
    LAMER MORRIS Fire Prevention Officer $100,965.99 $1,273.92
    City of Cornwall LAUZON JEFFREY Firefighter $105,682.52 $1,206.86
    LAUZON TERRY Fire Prevention Officer $101,870.15 $1,291.06
    LEFEBVRE CHRISTINE Division Manager $110,334.57 $2,380.81
    LEFEBVRE GARRY S. Sergeant – Detective $113,769.06 $1,017.74
    LEVAC NORMAND General Manager – Infrastructure & Municipal Works $146,872.90 $3,379.79
    LEVERE GEORGE Sergeant – Detective $108,628.23 $1,017.74
    LISTER WILLIAM Deputy Chief – Emergency Medical Services $102,528.58 $1,132.74
    LLOYD WADE A. Firefighter $107,716.42 $1,206.86
    MACLEAN DORIS Division Manager – Social Services $102,414.13 $1,132.74
    MAILLE DANIEL J. Sergeant $104,566.96 $984.52
    MARTELLE SHAWN Sergeant $108,427.59 $960.43
    MCCORMICK GERALD Platoon Chief $121,202.91 $1,423.21
    MCCORMICK MORRIS Division Manager – Environmental Services $103,614.13 $2,332.74
    MCCULLOUGH RICHARD Fire Chief $118,944.15 $1,312.97
    MCDONALD JAMES Firefighter $100,122.92 $1,191.11
    MENAGH ROBERT Manager – Human Resources $129,223.26 $1,420.39
    City of Cornwall MICHAUD DAVID Sergeant $115,780.98 $936.73
    MICHAUD KELLY Captain $111,253.91 $1,332.20
    MINES JASON Constable $103,684.65 $833.61
    MORRISSETTE CHARLES Mechanic $103,931.64 $1,307.79
    O’REILLY DANIEL Inspector $116,757.54 $778.30
    O’REILLY STEVEN Captain $109,460.57 $1,344.80
    PARISIEN JOHN MARC Human Resources – Manager $120,683.94 $1,146.24
    PARISIEN RICHARD Firefighter $103,085.32 $1,206.86
    PARKINSON DANIEL Police Chief $163,064.94 $7,199.05
    PILON PIERRE LAURIER Staff Sergeant $126,427.10 $1,137.38
    PIUNNO EMIDIO Constable $100,173.41 $833.61
    QUENNEVILLE NORM Administrator Glen Stor Dun Lodge $117,021.02 $1,267.21
    QUENNEVILLE REJEAN Firefighter $104,021.28 $1,206.86
    RICHER LUC Captain $118,811.63 $1,344.80
    SNYDER BRIAN Staff Sergeant $119,758.73 $1,104.12
    ST. GERMAIN TROY Sergeant $108,976.44 $936.73
    TURBIDE ANDRE Deputy Chief – Ambulance $102,562.84 $1,119.09
    VAN VEEN ANDREW JAMES Captain $113,520.25 $1,273.68
    WELLS KEVIN Constable $126,088.69 $809.61
    WHITE SHAWN R. Staff Sergeant $123,523.87 $1,137.38
    WINTLE STEPHEN Division Manager, Infrastructure & Municipal Works $102,317

  5. Cornwall should look into having the OPP instead of Cornwall police. It might save tax payers alot of money, but it will never happen, to much corruption.

  6. Jason,
    Where would Diane Shay be without a union?

    Since many Cornwall officers want parity with the OPP and even threaten to go over to them, maybe contracting out to the OPP would work. It might be about the same cost and less carping… until their first transfer to the sticks, or an urban centre with high cost of living.

  7. The OPP are slowly pricing themselves out of work as well. Arbitration is not helping the taxpayer.

  8. OMG!
    Some do deserve (police/firefighter) these salaries for putting their lives at risk for us but some (sitting at a desk all day and make erroneous decisions) do not, my property taxes went up 3% and where I live we do not have sidewalks for the city to clean, no park for the city to take care of and no bus service, we have to take a cab or walk to the nearest bus stop which is 20 minutes to walk to.
    I don’t get?

  9. Author

    Hope to see you at the protest before the next council meeting Sapphire.

  10. Swapping the OPP for the current PD would simply cause a change to the names on the list…and as far as I know, they’re staffing is running pretty slim so response times might suffer. Becareful what you wish for…you might actually get it.

  11. That is crazy amounts of money that could be going back into the community.

  12. YoMama – where do you think all of those cops and firefighters spend all that money? They don’t get their houses, cars and groceries for free!

  13. I know one of the guys on the list, he is a Police Officer. He works long hours and gets called in with no or little sleep, and then after working all night had to sit in court some days all day. Sure I would love the money, but I could live that kind of life. Plus I read that they are paying 43% taxes and association dues. So bottom line, with my 48,000 a year salary, I take home about the same as some of the people on that list. My buddy comes too that his family doesn’t ever qualify for any type of funding for his child with disabilities, because of his income. And he is also a tax payer in the City of Cornwall. I will keep my job and be happy as it seems like making more money doesn’t always give you the life that people want.

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