Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger Tries to Flee Before He & City Served in Panic Button Lawsuit via CFN

Served - May 13 - 2013CFN – Am I really that imposing?  I’ve known Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger for over four years now.  He was our first guest on Seaway Radio and of course I have to admit that I endorsed him in the last election.   He knows I’ve never been charged with any crime much less convicted of one and all I had in my hands were two bundles of paper?

Tonight I served him and the City of Cornwall as CFN has issued suit over the incident and ramifications from the meeting where he panicked and hit a button drawing seven armed police officers to remove me from the council chamber because he didn’t like the t shirt I was wearing; one he couldn’t see and mistook for another CFN designer shirt.

The usual in camera/rehearsal council meeting had run late and the mayor and clerk were still seated as the doors opened.     I simply walked to the mayor who mumbled something and tried to flee to the safety of his office; but he and the clerk were served before the meeting started.  I guess Claude McIntosh was wrong about the Mayor being a stand up guy?

We will be updating the story as more information evolves.

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  1. Jamie, can you explain what & why, you served the Mayor last night ? I’m a little confused ! Tks……

  2. Author

    left wing I think that the video is self explanatory. We will update with more information as we can. THanks

  3. Is the Cornwall flag upside down as in an international sign of distress?

  4. Could you post a copy of the court papers?

  5. Jamie… grow up… you’re antics are a joke, it is fairly obvious that the Mayor has the right to ask you to leave if he fines your shirt offensive. Be professional and play the part… a professional who wants to be taken seriously doesn’t wear ridiculousness on a t-shirt …he wears a tie and appropriate attire for said meeting.

  6. Author

    Jason life isn’t about what you wear. It’s about what you do. I dare say if the Mayor was half as professional as I am and have been during the last two years our taxes would not have gone up 2.88% this year and the city would be nearly $3M richer.

  7. In my opinion I think what you did took a lot of guts.
    My hat’s off to you.
    I just think you caught them off guard.
    The next time they will be ready for something like this.
    Don’t forget they have a slew of lawyer’s and crown attorney’s
    to fall back on.
    If there was no law for what you did! there will be now.

  8. Author

    stavs17 I’m hoping that the taxpayers of Cornwall will push back and make sure that there are bylaws created for what they’re doing. One day I’ll share all the nasty background crap that CFN, myself, our sponsors, and even viewers have gone through. It’s freaking scary…

  9. LOL LOL. This is genius work Jamie – I love it. This would make some movie with Jamie the journalist serving Boss Hogg papers. It would be something to make the movie with Fossoli’s Barney Fife PD escorting Jamie out of the “chambers of deceipt and lies” and Boss Hogg hitting the panic button and all. This is hiliarious indeed. LOL LOL. This made my day as well.

  10. LOL LOL. This is a good one to see Jamie serving Boss Hogg papers after Boss Hogg pressed the panic button and in comes 7 of the Barney Fife PD coming in baffled and looking mighty strange and wondering what had happened in Fossoli’s “chamber of deceipt and lies”. This made my day again with laughter.

  11. Maybe mayor Killroy was trying to keep up with toronto joke mayor rob ford..did u notice anything in his hand jamie???

    Minutes after Mayor Rob Ford arrived at a contentious community council meeting in Etobicoke on Tuesday evening, he bolted out of his seat, sprinted up an aisle, and left the building — to wander around the parking lot and slap “Rob Ford Mayor” fridge magnets on the doors of cars.

  12. It’s amazing to me…Canada’s biggest newspaper Toronto Star covers everything mayor rob ford does…the good..the bad..and the truly ugly

    People keep slamming Jamie and CFN but he at least covers all sides of the story..even if you don’t agree with him.

    Not sure of the marching orders at standard freeholder but the few reporters they have…seem to ignore everything but the “Press Release” type of news coming out of the increasing more bizarre cornwall city council.

    We choose, just to ignore the waterhole/scribbler, because it is so obvious he is already…lets say…in the TANK for his buddy bobby

  13. Author

    It’s funny. I’ve had a lot of calls come in from media I know in other city’s shocked that our other local media have not covered the city and mayor being served and issued suit and it not being covered. Being served at council is not a common occurrence….

  14. You cannot compare Fossoli’s “toilet paper of record” that is as outdated as the horse and buggy to Toronto’s Star or Globe and Mail or anything else. Fossoli is so mighty far behind the times that when we go down there it is like going back in the 17 and 18th century. Fossoli is so dead that during the Great Depression of the 1930’s it was much more alive than what it is today which shows you how backward it went. Fossoli is the right name indeed – it is like a population so dead that only fossils are left behind. There is no real news from “Fossoli’s toilet paper of record” and it is the biggest waste of time to read it or to buy it. Print newspaper is on its way out. Fossoli’s toilet paper of record is printed in Brockville nowadays and Fossoli no longer has a real paper when other towns are printing it for them. Talk about dead Fossoli sure is dead for sure.

