Seaway International Bridge Peaceful Protest for Friday May 17th, 2013 – 9:30 AM Akwesasne Cornwall

Bridge HIGHCornwall, ON- On Friday, May 17th, 2013 at approximately 09:30 a.m., a peaceful protest will be taking place on the International Bridge. The Cornwall Community Police Service respects the right of all citizens to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. Due to the protest activities, the normal flow of traffic leaving and coming into Cornwall may be interrupted. The Cornwall Community Police Service is working with those involved to minimize the impact of the traveling public, to ensure order and for public safety. In the best interest of those involved the bridge as well as in the area of the traffic circle will be closed upon the protest commencing.


The traveling public should check ahead for road closure information and to monitor local media for information.


If you have any concerns, please contact the Cornwall Community Police Service at 613-933-5000 extension 2447.


We thank everyone for their patience in dealing with traffic disruptions.


The Cornwall Community Police Service is dedicated to our vision “A Safer Cornwall, Reducing Crime Always”.

 Cornwall Motor Speedway


  1. “The Cornwall Community Police Service respects the right of all citizens to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.”

    Well thank-you Chief Parkinson, for being so understanding ! Perhaps, you can explain to me (taxpayer) why you are allowing -tollerating this again ? What are we paying you for ? By your idiotic actions, in allowing this supposed protest to procede, you obviously care less about the residents of this City ? We will be inconvenienced greatly, the Brookdale corridor will be disrupted, the bridge will be closed, the potential for violence is much higher, the extra costs to the Police Services, the loss of business to the Brookdale area merchants, etc, ? When are you planning to perform your duties ? You sir, by your inaction, have brought down the bar once again ! Perhaps, a permanent return to the greater GTA , should be pondered ?

  2. Why would the policing need to be Cornwall police at all. This is an RCMP/Akwasasne Police and the OPP issue.

    Mainly though I would think it is squarely on the shoulders of the CBSA and the Toll who are responsible for these problems.

    Cornwall tax payers should NOT be billed for one hour of time, let alone with overtime.

  3. why is the language of this protest being described as “peaceful”?
    a protest is a protest. plain and simple.

    and why are people freaking out and criticizing police for respecting the rights of canadians?

    descriptors should be used for after the event. it’s called news

  4. Only here in Canada could we expect this to happen . By what right is this group allowed to shut down an International Border
    Crossing ? It is Interesting to note that they have Children out
    front leading their protest . Shouldn’t they be in school ? It’s a
    crime as I see it that this nonsense is being allowed to continue
    The statement from the Corn Police Dept stating that they respect
    the right of all Citizens to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly Is nothing short of a Lie . Any other non native group
    attempting to block the Bridge would be quickly picked up and JAILED . But here our Police Dept by their statement seems to
    condone what the Natives are doing .

  5. Author

    It should be noted that it’s the Bridge Authority that is the lead on this protest. Our boys and girls in Blue simply are assisting and protecting the public.

  6. Sorry Jamie, but with much respect, I must disagree on your last comment, it would definitely appear, that the Cornwall Police Services issued the above statement ? Not the Seaway International Bridge Authority. You are most definitely correct, that the “CPS” will be there to assist & protect the public, however, at what costs ($) policing costs, and at what inconvenience to the general public , loss of business to the merchants in that corridor ? How many of these ridiculous protests must we endure ?

  7. Ridiculous protest….you said a mouth full left wing. It’s not only ridiculous but annoying. They should protest on Cornwall Island and leave the tax paying citizens out of it.

  8. This is wonky. Respect for right to assembly and protest and expression and all that, does NOT imply a “right” to block the flow of commerce. Clearly the police are not enforcing the law because their supervisors are AFRAID! They lack the confidence to enforce law because the politicians won’t back them up. We need our elected reps at all levels to send a message: these are our laws, they apply to everyone evenly, NO EXCEPTIONS. We need our politicians to stop being political, and start being LEADERS.

    My message to the Police – you are either enforcing the laws of OUR society, or you are enforcing the dictates of the leaders of the day. Option one you are an Officer of the Law, option two, you are a thug.

  9. You were not there. I was, we were, caring for more concerns than your shallow world allows you, in your confined mind of hatred and fear. We came over in Peace bringing a message of honor. Both American and Canadian Constitutions are being used for tp and it is time it stops. The laws were given to the settlers from our people and if not honored, shall be drawn unto record. We simply ask that the Canadian Government reform itself and heal the damage it has done to both it’s people and it’s land. We can forgive, we are not “Savages” as one might slant. We will not forget the mass graves of our children, the abuse of Turtle Island and the broken hearts and perceptions of our neighbors. You may not understand it now, but in short time you will, this is more to your benefit than our people in the long run. Why not ask your Mayor why he continues to poison his people with fluoride when Windsor has already removed it from it’s cty water for being poison? Why do you not escape your bubble and wrap your head around the truth rather than “TROLL” your way through life running your mouth on assumptions and just realize that yes, some people care enough to go out there and lay themselves on the line for change, for all, including your ungrateful self. Expect us!

  10. Author

    Idle maybe if Akwesasne worked more with some of us in Cornwall who have tried to work with them there’d be better results?

  11. Idle No More I salute you for every word you said and more. Thank you so much. I have seen plenty of videos on what the whites have done to the natives and I can tell you that it runs from the high ups like the royalty and presidents down to our levels who have caused these terrible atrocities. Look at what they go and do in other countries and it won’t end. People worldwide are more than fed up with it all and other cultures know about how the native people have been treated and still treated till today. Many people tell the Yankees go home and fix your own backyard and this is all so true. Thank you again for your words that are spoken so truly well.

  12. Idle no more you should be cleaning up your own back yard instead of everyone else’s. Keep your fight at home where it belongs and keep the rest of us out of it. It was your band council that kicked the CBSA off the island now live with that decision

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