Hickley Papers Show Bullying, Conflict of Interest, Abuse in Cornwall – City Responds with Zero Evidence – Tries to Have Case Thrown Out

fitzy-207x250CFN – If documents filed against the Mayor and City from Deputy fire chief Rob Hickley are judged to be true what a bully our former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick is appearing to be.

Friday there’s a hearing at 10 AM (open to the public) where a judge will be asked to have the city pay the legal bills of Mr. Hickley.    They mayor and city have offered no evidence in defense.  Court documents only show $1,000 per hour super lawyer Will McDowell asking the court to dismiss on technicalities which may or may not be applicable.


If this is in relation to the Cotton Loft fire it surely should be investigated further; especially if judged accurate.

abuse of authority

Abuse 2

bobfitzydeniseAbuse and retaliatory behavior that surely went beyond the knowledge of the CAO which means by definition “a conspiracy” if proven to be true and one that apparently leads to Mayor Kilger and his council of those who stood by in silence.

change of protocal

Allegations that the Mayor’s son was chosen for the $80K position at the fire department over those that had taken years of college surely have the optics of something conflicted?

Kilger and son

Kilger calling Hickley

Could you imagine how Mr. Hickley must have felt getting a call from the Mayor’s son and then later from…

Kilger May 2012

Who would Mr. Hickley or any employee in Cornwall go to when it was the person in charge of Whistleblowing and the Mayor who are alleged to have crossed so many lines?

Surely council and management have failed not only the city; but those that they serve.

Limit Info to Council

At the end of the day the city is not denying anything in the volumes of paper issued against it in the Hickley case.   Not a single word of evidence in defense.

City toss

At the end of the day we have a city manager covering up a case of elder abuse at a city owned senior care facility because of their alleged relationship with a CAO.  We have his good friend, as mayor, not only protecting his “good friend” but also abusing his powers to get his son a high city paid job and then the group retaliating against those that spoke up.

And now with countless victims littering their path they are using $1,000 per hour legal assistance to not prove their innocence, but simply to thwart attempts for the allegations to become public.

Is this the government you voted for Cornwall?   Mr. Hickley is asking the city to pay his legal bills in this case.    It is not a full trial or inquiry yet and even if the city finds a friendly judge who will toss this request if funds are collected to cover the legal bills.

It also might be time for the Province to step in and help the good people of Cornwall find the truth about what’s at the root of Mayor Bob Kilger’s council.

Mayor Kilger ran a release with a bold headline suggesting he was innocent because his lawyer said so. It was run by the Standard Freeholder comically enough.

Using the Mayor’s good logic Mr. Hickley’s assertion into the public record surely indicts him and his council.

Hopefully one day in the not too distant future a proper judge will adjudicate and the truth can be told of this dark sinister chapter of Cornwall Ontario’s history.

A footnote; the city is still refusing to divulge or even admit that Mr. Fitzpatrick was given a settlement negotiated allegedly by the Mayor himself.

The hearing is Friday May 24th at 10 AM at the court house in Cornwall Ontario.

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  1. Not honoring a fallen firefighter..if true…is disgraceful

  2. I can’t believe the words on those pages…no wonder coffee break has been working around the clock helping the mayor do damage control
    Freeholder can’t blame jamie…this time

  3. I just hope that the judge hearing this case is not a friend of Kilger who would disrespect the law to help a friend like I,ve heard has happened before to Kilger,s sexual assault charges

  4. If just one allegation in these documents is true…it reveals just how sordid the atmosphere has been around city hall
    The former CAO could give mayor rob ford a run in the crude department.
    Despite this circus…the deputy fire chief…and Ms Shay had the courage to take the high ground…they should be proud.