  15. This made my day Jamie your a genuis! maybe we will have seen the last of this scoundrel, he should be arrested & locked in a cell with Laval mayor…my hat is off to you Sir!!!

  16. In all fairness…..

    What would the normal reaction be, if while chairing a meeting, someone walked in wearing a degrading t-shirt which singles out a certain individual. It just doesn’t seem proper. It’s disturbing for all involved and humiliating.

  17. Good one Jamie. Now only if someone at Akwesasne would do the same. It takes a lot of courage to go up against elected officials. You are one brave guy. Kudos to you.

  18. Spirit Bear it doesn’t take much to go up against elected officials. When you want to do something you can. I admire Jamie for what he does and he exposes the corruption going on in Fossoli. I wish that there were plenty of others who would stand up the way he did. Maybe many condone him for the type of shirt he wore but he was showing Bare Ass just what kind of an individual that he is.

    I was reading on news this evening where Harper is in trouble and that his cabinet is corrupt as well. We all don’t know where to turn since nowadays all we see around us is corruption. In past years all these “pin heads” would have been jailed. They all need to go to jail for what they do. We need new blood in council and mayor. The only one around that council table just now who is of any worth is André Rivette and the rest can go and bury themselves somewhere. Mark MacDonald for mayor.

    If you do not stand up to them they will destroy you and all. Believe me these scoundrels are mighty bad. Bare Ass used to be good until he got involved with all the other corrupted bunch and then his life went down hill. That is the price that one pays when they get involved with the wrong people and when they let things get to their heads.

  19. “stellabystarlight
    May 15, 2013 at 6:39 pm
    In all fairness…..

    What would the normal reaction be, if while chairing a meeting, someone walked in wearing a degrading t-shirt which singles out a certain individual. It just doesn’t seem proper. It’s disturbing for all involved and humiliating.”

    Nothing illegal about it. The people have a right to protest. This is about as non disturbing as anything else and the mayor should have had thicker skin. It is the mayor that abused his power in hitting that button. No one else.

    I find your stomping on the anglos to be much more disturbing.

  20. Author

    Btw, I wore the exact same t shirt and sat in the exact same seat two meetings ago. No issues and the only comment was a giggle and “nice shirt” from one of the city managers with a nod and wink.

    The Mayor embarrassed the city; embarrassed the police and put them in a horrible situation. His bizarre actions cost the city money and the fact that he has chosen to not apologize; nor any of council apologize to the public, if not myself shows a complete and utter grasp of decorum and respect for our Charter and the taxpayers of Cornwall.

  21. Author

    I’m not sure now….

  22. Bare Ass reminds me of the wacky mayor that Toronto once had the one that brought in the army to shovel the streets of Toronto when a snow storm happened and they were the laugh of the country. Mayor Lastman that is. Now Ford is another strange character and Fossoli has Kilroy. LOL LOL. ROLF! It never seizes to amaze us of all the clowns and rip offs and corrupt liars and cheats that we have nowadays and wonder why the government is in big trouble.

  23. What was very disturbing besides the obvious gall from the Mayor removing a reporter, was the fact that all council members sat still like sheep! No one from council stood for Jamie or the principal of free speech and free expression. Shame on them, the entire group of them should be asked to step down on a lack of confidence vote. No wonder people are leaving the city in droves.

  24. Here in Kingston catching all CFN news because they are the only newspaper to print both sides of a story,people are laughing at Cornwall with the crazed antics of your mayor,he needs to step down or be pushed,why do your citizens put up with his B S It,s their city he is destroying too. Sounds like your mayor also has the police dept in his pocket as well,as well as your councilors….don,t they think for themselves!!! this is their careers although most look like they should have been put out to pasture a few years back.Anyway CFN keep up the good work you are awesome!

  25. Fossoli that you call Cornwall has been the laughing stock for more years than I can recall. I remember back in the year 1976 I was working in the government tower at Billings Bridge and we had a young girl helping during the summer from Carleton University. Her boyfriend came up to get her since they were going somewhere and when they found out that I was from Fossoli the jokes and laugher rang out in our unit. I laughed and joked along with them and told them all that they were right in what they were coming out with.

    I left Fossoli with my husband back in 75 and I never ever wanted to live in Fossoli ever again. We only went back for a while because my mother was dying of cancer otherwise I would never have stepped foot back there again. Yes people are leaving in droves just like they did back then. The parents of the kids that I went to school with encouraged them in every way to leave and they told them not to look back and never to come back to Fossoli.

