Justin Trudeau Stars as Mr. Shue from Glee in his Latest Video! POLL April 24, 2013

WillSchuesterCFN– Everyone loves Mr. Shue on Glee, right?  Hot teacher, smart, kind, caring, Liberal strategists must think so as they rolled out a new Justin ad to combat the Conservative attack ad.

Justin puffs on his accomplishments and hits some points, but like eating at Subway; you’re left wondering what exactly you ate and why?

Why this ad fails is that it’s playing to those who would already be voting for Justin. That’s not bad, but it doesn’t win elections does it?

Michael Ignatieff tried the we’re better thing last election; nicer, smarter Liberals, yes, but this is a country whose largest city voted Rob Ford in as mayor. I’m not sure sure that Canada is looking for nicer and smarter even if they probably should.

This ad won’t cause a single Conservative to vote Red. It probably won’t even give a Dipper pause for thought. It’s a “look at how special I am” kinda video and by now if Canadians don’t know who JT is well he’s in pretty big trouble.

Justin is like a promising up and comer, a First Round Draft pick and maybe a Number One overall.

But running for Prime Minister is not like playing in the Q or OHL. It’s showtime and Mr. Trudeau is asking Canadians to give him the keys to the castle.

He’s going to have to up the ante and leading a party that’s number three going to have to convince Canadians why they should buy into him and his vision…whatever that is…

What do you think Canada? Which ad do you prefer so far? The Harper Attack ad or the Trudeau one? You can vote below and post your comment.


  1. I despise the Conservatives but in terms of running an effective ad, I have to hand it to them. Nothing will make me vote for them short of their scrapping the OFA, but this ad is sufficient to give many Canadians pause in terms of voting for Justin.
    But when the choice is francophone Trudeau or French citizen Mulcair, for English Canadian liberals there is no choice at all.
    I will vote in 2015.
    But I need someone to vote for.
    the Conservatives are not those people.
    So far, neither is Justin.
    Or French citizen Mulcair (did I already say that?) and I am not convinced of the Green agenda. Sighhhhh….

  2. It’s not the party faithfuls that win elections it’s the undecided and how you influence them. I personally hope that the positive warm fuzzy feeling adds have more effect than the mean spirited attack adds, but what do I know. I always look for the lunatic fringe party to vote for. They seem to make more sense to me.

    Bring back the Great Rhinoceros party!!

  3. OMG too funny ,I love the algebra in the background on the chalkboard to show his accomplishment for being a theatrical teacher for 6 months?

    Or was it his leadership skills as a camp counselor and white water rafting instructor that determined his leadership skills or as the majority knows it- HIS LAST NAME.

    Hey Justin do you know what Harper does for a hobby ?
    Reading government policy ,yes its dry but its a passion for him !Justin you are way out of your league you and your party will get eaten up and spit out.

  4. Amen to that, Reg.

  5. I remember a while back when jean chrétien was running ads that started with, hello my name is jean, and he said, to give dignity to the unemployed. The new liberal ad is good, at least they come up with something. They realized that ignoring the ads doesn’t work. Justin is not stupid, he knows that the conservatives have money to burn and time on their hands. The ads are just the beginning. I hope it works though cause I’m getting tired of seeing the american style attack ads harper has brought over. Unless everything changes, harper’s worst case scenario is that he wins a minority. This is the thing we have to worry about, the conservatives brand their opponent before even the election writ, they have rock solid blind western support, they have millions to squander, they added 200 billion to our debt, they wasted 50 billion on promotional programs, they wasted 30 billions on planes we don’t have yet, Mister harper is in a virtual tie for the lead in the polls. GO FIGURE ? I guess some canadian are sheep and some don’t care.

  6. Author

    Richard maybe Quebecers are smarter or better as they seem to be the only province rejecting Mr. Harper? 🙂

  7. Admin :
    One province no longer dictates what party gets in .
    The old analogy was if you got Quebec you have the country is no longer and with 30 new seats next election that analogy will be put to bed.

    Quebecers have chosen the far left those neo NDP’s of which a number have jumped ship back to the separatist .
    The NDP have hurt their chances across Canada for this and may remain mainly a Quebec regional party .

