Derealization – Flight Distance Interview by Patrick Ackroyd – April 8, 2013 HIP HOP

Right is Bender Flight Distance - Left is Patience Flight Distance  photo by Julie Oliver
Right is Bender Flight Distance – Left is Patience Flight Distance photo by Julie Oliver

CFN – Real Hip Hop, something so rare in this time and age that when it happens it’s like a form of alchemy. It has been stated that Hip Hop ain’t dead it lives in the North but I believe that lives thousands of feet below the surface.

    On May 20th 1883 steam started to rise from a small Island in Indonesia followed by volcanic ash reaching 20,000 feet in the air blocking the Sun, then came four weeks of calm. When the explosions started it caused the clouds to darken for five days and the ocean tide to rise. The explosions were so loud that they were heard as far away as Perth and Australia. The Volcanic eruption, aftershocks and Tsunamis ended the lives of over 150,000 people.

    Ten years later a Norwegian expressionist painter named Edvard Munch would paint one of four paintings describing human emotion connected to this event. The end of days. This painting was called The Scream, a ghostly image of a figure silently screaming against a backdrop of a blood red sky. Love, fear, joy, depression, anger, despair, confusion and hate have always been the greatest inspiration for human creativity.

    In 2012 there are few Artists who understand this concept more than Bender, member of Ottawa based Hip Hop group Flight Distance and former KOTD Champion. Watching this man rise to the top of the largest battle rap scene in the world was a large victory for real hip hop. Anyone who stood in the way of Bender was slaughtered. Opponents not only underestimated his skills but also the thought process behind his creativity. Simply stated, within 6 bars of Benders first round they realized that they have opened the gates of hell and what ensued was always the death of a salesman.

    Bad information by Flight Distance is arguably THE best Canadian Hip Hop album I have heard in the last 20 years.  Lo fi production, sample choice and raw lyricism make this album is a classic and a classic means that 10,15,20 years down the line you will never be able to say that these brothers lied to you, jack. The Wall 613 recently caught up with Bender to discuss lyricism, versatility, Pink Floyd and KOTD.

What’s good man, how have you been?

Been alright, had a pretty productive summer as far as shows went, now im just getting back into creative mode for when the cold gets here. I fucking hate winter but there’s nothing like crippling depression to get some good writing done.

You are widely respected for your intricate wordplay, when you write your verses what is driving your thought process?

It’s never the same thing, something will work for a while but eventually you juice it dry and need to move on. There’s always a need to reinvent yourself on some level.

I can tell that Big Pun and Kool G Rap are a big influence in your work. I can remember this one interview that Fat Joe did on Pun where he stated that Pun said Joe’s writing was “limited”. Can you tell us what you believe a “limited” M.C. is?

Some rappers can pump out a hundred mixtape verses a day but couldn’t write a song to save their life. That’s not a bad thing but versatility comes with a willingness to challenge yourself.

What was it like going up against Loe Pesci of all people?

This was supposed to go down at WD2 but it never panned out. I wasn’t feeling battling someone I was friends with outside of rap, plus Pesh is a straight fool so I knew he would have some haymakers if we ever battled. At the end of the day though, the fans and league wanted it because everyone knew it was a classic waiting to happen. Check the footage Sept 27th

Who do you think the most under rated producer is in Hip Hop?


Led Zeppelin II or Pink Floyd’s The Wall?


If you were to do a rematch battle, win or loss which one would you pick?

It would have to be Illmac, it’s my only undisputed loss and I would take a very different approach if I did it over again. That being said, I’m not interested in doing any rematches.

If you had unlimited funds to work with and produce your Magnum Opus, what would it sound like?

If you’ve heard my music before you’ve probably noticed its pretty lo-fi because that’s always been the aesthetic I’ve been drawn towards with music in general. If I had unlimited funds to produce a record Id buy a slick rick verse and bring Salvador Dali back to life to do the cover art. Then release it on 8-track.

Any advice for up and coming artists in the 613?

Think about what makes the 613 the 613 instead of trying to emulate NYC. The best way to get your city behind you is by showing that you’re part of it.


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