    Back in the past you couldn’t make a business without the mayor and his gang of crooks approving of it and dipping their paws in your pocket for all what you have and more. The same thing is true today but a great deal worse. When we were in Fossoli we had neighbors who told us that if you want legal representation you have to leave Fossoli to get a lawyer. We were in shock and found out that they were right when I see what is going on today.

    Anybody from Québec who wants to leave that beautiful province do not go to Fossoli but go elsewhere. Think about your lives and that of your children and grandchildren where there is a good place to settle down. I never regretted my decision and if I wanted a smaller place to live I would never go back to Fossoli again. Fossoli is a good name for such a place. All you see around as councellors are a bunch of fossils that should have been buried many long years ago – they are all finished including that old number one fossil Bare Ass.

  26. The only way that Fossoli is going to change is when the people themselves change. You cannot continue to have that Boss Hogg mentality and let yourselves be tramped on by the likes of Bare Ass and all his crooks. You as a person has to stand up for your rights. You have to get the crooks out of office and keep them out and there is only one way to do that.

    The entire system is crooked and both Bare Ass and Guy Lauzon have been subjugated for a long while about the crooked activities in the federal government and they brought it back to Fossoli. The problem is that it has been going on long before these two have been in Fossoli’s politics but back in the days of all the rest of the mayors. We can’t keep going on with crooked politics – it makes us all look bad. Big changes are needed and not just at the mayor’s level but even in Fossoli’s Barney Fife PD.

    Eric I keep using Fossoli because of old fossils that exist around the table so don’t take it personally – it is a good joke. LOL LOL.

  27. I am amazed the Bare Ass thinks he can order people to wear clothes he approves. What is he, everybody’s father?

  28. Admin
    It’s not what you wear it’s what you do?
    Does that really make sense, it was you who chose to wear that shirt therefore it was your choice to make a statement.

    You are therefore responsible for your actions and what you do.

  29. Anon
    May 16, 2013 at 9:39 am

    “I find your stomping on the anglos to be much more disturbing.”

    True ,very ethnocentric ,she advocates for pure laine ,a separatist in sheep’s clothing.

  30. What I find rather amusing ADMIN is that when someone is roasted the jokes often are very borderline offensive all in the name of comedy with the ultimate goal being to honour not to put them down. In the game of politics, politicians readily acknowledge that they become targets on a number of levels. They may be laughed at, ridiculed or satirized and they accept it as part of the reality of public life. They may not like some of the representations but that is a personal observation or opinion and not necessarily a breach of any law.

    My opinion is this ADMIN, if more people would stand up for principle and not allow themselves to be bullied into submission by loud obnoxious egomaniacs them more people would have less to content with. We would all be better for it.

    I believe that although in some circles what you are doing maybe considered extreme, you are in fact justified. I have not been able to uncover any law that has been violated other than your own rights in that public forum.

    Do not back down.

  31. Author

    David I think it’s time for the communinty; if they truly support what CFN is exposing and what we are doing have to step up and support us. That means saying the heck with the boycott and advertising with us. It means more people subscribing to us, and it means more people posting, showing up at council meetings, and contacting council and clearly sending them the message that the status quo will not do.

  32. I agree that changes need to be made at the ordinary citizen level If they truly know & believe that corruption is at an all time high & needs to stop. How to stop it ? It won,t happen from your couch!!! Get going to council meetings,get involved.We must all wake up & help the few who are brave enough to have rallies & get their message out there.If you are not going to be part of the solution then by golly you also are part of the problem.Jamie is doing an excellent job of unveiling the corruptions going on in our city,he wants to make Cornwall better than ever but to do this he needs our support whether its in advertizing with him, standing along side of him when he speaks out or even just to make a donation to CFN for fear of losing our voice once & for all!!!

  33. “If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem” as the saying goes and how true. The vast majority of people do not get involved in anything whether politics or getting in clubs in the community to make the community a better place. I read somewhere on CFN that a man came from some other town and when he tried to say something to better the club someone told him that the one running it would not let him have his say. This is what Cornwall – Fossoli is all about you have no say. People have to put their foot down and have guts to do something about it. Just about 1/2 hour ago my husband was saying that if people had the guts in this country they would do something about the government, etc. and paralyze the country or shoot the leaders. What went on in Harpo’s senate is unforgivable. The same thing holds true with Fossoli’s mayor Boss Hogg-Bare Ass who needs to go PRONTO! The same thing for Fitzy and Gelinas and all the rest of the crooks – take their pensions and everything else away from them and seize their property and sell it off to repay the taxpayers.

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