    But if the liberals were to gain seats it would be mainly at the cost of the NDP,as the left swinging people remain on the left of the spectrum.

    The Key’s to Parliament remains in those fence sitters (the majority)and that is where the conservatives have a stronger hold.
    One must always remember that the incumbent party always has a 10% advantage.

    Jason Kenny has been working rather diligent with those immigrants groups growing at (250,000+) yearly,the conservatives are a smart lot they have learned from the past as they as a demographic have the highest voter turnout .
    Immigrants come from varying either repressive regimes or social inequalities within their original country ,they understand what freedom really means and practice this right by voting -GOOD FOR THEM to encourage democracy.

    The liberals had relied on that demographic without further maintaining its base,you snooze you lose,politics should never be complacent and the natural governing party is no more.

    Sad really native born Canadians have poor voter turnout (good old fashion Canadian apathy) apathy that has and will continue to hurt our Country,as democracy must always be nurtured.

  8. Unless justin does a big blunder he might get leader of the opposition. He has to get the maritimes and Ontario the west is a foregone conclusion. The devil himself could run under the conservative banner in the alberta and he would win hands down. I wish that all parties would have the same financial backing so it could be fair. Mr Harper, with all of his past blunders is a shoe in to win again because he starts so much ahead. Plus I have never been a fan of political personal attack ads. I’d rather lose with dignity and character then win slandering my opponents. But then again, that is just me.

  9. I know few details of liberal policies and directions will be out till an election is imminent, for fear of idea borrowing or lashing out against them, but people need the information. Needed to make an informed choice and not one based on party.
    The immigrants and families from past liberal policies are beginning to vote conservative, the west remembers the liberal energy plan and others are waiting and watching without guaranteeing votes anymore.

    I like how the video has the globe turned the right way, the flag is showing, but mostly, I prefer the way ads are presented around the whole article.

  10. Weak, shallow ,no substance. he has no platform, other than to talk in generalities.

    no vision, as to what he will do. No specific goals other than to PRESUME to state what Canadians want. How would he know ?
    He lost the Calgary by-election for the liberals by his comments concerning Alberta.
    Correct, when people here are realizing that the conservatives are cutting into the immigrant vote. Especially in Toronto the core city, and the GTA . Mcguinty is also aiding in the rise of the conservatives,another liberal genius.
    NDP, will loose big time, those quebec seats, will go, back to a nationalist quebec party, the bloc, and once again they will be thrown into a quagmire of uncertainity and indecision. MulCair will loose his leadership. The western NDP’ers will have to start all over again. maybe they can recruit a Bob Rae, he has previous experience and loosing looks very good on him
    The liberals and NDP will fight over the opposition,but in any event it will be extremely weak, given that the libs and NDP are way out of the race at least for now.

    Steady as she goes for Harper and he wins. The best of a very poor lot.

  11. @ Highlander
    You say Harper’s hobby is “reading government policy.” Are you sure? After all, this would imply that Harper can actually read.

  12. @ richard

    Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister of one of the world’s most economically successful countries. He has more degrees than a thermoneter, and has been considered in the world community of leaders , as having as much respect as any current world leader.

    Can you please blog us your resume, and we can then compare your skills set to that of P.M. Mr. Harper’s. I think both highlander and myself would be very interested to “read” your accomplishments and then we can make a fair and accurate comparsion .

  13. I’ll agree with one thing, Mr harper is smart. He added 200 billion to our debt, wasted billions on planes and promotional programs, one of his employees was arrested because of the robocall scandal, he slanders his opponents while knowing they have no money to reply to attack adds. Regardless of all that, he has some canadians thinking that is a good thing and we shouldn’t expect something better.

  14. @ Peter ?

    You want my resume? Well then, I have a degree, in science, and I’ve worked in both the forestry and mining industries. I’ve also been a business/technical writer. And I also know how to spell my last name.

    Harper has more degrees than a thermometer? That’s actually pretty good, although I don’t think Harper’s handlers would want that repeated. With his two degrees, then obviously his thermometer must only have one, which explains why he is so totally ignorant of global warming and climate change.

