Liberal MPP Grant Crack Talks About the Wynne Government Budget, and Tim Hudak – May 2, 2013

Prescott - Russell LIberal candidate Grant Crack
Glengarry – Prescott – Russell LIberal MPP Grant Crack

CFN – With the budget being presented by the Kathleen Wynne government today under a cloud of tension due to Conservative leader Tim Hudak calling for the fall of the government MPP Grant Crack commented on some of the key points he felt strongly about with CFN via telephone.

I’m very pleased with the budget that the Finance Minister presented today.  It’s a budget for all Ontarians – we recognized fiscal challenges and having to deal with those, but at the same time we know we need to invest in the economy and job creation.

Our youth job strategy initiatives for Eastern Ontario and  the $100 million dollar commitment for rural and northern infrastructure – We’re  honoring our commitment to upload social services and provincial  responsibilities that were previously downloaded by the Harris Conservatives.
This is a Social conscious budget as well.   We’re doing what we can reduce poverty levels across the province.

hudakADespite the challenges that our government has faced in the last year the fact that Mr. Hudak is unwilling to work with the government and is continually calling for an unnecessary election, an election Ontarians don’t want.   It’s irresponsible and self serving, but at the same time I’m enthusiastic about Andrea Howarth and the NDP’s willingness to work for best interests of all Ontarians.

This is a Liberal budget; but we’ve incorporated a number of initiatives from both opposition parties because we want Ontario to move forward and continue to grow our economy and improve the lives of hard working people.
A number of the initiatives that the NDP put forward we already were working on.    Reducing auto insurance rates is not as simple as it might appear so as we move forward we’re going to be implementing the anti-fraud task force’s recommendations to reduce premiums and our approach is being well received by the insurance industry.  
We’ve also recognized in our action plan in reforming health care that home care is a priority to the government and the request of $30M by the NDP has been exceeded by our government  to the tune of $260M.
Social assistance reform is well underway.  We’re proposing to allow those on Ontario Works and ODSP that they’ll be able to keep $200 monthly earnings prior to deductions.   A wonderful initiative.
In conclusion – our Government has hit the right balance with this budget that touches many of the important issues facing the province and I’m confident that the NDP will be supporting this budget.    It’s very unfortunate that the Hudak Conservatives have excluded themselves from a very important process for Ontario.  The budget process that they’ve now excluded themselves for two straight years.

What do you think Ontario?  Are you happy with the budget and do you think Andrea Howarth will force an election?



  1. “an election Ontarians don’t want”. – that is not true. The only ones that don’t want an election are the corrupt, money spending, irresponsible Liberals.

    I know that dishonesty is part of the Liberal platform. The Liberals have convinced themselves, and are working overtime to convince the general public that dishonesty is a virtue to be highly praised and not condemned!

    Pro 14:34 “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people”.

    Is sin a reproach to you Mr. Hudak or Mrs. Howarth? How about the good citizens of Cornwall? It is true that God does give us what we deserve!

    Jer 5:30-31 ” A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?”.

  2. The conservatives and NDP both love how the announcement for 100 million in rural and northern infrastructure was done all the way north in Barrie. But this is “new money” and I wonder where that comes from.

    We can not afford government to be all things to all people.

  3. The Fiberals were always free and easy with our money. That has to change!

  4. Lets see right now it costs Ontario 10.1 billion to service our debt. That is just the interest folks.

    This is 3.1 billion MORE , than it costs Ontario to fund all of the post secondary schools Universities, colleges, training programs ( and the like ) COMBINED. Think about that for a minute.

    Two power plants in Oakville and Mississauga, scraped, at a cost of 1-2 billion.

    E-Health 1 billion loss.

    The supposedly creation of 15-20 thousand jobs by samsung, I believe, after CFRA searched and searched they found only a few hundred jobs and these were of the very low paying variety. in Leamington and Windsor. The thousands of jobs that were created were overseas.

    The cost of forced bilingualism , in Ontario, that frankly, except for the french, who are the only ones benefiting from this, no one wants. this is a province with a 94% ENGLISH POPULATION, they spent ( liberlas) millions ( wasted ) on this nonsense.

    Why is it people vote liberal ? Who does it help? Why are these issues NEVER,EVER addressed by liberal politicians , especially, the latter on forced bilingualism ????

    Without Toronto and the new immigrants, that reside there by the thousands and thousands the liberals would have very little support.

    So Why again should anyone consider even contemplating voting liberal. ???????

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