  5. There has been a lot of bullying in posts like the fire department as well as the police department, etc. etc. etc. This is nothing new for my eyes to read and I knew of other cases from some years back and it was always the son of some mayor who got the job instead of the one who had very high qualifications. I knew a man in Cornwall whose son was a professional engineer and he applied to be a cop in Cornwall. There was a three year freeze at the time and the mayor’s son got the job even though he had no post secondary qualifications. This mayor was not Kilger but another. It wasn’t too long after that we said that we were finished with living in Cornwall since we saw a lot of what was happening including the hell on earth that Perry Dunlop and his family suffered under. Every time I think of Cornwall “Fossoli” I think of Perry Dunlop and his family.

    If the people of Fossoli do not change for the better and that means everybody – every single person who lives there and I don’t care whom it will always be bad and deteriorate even further. If people complain and don’t do something about it then things get a great deal worse than what they see and hear. Nobody who is good and thinks well of themselves would ever want to live in such a place and under such conditions.

    My best wishes for Mr. Hinkley and lots of luck to you.

  6. as they say, its not who you know……………wise up cornwall……how many times do we have to be fooled?

  7. DISGRACEFUL!!!!!!
    It’s all here in black and white for all to see. I agree with the above poster. This is NOT FreeNews’ accusations, this is TRUTH! We have had and still have a sham of a group of corrupt running this city for way too long. Step down Kilger and the rest of you!!!!!!!!!
    You are giving Oshawa a run for their money!

  8. Standard freeholder now claims this is a court case…so they closed comment section after 10 mostly anti freeholder mentions..
    MS brink claimed it was an editor error
    Should we add this to the total number of retractions or half hearted apologies from coffee break
    How claude dares challenge jamie…with his record of major screw ups this year…is beyond belief
    Making claims against Andre..a sitting council member…that proved to be PURE FICTION..means to me…that maybe mr mac should fully retired…and start a FANTASY blog site…modeled after conspiracy theory tv show

  9. As Jamie stated in his article “If proven to be true” that is the BIG question.

    We all know that many political people are not honest. We all know that office politics is rampant. In all walks of life the most vulnerable get trampled on and many times are targeted and blamed for another’s failures.

    Like Jamie said ‘If proven to be true’ THEY DESERVE EVERYTHING THAT IS COMING TO THEM.

    Being in a position of authority does not give one the right to treat their subordinates like trash nor does it give them the right to lie, cover-up or disrespect another.

    If it walks like a duck…….

  10. Kilger, you must not have a conscience what so ever, to think you can be such a bully who abused your power for your own self worth makes many people in the city sick, its a very sad day in Cornwall to see all this. Fitzpatrick, you are nothing short of a pathetic piece of garbage, a very short, bald, chubby piece of garbage.

    You both might want to call on a city loader but this time to bury both of you once and for all. Take the rest of the trash running the city with you.

  11. so a city vehicle’s a no-go for a fire fighter’s funeral, but a city tow truck is just fine for getting home after a little “visit” with the dolly

  12. Good luck on Friday Rob..We will be there to offer support

  13. I offer you my prayers and best wishes Mr. Hinkley and hope to God that the judge sides with you and I hope that Bare Ass as well as Fitzy are jailed or something else that I would love to see done – put them on a rail car and send them so far that nobody would ever see them or hear of them ever again. They need to be jailed because they are involved in much more than what Mr. Hinkley posted here. Cornwall – Fossoli has gone mighty bad indeed. No wonder the population is so small and no business. The town is so mighty dead that the dead must yawn in their graves.

  14. OMG, Jimmy Olsen. You put the BS all in perspective. Yes, we will be there with you on Friday, Rob. Be strong! Both you and Ms. Shay have suffered intolerable retaliation from the hands of these arrogant bully-boys that the rest of us can’t even imagine. coodo’s to both of you for taking a stand. Mr. Lumley, it is time for you to cut the apron strings and let these two dangle on their own. Bernadette, you are screwed and tattooed. Your affiliation to the dark side has done you in politically. If there was ever a time for your true brain to kick in, it is now. What on earth were you thinking–to acknowledge that you always knew there was abuse at the lodge and yet you went along with persecuting the whistleblowers! Really?? So be it.