    But then again, Harper’s two degrees (Bachelor and Master) are both in economics, and most economists cannot come to grips with the fact that the planet does not have infinite resources, nor an infinite atmosphere or ocean to absorb the pollution.

    He has as much respect in the “world community of leaders” as any current world leader? Well, let’s see. Obama? He deserves more respect than he gets, but he suffers from all the mudslinging and slander from the extreme right. Angela Merkel? She’s OK I suppose, but nothing spectacular, and certainly not even close to Konrad Adenauer. Who’s the President of France? Sorry, I can’t think of his name. Italy? Berlusconi — there’s a shining example of leadership. Cameron in the UK? Well, there’s someone with all the meanness of Thatcher, but none of the intelligence. Putin? He seems to hold Russia in as much of a dictatorship as any of his Communist predecessors.

    Yes, you’re probably right, Peter. Harper does have as much respect as any of the current crop of world leaders.

  15. @ richard,

    apologies if my spelling is not up to snuff. as I have stated many times, on this site I have extremely poor eyesight. It takes me tons of time to type one blog, and even then with proof reading I get it wrong .

    Yes, yes global warming and climate change . It is my understanding that many of the sciencists still disagree on the this. I am also led to believe that there were some of these so-called experts that fudged their findings.

    I would have to see practical solutions for all of these enviromental issues, as well as more that has been presented by the scientific community up till now. there are too many conflicting stories on these issues. Wind mills in ontario produce 4% of Ontario’s power , the cost millions if not billions. We have a grid in quebec to buy electric power at one tenth the cost, yet the liberals don’t, why is that?

    AS for not having infinite resources to cope with pollution ,these have been addressed , far more so than in countries like China and India . As well who will pay the costs to globally deal with these pollution problems ? How much will China pay ? How much will India Pay ? These are among the worst polluting nations on earth. Please how do you get these nations to even begin to deal with these problems, At least here we have some measures in place.

    Certainly you can’t blame Harper onfor the world’s pollution problems. Who pays for the nmeasures we have in place now, Taxpayers. yes richard, tell taxpayers their taxes will go up, and see the reaction. What party will float that one , and win.
    The Ontario liberals have poured tons of money into enviromental projects, almost bankrupting the province in the process, how far are we ahead here ?
    As for ecomonists, trying to factor in the issues your raise, again I ask you, how much is the cost who will pay and how will this go over in the already taxed to death Canadians.
    Wonderful concept and idea, except where is the money coming from ?
    Yes Harper is on par with world’s leaders, and naturally all of them are subjected to criticism. Perhaps, in your forward presentation you can run or maybe provide solutions for all that the world, suffers from. I do know, that the liberals spend 3-4 billion a year on bilingualism in Canada. This is both unecessary and costly. They have also wasted tons of money on buying inferior British naval equipment. They also had something called “the sponsorship scandal” So waste is all around us Richard, but at very least the conservatives , although torpeoded by the world economic crisis of 2008-09 have tried to address and set up , along with the bank of Canada policies that allows us to be more insulated from financial recession than the rest of the G-20 countries .
    We have a banking system that is a model for the world. Not perfect, but the best of G-20.
    I was a liberal many years ago, until I was lied to by trudeau and dupped. This was over the bilingualism issue , that I have blogged on this site for eons. The liberals have taken Canada and have ensured the the 28% french will control the 82% English. this is my pet peeve and the issue that has stuck in my craw for the past 50 years.

  16. Peter, you might find it easier if you hit CTRL/SHIFT + on your keyboard once or twice. This will magnify the type and make it easier for you.

    It is your understanding that climate scientists disagree on global warming. No, Peter, they don’t. Although there are some legitimate differences of opinion on some of the finer details, over 97% agree with the findings that increasing man-made CO2 is increasing the average temperature of the planet, which will have very serious consequences on weather patterns, water distribution etc. in the future. You and I are maybe old enough that we personally don’t have to worry, but our children and grandchildren certainly do.

