LTE – Eric Little on the costs of Duality and Bilingualism in Canada – May 22, 2013

Canada TOPOI doubt very many people ever heard of the People’s Alliance of New Brunswick or Kris Austin for that matter. Last year though, he spoke of how expensive duality is in cost and to people. Not actual bilingual service, but separate buildings, administration and associated costs to provide for each language on an individual basis. Just like the rest of Canada, few people want to discuss it, but are ecstatic to help with every other culture. We have Black history month, Asian heritage month, National Aboriginal history month, Women’s history month, Multiculturism day, National Acadian day, National Aboriginal day, and Aboriginal Awareness Week (is not even in the Aboriginal history month by the way). Ontario is not to be out done with 6 special months and several special days representing Canada’s multiculturism which continues to show our openness I assume.

But no one wants to talk about how this duality is morphing into separate buildings, administration and having the majority learn another language or, increasingly, no job for you. Bilingual services are one thing away from Quebec, but when the percentage of bilingual speakers in Canada stays well below 20% for decades (most of which are in Quebec only), when do we make a change or at least discuss the actual need? Our Canadian government has prepared another billion dollars plus road map towards showing the world our duality strategy. But we only talk about providing more, not what we actually need and, why we use Visa to pay Mastercard for all of this.

Be sure you check the calendar to be a part of the next Linguistic Duality Day! The Council of the Network of Official Languages Champions created a 75 page PDF booklet as a collection of Official Languages resources. Of the 236 groups, each with a dedicated government employee champion I will add, you will see things like “FRUNCHS” where the Public Safety employees in Nova Scotia can practice French over lunch, promotional posters, quizzes and awards. Of course French outweighs English promotion here, but is this how you want your governments using your tax dollars and their time?

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James Moak


  1. We are so very lucky to live in such a diverse country where all are treated the same.

    We should be thankful for the gov programs that are helping all Canadians and ethnic groups, other countries are not so fortunate. We become diversified which in turn will help everyone integrate into the true Canadian culture.

  2. They sure are going — ALL OUT — aren’t they? It feels like this si the final push to entrench things as they feel the heat at their rear ends because people are waking up.

    As for “Linguistic Duality Day” from what i can tell that is just about every freakin holiday in this country with their PUSH for this country to be totally bilingual.

    Heaven forbid. NO ENGLISH bands, language or cultural equality — for that matter Canadian flags — to be seen in Quebec on St Jean day but Canada day (and as i said every other freakiin Canadian holiday outside that province) we must have 3 quarters of the bands be French and be sure to celebrate the “French fact” with all the enthusiasm we can muster.

    What a wonderfully slanted piece of work we have going in this country…

    Absolutely GREAT LTE Eric. Good work. You are priceless.

  3. When a minority is given equal status to the majority, it does not create equality. It creates inequality, unfairness and great division. Every kid in school understands that democracy means, “rule by the majority, for the benefit of the majority” – there can be NO other definition!!! Only by draconian laws can a minority be given the advantage that makes their intrinsic claim to their minority-status become the measure by which to measure equality. A minority language that is rarely heard outside the boundaries of Quebec, N. B. & Eastern Ontario is being forced on the whole country – a ridiculous situation that can only be found in Canada!!! What makes it doubly ridiculous is that these are the parts of the country that live off the rest – the “have-nots”, the people who have NO pride but have plenty of belief in being “entitled to their entitlement”.

  4. In response to Mr.Little’s outstanding article, wondering if people care about the 7 billion dollar gravy train for the French language.
    Personal learned when the subject is brought up people show
    the care, however after all the years of facing a political brick wall
    they have surrendered. The high promises of the present government never came to reality, is doubtful that they ever will.
    The need to keep up the objection is there, regardless the supremacy of the bilingual senior bureaucrats. in Ottawa, the
    better Canadians..

  5. @ Eric,

    Absolutely wonderful. I will forward this far and wide.

    More amunition to get quebec OUT of Canada.

  6. Stella said : “… which in turn will help everyone integrate into the true Canadian culture.”

    What is “true Canadian culture”? I’ve heard this many many times, but have never understood what it means. Please explain your comment and define this “Canadian culture”.

  7. ahhh kim, so in your own words the majority should rule with an iron fist. No one is being forced to do anything they don’t want to do. HAve you learned french ? Si je te parle en français peux-tu me répondre ? The majority of canadians get along wether your french english spanish asian white black. Imagine if we would do like kim said and reward canadians just for being part of the majority. In her words if your english, you shouldn’t have to learn french. That is an insult to every anglophone that i know.

  8. A very good article. I am personally fed up with French zealots pushing their language demands down our throats while WE pay for it! Our unilingual English children are consistently kept out of the job market, especially in the Ottawa area, because of the demand for ‘bilingual’ requirements to fill many jobs! Our schools are spending a fortune providing French instruction to our kids to prepare them for the growing demand for French! It is disgusting and I am becoming more and more militant in resisting the constant bullying by Quebec! Quebec is not bilingual but the rest of us must become bilingual?

