CCH Hospital Staff Celebrate New Hospital Wing in Cornwall Ontario with Michael Jackson Dub Video!

CCH Emerg NEWCFN – Cornwall Community Hospital staff and some local high school students had some fun showing off the new wing of CCH by dubbing a classic Michael Jackson song and putting it on You tube!


Who knew nasty Alan Grieg could pull moves? 🙂

Congrats to all although many in the community are still peeved at the hospital giving the big dollar construction contract to a Quebec company.

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  1. Dr Shah..loved your moves

  2. Dislike. Most of the Quebec hospital staff can’t dance very well.

  3. Nice try! If this is such a “State of the art Hospital”, then why does the city have to hand out thousands of dollars to attract doctors…..or is this another Quebec incentive? We don’t live in an isolated area up north now do we????

  4. Let’s be honest. It was very entertaining and a good piece of propaganda.

  5. Probably a great staff moral builder similar to a team motivational event, but cheaper.

  6. Nice very nice video, everything seems perfect, as always, smoke and mirrors! But I wonder how the rest of the staff that needs to work in the new environment are enjoying the new digs. That’s right, it’s not was it looks like, contractors, engineers and whoever is involved, didn’t really do that a great of a job! That’s was happens when you have the unqualified overlooking and building. You may want to wait at least another six months before you have surgery at this Hospital

  7. Made me smile. 🙂

  8. For over 170K a year plus benefits and padded pension Mr. Grieg better bust a move. This also makes one wonder how many taxpayer dollars were wasted paying salaries to make this video.

  9. From what I heard the new Surgical Suites are far better than what we had and the surgical staff will happily make due, but had the hospital construction committee cared to ask for the input from those who actually use these facilities on a daily basis they could have been much more efficient and much better. Like the renovations in the laboratories a couple of years ago the building committee including Mr. Greig knew more than those who use it and in the case of the lab shoddy design and workmanship has cost the hospital precious funds in repairs and redo’s. Instead of using a professional lab designer and industrial lab quality cabinets and counters, Perkin’s Rona kitchen design center was used. Repairs are still ongoing.
    Hmmmm! Isn’t Mr. Perkins part of the hospital fund raising committee?

  10. The video was good…but just because you have a new hospital and machines in a hospital dosent make it a great hospital…you need good doctors and staff…which cornwall dosent have..i quit going to cornwall hospital for any thing I drive to Winchester …where the staff are curtious and treat you like a human being and where doctors no what they are talking about and you don’t have to wait eight hours to see a doctor…will never go back to cornwall again and will not support the hospital…sorry.

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