    The other 3% of scientists? Many of them receive substantial incomes from outfits like Exxon, the Koch brothers, the big coal companies, etc. Many of these so-called scientists were in the media forefront some twenty years ago, trying to deny the health effects of tobacco. At that time, they were being paid very handsomely by the tobacco industry. Can you really trust them?

    Why is the fossil fuel industry trying to deny global warming and climate change? Because they have billions of dollars in potentially “stranded assets,” i.e. their oil, gas and coal reserves. If people move too far towards clean and renewable energy sources, they won’t be able to extract and sell them. What’s going to happen to their share prices? Right now their very existence depends on throwing doubt on proven science, and going to whatever extreme is necessary to slow down the shift to renewable energy sources. Why is it, too, that the Harper government won’t allow its own scientists to publish their findings? Have Harper and his conservatives been bought by the fossil fuel industry too?

    As for being able to buy electricity from Quebec at such a cheap rate, what’s going to happen if they do finally separate? Honestly, I don’t know, but do we really want to take that chance? I don’t.

    Pollution in China and India? You’re right, they are the world’s most polluted countries, along with perhaps Russia. One of the reasons China is so polluted is because they do so much manufacturing for the western world, including Canada. What is Canada doing about it? We’re going to let the Chinese state oil company add to the tar sands pollution, we’re going to let them pay a minimum of royalties on the bitumen they extract, we’re going to charge them probably the world’s lowest corporate income tax on any profits their accountants can’t hide, and we’re going to give them tar sands oil to continue manufacturing and polluting.

    In doing so, we’re going to build a pipeline across some very rough and ecologically fragile terrain in northern BC, let a company with an abysmal safety record run the pipeline, and we’re going to import huge quantities of natural gas liquids from OPEC to dilute the bitumen sufficiently to run through the pipeline.

    Can we blame Harper for the world’s pollution problems? Perhaps not, at least not directly. But he’s sure happy to try and give the world’s dirtiest oil (sorry, “ethical” oil) to countries who want to benefit at our expense.

    As for China, they’re not stupid. Not at all. Right now they’re going about trying to buy all the world’s natural resources so their economy can continue to grow. It’s not just the tar sands they have an interest in.

    Not only that, China has become the world’s leading player in the renewable energy market. Is it because they realise that renewable energy is the future as fossil fuels continue to depend on massive government subsidies as they price themselves out of the market? Could it happen that in say, thirty years, China will be the world’s leading manufacturer, using renewable energy, because we in the west were too stupid to read the writing on the wall, and are stuck with using scarce and unaffordable fossil fuels?

    Billions of dollars for windmills in Ontario? Where are your sources for that piece of information, and please don’t say Tim Hudak? And when the worst comes to the worst, and we can’t afford the coal and natural gas we use for generating power, or the price an independent Quebec wants to charge us, are you going to object to electricity from a windmill or solar panel if it makes your life liveable?

    Trudeau senior? You say you were duped. Well, I wasn’t. I was campaigning against him in NDG and his own riding of Mount Royal before I was even old enough to vote. As for Quebec and its language laws, even though I’m fairly comfortable in French, I voted with my feet some 25 years ago. But rather than tell me what Trudeau and the Liberals have done to make French more and more dominant in the rest of Canada, can you tell me what Harper has done to ease the abhorrent discrimination against the English and other minorities in Quebec. After all, he has been Prime Minister for some seven years now, hasn’t he?

  17. @ richard

    Wow , What amouthful. it is nice to read posts here by people that appear to know what they are talking about. Also, thanks for the computer tip, I doubt it will haelp, my eyes are that bad.

    Now on to your, posts. First off, i am not an enviromentalist, never was, and I am not into science at all, I actually hated it in school. Having said that, my sources information I acquired will no doubt be dismissed by you out right. Lowell Green and Sun news, like i said, i am not into the enviroment as you are. So, please I know you will dismiss them as knowing very little on the subject.

    However, when I listened to Mr. Green,. he did seen to have crediblle sources. What he said was not challenaged by anyone in the enviromental movement, and he invited them to appear on his show to defend their findings. None called, which I thought was strange, if in fact their findings are based on science, as you claim. I would love to hear you call in, and debate this with him, it would be fascinating for me to hear this, just a thought.

