Man Found Hung in Legion Ball park in Cornwall Ontario – April 8, 2013 UPDATED

Cornwall PoliceCFN – Tragedy struck Legion Ball park as a man was allegedly found hung from a tree in the early hours in Cornwall Ontario.


Cornwall Police Sgt Fraser confirmed that a sudden death has occurred and an ongoing investigation is in gear.


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Cornwall police have just deemed the death a suicide.

Milena Cardinal


  1. So sad,my sympathy for his family

  2. This is a terrible tragedy indeed. So many are not seeking help when they are troubled. Cornwall is generally a safe place to live but things do happen there as well. My regards to the family.

  3. If more people accepted mental health without judging it, it would

    go a long way in helping those in need get the proper care and

    help .

  4. does anyone know for sure if it is a suicide or something else but whatever it is condolences to his family

  5. My son who is at a friend’s house this evening sent me an e-mail about a man here in Ottawa who has been missing since the end of December and the police found his body in Québec in a small town an hour east of Ottawa. I knew him many years ago and all his sisters and brother are mentally ill. I had a terrible problem with his sister when we first came back to Ottawa and I told my husband since the beginning not to have anything to do with her since she caused us problems before we left Ottawa to go to Cornwall. My husband did not listen to me and we had a fight about all of this. This family has manic depression and the woman went off her meds and it is a long story from there but I haven’t had any problems with her afterwards. A lot of people who are mentally ill are in denial and also go off their meds and cause disturbances, live on the streets, and even take their lives or the lives of others. I told my husband and my daughter about my son’s e-mail and looked it up on the net about this person. This man used to make Donald Duck sounds for my kids when they were little and he would come over with his sister but they were on their meds then and didn’t do any harm. Things sure changed. They have one brother in a group home somewhere here in Ottawa or on the Québec side and it isn’t the first time that this man has disappeared. He disappeared for two years where nobody knew where he was.

    Mental illness is very severe and must be dealt with and nobody should be ashamed and nobody should laugh or make fun at somebody with this disease. You don’t know the power of God when you hurt other people because it always comes back to you. Believe me it always does come back.

    People who are sick need treatment and that should be available to all who need it.

  6. The mental health support is a joke in this town. There is a 3-6 month wait to get into Tri-County and these are social workers and nurses. My friend went there and stopped because the social worker told her, “You either want to get better or you don’t…it is that simple”! WTH? You don’t say that to someone who is very depressed and anxious. She told me that she felt like killing herself and like she was being judged. She quit going there. So sad.

  7. One Against City Bullyers

    Has your friend tried to go to the Royal Ottawa Hospital for help? This hospital is for people with mental health issues and they would help him/her. It is situated on Carling Avenue and I went by there yesterday along with the Civic Hospital and they are not too far from one another.

    When we lived in Cornwall the doctor that my daughter had came from Montréal and she was foreign and was not a good doctor at all. She never tried to find out what was wrong with my daughter until we came to Ottawa and got a doctor that is so thorough and he insisted to have the T cells checked in my daughter’s blood test. Sure enough she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and then she was treated and they took too much off and went down to being hypothyroidism.

    Your friend might have thyroid disease and doesn’t know it. It depends on his or her symptoms. Men get thyroid disease as well and they have different names for it. This is a huge epidemic. Roger Ebert just died of cancer of the thyroid. Do you know that former US pres. George H.W. Bush (father) and his wife Barbara both have thyroid disease known as Graves disease. They had a dog with that disease as well. Al Gore’s wife has thyroid disease as well and had surgery done because of nodules on the thyroid. Ophrah Winfrey has hypothyroid as well and had to give up her show because it was too much for her. The list goes on and on.

    My daughter worked with a lady from a rural town just outside of Cornwall and her sister is afflicted with this disease. The doctor in Cornwall didn’t know what she had and it went too far for her and she couldn’t close her eyes. The sister took her to Ottawa to be diagnosed and they found out what she had and treated her for that disease.

    Thyroid disease affects the mental state as well as the physical state and if left untreated it can do harmful damage to one’s hear, kidneys, etc. I want people to get checked out for everything before some doctor diagnoses a person for the wrong things which they do a lot of times. Insist that your friend gets his or her thyroid checked out both in blood and urine tests and at the Civic or General Hospital here in Ottawa. If there is nothing wrong in the physical sense and is depressed in a mental state then they have to get treated and Ottawa is the place to come to before something terrible happens to them.

  8. There are good people working at Tri-County Mental Health and Child and Youth Counselling as well. These programs are outreach services through the Cornwall Community Hospital. They have a policy in place that if you contact them for an intake assessment you will be reached within 24 hours and after a telephone assessment by the intake worker, you will be shceduled for an apointment within a reasonable amount of time. There are long wait lists for just about every community service but it’s not the fault of the front line staff. I would also like to mention that the Canadian Mental Health Association and Addiction Services of Eastern Ontario extends many programs and services to our community, we also have the Youth and Mental Health Crisis Team, Family Counselling and varrious resources through our two school boards. Having worked in and accessed these services I can say that it is a bit challenging but if you advocate and push, you will get what you
    need. But at all costs, steer away from Dr.{MODERATED}, he’s a pill pusher looking to bill OHIP and rake in the money.

  9. My prayers go out to the man’s family.

  10. Does anybody remember the girl in Ottawa whose father was a hockey player or a hockey coach with the Ottawa Senator and she had a lot of friends but one day she hung herself in her parents basement in Rockliffe section of Ottawa. The parents must have seen things that were not right with their daughter and didn’t seek help for her until it was too late. People hold too many stigmas to mental illness. I am happy that Margaret Trudeau came out about mental health.

    There are many school shooting and stabbings going on as well as in malls. One girl in Nova Scotia was bullied and raped and committed suicide. Some years ago a girl in B.C. was bullied and murdered.

    Many people are walking around with mental illness and are not getting help and something has to be done. Some cases have an inheritance disease even in the case of the man that shot the children and teachers at Sandy Hook and others can be a malfunction and also a mental disease. Mental diseases are the hardest to diagnose and treat. There is no cure just treatment. Some people have an injury of some sort to the brain and mental illness sets in. People need the right treatment. Cornwall needs to have a clinic for these things.

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