Homestead Organics of Berwick Ontario Competes for Entrepreneur of the Year at the Slow Money annual gathering April 29-30th 2013.

Homestead Organics Ltd is pleased to be to the only non-US competitor among 25 contestants for Entrepreneur of the Year at the Slow Money annual gathering in Boulder Colorado on April 29-30th 2013.

“Slow Money, a major new funder of local food systems, this week kicks off a competition in which food entrepreneurs are eligible to win a $50,000 cash prize. The winner will be announced at the fourth Slow Money National Gathering April 29-30 in Boulder, Colorado,” says Jean Weiss of Slow Money. “The Entrepreneur Showcase at the Slow Money National Gathering is a chance for innovative food entrepreneurs to pitch their business before potential investors. More than $6 million has been invested thus far in 34 of the small food enterprises that have presented at previous national gatherings.”

Read more about the Slow Money gathering and the Mama Chia Entrepreneur of the Year award at :

“We are thrilled to mingle and learn from other local and organic food enterprises at this annual gathering. We are traveling to share our story, learn from others, and connect with mission minded investors at the Slow Money gathering. To be the only non-US presenter is a real honour,” says Tom Manley, President and second-generation owner of Homestead Organics.

homestead“Homestead Organics is an innovator in community funding. Although the Slow Money movement was officially organized in 2009, Homestead Organics has been practicing the slow money principles since 1999 and now has 38 financial supporters from the local community and the organic food sector including farmers and consumers,” says Tom Manley.

Homestead Organics, founded in 1988 and based in Berwick ON, is a certified organic grain elevator, feed mill, and farm supply business. The company prides itself by its leadership in the organic agri-food sector, its grassroots approach to support rural economies, and its commitment to serving and developing organic agriculture. In 2011, Tom Manley earned the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Organic Council of Ontario for volunteer contributions to building the organic food sector in Ontario.

Slow Money is a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Boulder Colorado. Slow Money is bringing people together around a shared vision about what it means to be an investor in the 21st Century: Saving farmland, supporting a new generation of small and mid-size organic farmers, rebuilding local and regional food processing and distribution, improving nutrition and otherwise remedying the imbalances of a food system that is too consolidated, too global and too industrial.

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