CFN Breaks Two Traffic Records for March 2013 – CLICK for Numbers – Still Number One Alexa Canadian Ranked Media in Eastern Ontario!


CFN – What a wild ride March has been.   CFN has set two new traffic records; the first being the shortest amount of days to break our monthly page view  record at 24 days and the second is our largest page view total ever in 2,343,712 page views!  Thanks to all of our viewers as we could not have done it without any of you!

Where were you advertising in March and the bigger question is where will you be advertising in April?

Can you afford to not advertise, market, or message on CFN?

You guys burned through 137.26 GB of data as well with over 40,000 unique visitors and that doesn’t count our Social Media presence.  Our current score is 65 with a high of 67 over the last 90 days, nearly equal with the Ottawa Citizen!

What some people don’t understand when we look at some numbers is that it’s not just how many pages are viewed, but for how long.  The longer someone reads and the lower the bounce rate the higher the chance for example, of our incredibly supportive sponsors being noticed.

The political hi jinks here in Cornwall drew us some extra traffic and raised our Cornwall numbers.

Our Top 25 Cities for March!

1) Cornwall 4:01 per visit with only 7% bounce rate!

2) Ottawa 4:10 with an 11% bounce rate.

3) Toronto 3:04 23%

4) Montreal 1:56 28%

5) Hialeah FLORIDA ( hi snowbirds!)

6) Mississauga

7) Cooksville

8.) London

9) Windsor

10)  Don Mills

11) Kingston

12) Brockville 3:41 26%

13) Morrisburg

14) Tempe Arizona

15) Sudbury

16) Calgary

17) Kitchener

18) Vancouver

19) Hamilton

20) Gatineau

21) Edmonton

22) Hull

23) Casselman

24) Winnipeg

25) New York, NY

Only 45% of visitors to CFN in March were first timers!

We have a huge loyal following!

Nearly 20% of you are using mobile devices and tablets.

Over 30% of you visit CFN 25 or more times per month!

Alexa Canadian Rankings of Eastern Ontario Media Online

1) CFN  4,429    93% Canadian traffic!    Bounce Rate 20% #9 World Wide in city of Cornwall!

2)  5,385 (Brockville)

3)   6,216 Bounce Rate 39%

4)  (Corus radio) 14,919  #72 in Cornwall Bounce 36%

5)   24,364 78% Canadian traffic Bounce 55%

6) 45,130 Bounce Rate 33% Ranked #128 in Cornwall.

7)  (Brockville)  No Canadian Rank

 We will be putting out a call for submissions as we need some talented writers to help make this as special as we know you expect it to be.   Seaway Today will be free and distributed at establishments as we roll out.   Subscription service will also be available.   Call 613 361 1755 for advertiser info so you don’t miss out on being in our first issue!

We at CFN  could not do it without you.    And if you love CFN as much as it looks like you do, and want to help please keep viewing.

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Please support our sponsors who in spite of some very nasty people are great business people that deserve to choose where they advertise without getting attacked by a little group of thugs!

Please thank and support them because without their help there would be no CFN!


It was explained to me that some of our most ardent supporters do not have businesses that need to advertise.   And that as much as our viewers love to support our amazing sponsors they want to help and see CFN deliver its special brand of content and grow.

With that in mind it’s now your chance to be able to directly help CFN!

You will now be able to subscribe to CFN and be a supporter!

You can now subscribe either at one of two levels.

For $25 per year you can get access to our new newsletter and if you choose receive special offers from our valued sponsors.

For $250 or more per year you can be a VIP Supporter and get all of the above, plus swag, invites to CFN events, and all sorts of special treats such as free greetings and announcements (birth, death, graduation, weddings, etc) .

If 1% of you, our amazing viewers, donate it will go a long way towards helping CFN steer straight through these shark infested waters.

If 3% of you donate we can hire a part time position.  5%, a full time position.

If 10% of you donate we can start Seaway TV, our online TV station on schedule.
It’s always a challenge to move forward and grow; but I think the CFN family deserves it.  Now it’s time to see if you folks do too.

And it’s easy!  All you have to do is hit the paypal button above and rest is up to you.

If you have any questions email us at or click HERE.


CFN is looking for two journalism interns, and one graphic arts intern for the Summer!

For info email and you can be anywhere in Canada; not just Cornwall!

 And remember if you see news happen email or call our hotline at

613 361 1755

CFN always gives story, video, or photo accreditation.cfn-submit-480


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