    Now, on to Harper. I don’t know that he has been bought off by prominent oil tycoons and the like, but, I do know he has an economy to run, and a government to oversee in the face of a multiude of issues to address. A huge issue he has to oversee is the economic welfare of the nation. AS I said here, I am not up to speed on renewable energy and the like, but it seems to me , that to develop and revamp our entire structure to transform into everything renewable would in fact cost billions and billions. Just look at energy efficient cars. There are not enough stations for their batteries to be recharged and the insurance for these vehicles is off the charts. Where is this money going to come from ???

    And yes, if i had, or anyone else for that matter, billions and billions invested I would protect my investments as well. Wouldn’t you ? Do you not protect your home as an investment ? What about any savings you may have, do you not want to protect those as well ? I thnk this is natural for any of us to want to protect what we have invested in. This is particularly true, when these investments generate tens of thoudsands of jobs , that keeps our economy healthy. The health of the economy is just as importnat an issue isn’t it ? I believe it is.

    Apologies Richard, I am in a bit of a hurry here, so I will skip to politics if you permit me.

    I agree with you 1000% no government of any political stripe has lifed a finger to help the Anglos of quebec , since 1960 on. That is shameful and disgusting. However, when trudeau, added the notwithstanding clause to be enshined as part of the charter into the constsitution, it tied the poiticians hand for years and years to come. What that did was allow discriminatory laws to be passed in Canada such as bill 101 and possibly bill 14, legally.

    What sickens me even more is that no politician ,federal or provincial will talk out against the racist practices of quebec targetting the English. that is the least they should do. The only politican that has said anythinfg regarding this isssues of former premier Dany Williams of Newfoundland

    Richard apologies, I have to run,

    Hopefully … To be continued

  18. @ Richard

    Just to continue, I have advocated for years to get quebec out of Canada. there is NOTHING Canadian about quebec. They have their owm immigration laws , their own business laws. They are the only jurisdiction in the western hemisphere that encourages its citizens to squeal ( rat out ) any person they deem that displays signsin English. Things like “pasta” and “the infamous “penis ring ” fiasco.

    I believe, this issue is as important ,if not more than the enviroment, beacuse it centers on BASIC and INALIEABLE AND HUMAN RIGHTS. Imagine any person in any Canadian province having the world’s international language being OUTLAWED and Canada says NOTHING.

    I have also suggested that a new Canadain party be formed, to have as its main platform quebec separation and the revamping of the Canadian constitution. I have suggested a moritorum on separation for 10 years, so borders, currency ,international tade agreements and like be ironed out, and then quebec goes.
    To me, quebec will leave, I’d rather it be on Canada’s terms, not quebec’s through a quebec referendum, which one day they will win. Keep in mind a full 68% of quebeckers voted for seaparation in the last quebec election .This was the percentage that the P.Q. and CAC got combined. I believe the quebec solidaire party got 2% .

    The billions saved in bilingualism and the like, could then be focused on heath care, education, and the enviroment. BUt, Richard, regardless of who is in power, I still believe that I am far more comfortable, with the conservatives than any other party, despite there shortcomings. They are not perfact, but they are the best of a very bad lot.

    God help us if JT, ever becomes prime minister, one trudeauin a lifetime is more than enough, thank you very much.

    BTW: I am a Point St Charles guy.

  19. @ Richard

    This is my third post today to you. I clicked on my last post, but they didn’t post it. So, I’ll have to repeat.

    Pipeline issues: yes these piplines cross fragile areas. However, it is my understanding that the companies involved have done all that is possible to :

    a) prevent a leak, break etc

    b) Have put in place the very best safeguards in case of a leak etc. as well setting up compensation funds in case the worst happens.

    Airplanes fly overhead, and crash into people, are we to stop flying altogether, When one goes down, oil and gas spills, people on the ground are potentially killed etc. Ships HAVE to carry crude, they have accidents and agian are we to stop shipping. These issues are endless.

    I also if you take into account the sheer number of jobs that exist because of these industries. The families ,tens of thousands of them that are dependant on these companies for their very livihoods. The same goes for pipelines. Are well supposed to stop production en masse for something that “might” happen.