  15. Hang on there folks ,lets not throw the mayor and his son under the bus .Perhaps Chad is qualified because he is bilingual as that is preferred locally then education and experience !

    Mr.Hickey my hats off to you ,it takes courage and integrity to make a stand as you have .
    Hold your head high as you continue to serve your community in the interest of its citizens.
    If only more could be accountable as yourself our political system wouldn’t be so strife with corruption.

    Thank You Sir for your stand and the service you do for our great city.

  16. Really does any of this surprise you or does it simply confirm what a good number of concerned citizens already suspected ? Funny thing about that feeling in your gut, it more often than not is justified.

    Now the real question remains will the process be fair and impartial? Will justice truly prevail ?

  17. I can hardly believe what I just read ( Hickley’s papers ) and if proven to be true Fitzpatrick should have been FIRED . And yet
    City Council upped his pay and sent him off with a most generous
    going away $$$ package ( NO JUSTICE THERE ) . If proven true
    Fitzpatrick appears to have had a very dirty mouth ,perhaps still has . A man in his position should have had respect for all other
    City employees yet he displayed openly degrading conduct to
    other fellow employees a real NO NO . It further clearly appears
    that he abused the power of his position in holding back wages ,
    and changing the previously established hiring policy which included established evaluation criteria which Mayor Kilger’s son
    wouldn’t have met without the change .

  18. Maybe our great ethical, wise and transparent Mayor will proclaim his innocence and everything will be okay tomorrow .

  19. If something isn’t done quickly about Bare Ass and Fitzy and all the rest who may be involved then I can say that there is no justice at all – at least not in Fossoli. There never was any justice in Fossoli and every time I think of Fossoli I think of Perry Dunlop and his family of the hell on earth that they went through. You couldn’t even offer me the world’s money to live in Fossoli anymore. What a horrible reputation that place has. Bare Ass, Willie Wise, Fitzy, Licky, Latour and all the rest of the bums in Fossoli deserve long prison terms where they can never ever come out alive but in a box.

  20. I was sitting down a while ago thinking that Mr. Hinkley has evidence to support what he is coming out with about Fitzy, Bare Ass or anybody else in order to make it stick. The same thing is true with Ms. Shay. It is about time that people come out and tell what they know and show proof and put these bums away for what they do to others. Yes they treat the general public like garbage and that is exactly what I said on the other blogs. Until people wake up and really know what is going on around them then nothing will change. People have to change and take the reigns of action and do something about them before it is too late.

  21. Good Luck Mr. Hinkley, I hope if these allegations are proven to be true, that you get everything you deserve!

  22. You know, Jules, for the most part I overlook your comments all the time because they are so negative with zero point other than to bash my City. But I have to compliment you on your last comment above because it actually had a good purpose and said something constructive. Well done and to the point! If we all took the time to smell the roses, this City is quite beautiful and has a lot to offer. Other than the select few who think it is their kingdom to do with as they please and to assume the belief that they are above the law, the vast majority of the population is awesome–both English and French. I’ve lived in Ottawa and I would chose Cornwall every time. People have this fairytale belief that Kingston is wonderful but quite the contrary. The people are rude, both on the streets and in the establishments. They don’t have anywhere near the neighbourhood amenities we have in this small community. The whole City goes in panic mode when the Queen’s University students arrive and hold their breath until they leave because they are so destructive. And last but not least, they are home to 7-9 correction facilities. Good paying jobs but where do you think the inmates go when they get out? No–give me Cornwall and its people any day. It may take time, but we will eventually weed out the garbage. If you were to continue to use your own words and thoughts, as you did above, Jules–instead of continuing to use other people’s references like Bare Ass and Fossoli, you would realize that you would have an attentive audience. Again–good comment above.

  23. This city owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Rob Hickley and Mr. Jamie Gilcig for their tenacity in exposing, opposing, and at last putting the boots to the City of Cornwall’s corrupt governance… its criminal administration, its despicably complicit managers, and its useless, complacent, and inept city councillors.

