SD&SG Conservative MPP Jim McDonell Attacks the Liberal Budget & Kathleen Wynne Government – May 2, 2013

jim mcdonell offCFN – SD&SG Conservative MPP Jim McDonell spoke with CFN via telephone tonight to talk about the budget process.

The Tim Hudak led Conservatives have been calling for the minority led Liberal government to be pulled down by non confidence.

Mr. McDonell pulled no punches with CFN as he went on the attack with many points and reasons why he and his party wish to pull down the Kathleen Wynne budget.

We listened to the budget and we asked for a few things, but they weren’t  willing to make changes.   We asked for control of spending and a  job plan.  We see that spending up $2.6B again and that they just don’t see a problem with the spending.


What we’ve seen from this government  over the gas plant and Ornge.    This is just not a government we can support.  It’ s corrupt and they’ve got us into this mess, and I don’t think anybody believes they are the party to get us out of it.


The solutions to our problems are not hard to figure out , but they are hard to do.    It’s going to take a government that’s willing to reduce spending, create jobs, and have the courage to follow through.
When we look at since I’ve been elected they seem more interested in saving their skins than dealing with the issues that are really effecting this province.
We see a deficit that’s out of control.  Today we owe $20K per person and we expect that according to the Drummond report it will  reach $30K within  5 years per person.    They mention 50% of the Drummond report; but when they interviewed Don Drummond he put it at 14%.    This government  can just not tell the truth.
These were urgent measures that were required and they are trying to take credit for phasing them in over the years, but they can’t even get that right.
It’ll be an interesting few weeks and we’ll see what happens.  We’ll be debating the bill and  see how quickly the government wants to bring this to some resolve.
Andrea Horwath was very non-committal – she very much criticized the government  as untrustworthy and corrupt – not dealing with the issues and then said she’d be talking with the people.  A mixed message.   We’re not sure what’s going to happen?
This is not a government that anybody should support.  They have lost the confidence of the people of Ontario.  They still stand up and try and hold up their energy policy as being great, but it’s led to our province to be so unprepared for the future and our rates are the highest in North America and projected to go up over 40% over the 5 years.  There’s no end in sight while our competitors rates are going down due to use of Natural gas.
People like the term Green Energy, but they have no idea what it’s costing them.
The interesting thing is that wind and solar are contributing 3% to our electrical needs, and it’s replaced 3% of the water power.   Very bad planning.    Businesses are leaving Ontario; we’re losing jobs and people are leaving Ontario.

We just can’t support this government.  It’s corrupt and they haven’t earned the respect of anybody in Ontario.



  1. I voted no because big union has a voice in the NDP ear and a non liberal or ndp government in power, is bad for them. It doesn’t matter that all of Ontario needs a new direction I guess.

    Adding another 2 billion dollars ($2,000,000,000) to the annual debt interest payments is ludicrous.

  2. The Liberals were always the Fiberals….

  3. Jim your doing a good job as our MPP please continue and keep up the good work you have been doing on our behalf .

  4. unfortunately the pc goverment will be just as corrupt,
    it doesn’t matter which party is in power these days
    it’s all just name calling … I am always better than YOU.

    until we have government that is cooperative, and not party aligned, but rather parties that are willing to do the best for the province, we will always be faced with the same dilemma.

    Bring back the rhino party!!!!!

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