    When reigning in these companies, Richard, please take into account that they provide tons of jobs that would otherwise be lost. If renewable energy could be achieved in a cost efficient manner, and over a reasonable amount of time to maintain jobs and transition the investments, which are into billions and billions , then this would be an attractive and pratical solution to put in place.

    AS for quebec and bilingualism I have stated this many, many times in previous bolgs, quebec should go and go fast. Your are correct, not one government of any political stripe has lifed a finger to come to the aid of the anglos in quebec.
    I believe that quebec will separate, its just a matter of time. As well, except in name only, they are a defacto separate country now. There is absolutely NOTHING Canadian about quebec. they have their own immigration system, their own culture , they have the right to outlaw one of the founding languages of this country and world’s most international language ENGLISH and not one word is said against these laws.
    quebec is the only jurisdiction in the free world, that encourages its citizens to squeal ( rat out ) its fellow citizens that have the tamarity to use English in business,
    In the last electio they voted 68% to separate. This 68% was divided between three separatist parties, the P. Q. the CAC and quebec soladaire. I have proposed a 10 year moritorum on quebec separation. uring this 10 year period international treaties ,currency, borders etc could be ironed out between Canada ns quebec. After 10 years they go.
    Canada can revamp its constitution and have a government that represents Canaians the way the majority of canadians want it to be run. now, the Canadian agenda is set by quebec.

    I hope this post gets through it is agony writing these things given my eye sight.

    BTW” I am a Point St Charles KID

  20. @ Richard

    Follow up on Pipelines and the like:

    Richard, I believe you make excellent and valid points regarding your stance on the enviroment. But, there is always a but isn’t there ? But it is my understanding that these companies do everything within their power to :

    a) Prevent leaks, cracks and the like from happening

    b) have measures in place to address any accidents and provide compensation, such monies that may be needed for families etc.

    I know , from your prespective these are weak, But what are we to do ? Airplanes crash all the time over populated regions? are we to stop flying ? they also spill massive amounts of fuel. Ships have accidents they spill massive amounts of fuel. Are we to stop shipping ? What about power lines, pcb’s and the like when they fall or have accidents?

    As well, you did not mention the tens of thousands of jobs that these industries create. people’s livlihoods are at stake here.
    What about these renewable energy sources ? It is as well, my understanding that these battery operated cars, can only be serviced at specific locations, which are extremely rare. there is not one on every corner, as there are gas stations. They also are extremely expensive to buy and insure.

    So when , you suggest to go to renewable energy sources, the costs here are in the millions if not more. Who will pay for this? Where will these funds come from and more importantly, how much will it cost to go from one system to another ??

    Harper like all P.M.”S must run a country . Everyone wants , there are priorities. I do not know if he has given in to the oil tycoons of industry. but I do know , enviroment or not, people have to work. Industries create jobs and provide these opportunities. I believe no government anywhere can simply turn on a dime and change to these renewable sources of energy without massive costs . Are people willing and ABLE to pay for this??

    Most people I know hate it when we are taxed just a little, imagine the taxation costs of what you propose. How would most react ??

    I also was under the impression , that these enviroment issues are on governments radar, however, they are not moving fast enough to satify the enviromentalists, correct ?? but at least they are becoming aware of these issues and trying to address them. Not at the pace you would like, but it is on their radar.

  21. ha ha ha… Harper’s hobby is reading government policy?! good grief, it is his passion?!?!
    I think that just maybe these advertisements have done nothing but show Canadians just how afraid of Justin the Conservative party is.
    I know it is hard for them to admit it.. but showing clips of J.T. from 1999 and running them completely out of context is silly little high school tactic… and HORROR, not a CAMP COUNSELLOR, gasp, how can that be! What kind of filth is a camp counsellor?! Not someone smart enough to run this country! I mean, Harper has been so diligent in his promise of a balanced budget in 2013 how can we not trust him to know that a guy who was a teacher is not smart enough to be able to be a leader
    so unlike the Tories (I know!) and yet… there it is, on my television so obviously juvenile and petty…

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