  24. “Pizoli” you are right in a way about Cornwall and yes it is beautiful indeed and my husband says about that on a daily basis but the people NOT ALL but some of the ignorant ones say very vicious things. I was thinking before of moving to a smaller town and I even thought about London, Ontario until I saw the drunkenness of the students of the college and university just like you said here. I never wanted Kingston and I have visited there a few times but it wasn’t for me and I heard some things from a few other people. My husband never liked Ottawa but especially now it is very big and noisy and dangerous. Eventually I guess we will be leaving somewhere but I don’t know where just now.

    Someone mentioned that Perry Dunlop was influencing clients to lie and I can’t see all this as real since he was an officer of the law and was a good person and so was his wife. There was a man paid over $30K to keep quiet and I read who the lawyer was and I have no respect for that lawyer after what I read and I had him as our lawyer.

    I just came off a few videos about what the natives have gone through with the residential schools in Canada and there is a man by the name of Kevin Annett and he has videos on youtube.com. I once saw one that he made a few years ago that Alex Jones posted on his site. All these things did happen and the United Nations is well aware of all of this.

    I shed a lot of tears looking at these videos this evening and thinking about Cornwall and all about the hell that people went through with the sex abuse and all. Perry Dunlop and his family would have lost their lives if they stayed behind in Cornwall and had no choice but to leave. What they went through they will never forget as long as they live.

    I sure do hope that Mr. Hinkley and the other lady can make a good case stick about Bare Ass, and all the rest. I have absolutely no respect of any sort for any of those filthy people who have done so much harm to others. So many people are hurting very badly.

    I don’t care if some people hate me or whatever their feelings are towards me – I say what I feel. Like I said that I have no respect for those people – I respect people who are good and kind and hard working and want a good life. I have absolutely no respect for people who hide behind a church that has been infiltrated by the Masons and make the sign of the cross and do bad things to others. No amount of money buys a person’s way to the Lord. Jesus lived among the poor and that is what He wanted people to do is to help those in need and not to go and treat them like garbage.

    I said what I wanted to say but thank you for commenting.

  25. Pizoli I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Hinkley and the other lady that came forward. Pizoli I knew Willie Wise from CCVS going back in the 60’s era. I knew Fitzy from St. Lawrence High School where we both attended – he lived across the street on McConnell Avenue in those days. I liked his sister Christine and she was always cheerful and always a hello and waved at me in those days but I never had anything to do with Paul – I just saw him around in those days. All those people like Bare Ass, Fitzy and others let money go to their heads and they hate the little people. I have experienced this even in high school from the Riverdale crowd. Well there are homes near me that are nicer than Riverdale and mighty expensive and all professionals that own them and to me it is just a pile of bricks put together and nothing more. What counts is happiness from within. I cannot stand snobs like what I have described. These people need to have a good lesson made to them but at their advanced age I doubt that they will learn from it. Some people never learn and keep on doing the same mistakes over and over again.

    About Jamie the people of Cornwall should be mighty proud and lucky to have such a fine man exposing what is going on and believe me it goes a great deal further than what Jamie knows and it would be way too dangerous to trample on. I know a lot of things but mums the word. Take care and have a good evening.

  26. I am shocked at Mr. Fitzpatricks’ coments to Fire Chief Hickley, this man is still receiving his pension or some kind of income from the City of Cornwall; he should be cut off. I think it’s an absolute outrage that this crap is allowed to continue within the existing City Council, like I stated before, members of council and the Mayor should be ousted out of their seats and put out to pasture. I do not want them representing me or my city. As soon as I can, my family and I are out of here! Shame on them!

  27. Newsworthy=
    Agree with your comments up to your last sentence , however ask you to reconsider on that one as if you and your family leave they
    will have won and will continue with more of the same rotten antics.
    Many persons here are going to attempt to get these people out of
    elected office as we believe our Cornwall can and will be a much better place to live in when there gone . Trust you will remain here
    and help .

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