No April Fools Jokes for Me This Year by Jamie Gilcig – April 1, 2013

No April Fools Jokes for Me This Year by Jamie Gilcig – April 1, 2013

CFN – April 1st.   Sadly this year my mood isn’t on pranks and I’ve pulled some good ones.   It’s normally one of my fave days of the JG BWyear.  It’s hard to come up with whoppers that work.

Over the years I’ve pulled my share, but not this year; maybe that’s  the joke?

Mother Nature is playing her own gag today as our lovely Spring weekend is turning cold.    And there’s a cold buzz floating around Cornwall as I type this; a tension, a quiet tension, but it’s there.

There are a lot of people waiting for a shoe to drop; different shoes.  Some waiting for our Mayor to finally disclose his conflict of interest; some feel that there’s a shoe to drop on CFN.

Frankly the world is a bigger place with far more important issues than the corruption of Mayor Bob Kilger and the cabal that support him at City Hall.

Maybe I’m just getting that Spring urge to move about and travel a bit, garden, get more Vitamin D?   Maybe because I don’t come from a journalism background I’m just sick by what I see of how the system works.  As horrible as things are here in Cornwall it’s not unique.  Just look a little way down the road at Montreal and you can see that there are far worse cases of corruption, influence peddling, and voter apathy.

Because deep down what really bothers me aren’t the Bob Kilger’s of the world; but the  people that allow him to exist.   Fear, greed, apathy, ignorance are all factors; from media that take cheques to hide corruptions true face to the public, to a system that literally stomps the life out of Whistle Blowers.    It’s all ugly.

And too much ugliness is never a good thing whether it be for scribblers, artists, or anyone.

They say that you get the government you deserve.  Could that be any more true than here in Cornwall Ontario?

The big question is what will we all do about it?

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