  9. Ah, Richard T. It seems that you have been schooled in the bilingual education tradition as I notice that you have no idea as to where to put a capital letter when you express yourself in the English language? Perhaps less French instruction and more English instruction for you, and for so many others who cannot formulate a proper sentence in English, would be in order? Just a suggestion.


    Diversification has no relationship with UNIFICATION. This blind faith in multiculturalism somehow being the answer to world peace is simply nonsense. If more people would simply use their ability to reason they would understand after pondering the concept that it is the very reason why we truly do not have a specific Canadian culture.

    What we do have in Canada is a growing number of isolated pockets of people who share commonalities. Look at the major cities in Canada and you will see that specific areas of each city have become represented by specific cultural groups. This very result of a flawed concept is the reason why other nations around the globe that attempted to embrace multiculturalism as being the “correct” manner in which to embrace humanity have now reversed their position ( France et al ).

    Dual citizenship is a ridiculous concept. How can you play for two teams at once and have loyalty to either ?

    KIM LIAM KHOO has it right on, in my opinion.

  11. bella-b
    May 23, 2013 at 5:42 am

    “What is “true Canadian culture”? I’ve heard this many many times, but have never understood what it means. Please explain your comment and define this “Canadian culture”.”

    True Canadian culture ?well our Francophone folks say if its wasn’t for Quebec and French we would be” American light”.

    I find it Odd that we “CANADIANS ” are a diverse well over 200 cultures yet we would not have a culture if it wasn’t for french .

    What has given French the impetus that they are superior to all other cultures within Canada ?
    LEGISLATION that’s what!

    There is a superiority complex within our political system that feeds this ,but they must understand they still are but one of 200 other cultures within Canada!

    How has providing french services (admirable in theory) warped into duality of services ,segregation and hiring discrimination?

    Well in the spirit of true democracy: if duality of services is required and pushed by the Acadians perhaps that 30% of Francophone’s in New Brunswick would pay for their own services ?
    But as always Francophone rights groups expect the majority to foot the bill!

    Eric thanks for the great letter!!!!!

    It begs to question in the spirit of social cohesiveness why have duality or segregation?

    Why have government sponsored language rights groups push for segregation of services ,is the government in doing so encouraging segregation?

    May 22, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    “We are so very lucky to live in such a diverse country where all are treated the same.”

    Are all cultural groups sponsored to the tune of billions to encourage their language “where numbers do not warrant?

    Therefore not all are treated as equal !

    If we want (true)equality there should not be language laws that give preference to one culture/language over others and encouraging the violation of others rights!

  12. Richard tremblay
    May 23, 2013 at 7:00 am

    “Imagine if we would do like kim said and reward canadians just for being part of the majority. In her words if your english, you shouldn’t have to learn french.”

    Richard imagine if you rewarded Canadians just because you are a minority ? As this happens in Canada with preferential government jobs for that <12% (government graded).

    Should anyone be forced to learn a particular language as you imply here ,very ethnocentric of you !

    It should remain a choice of language whether it be French /English or multilingual to do otherwise is social engineering of which our government not only encourages but legislates.

  13. @Donna G.
    Re: post on May 23, 2013 at 7:06 am
    Well said Donna. Most of what you are saying is outlined in this video

    This predominant journalist in the province of Quebec who, beginning at 1:18 of this video say’s, “we accept the fact that we live in some kind of theater of the absurd, it’s a fact of life in Quebec. We just try to keep these things quiet and not let the whole world see what we’re up to but i mean, it really speaks to the bizarreness of life here” is telling us how to combat this.×8-av6toDc&hd=1

    And, one of their own in this video really “says it like it is.” Talking about how they have been programmed.

    Oh and, have a listen to what this very intelligent well spoken young man (Canadian citizen) has to say on this topic beginning at counter number 6:20 of this video. He is so pleasant to listen to and puts everything right out on the table.

    If you can spare the time, the whole video lays it out and makes it all pretty clear.

    We must face the fact that the government WILL NOT stand up for the citizens of this country. This is clear by how the government is allowing the Anglophone Canadian citizens in the province of Quebec to have their English language rights and their Anglophone culture as Canadian citizens to be trampled upon in the name of “saving the French language and the French culture.

    If this is going to be STOPPED and if things are going to change IT MUST BE the people that stand up and force this change.


    These injustices MUST be confronted.

    There is no country in the world that represses its own people with “language laws” in the manner that is done in Canada (within the province of Quebec.) Turning the majority Anglophone citizens in that province into second class citizens within their own country.

    And NOW, almost as if they realize the “franchise model” is working, they are branching out into Ontario and New Brunswick. Pushing for things like, having Ontario declared officially bilingual. It’s already hard enough for the over 80% Anglophone majority citizens of Ontario to find employment as a result of the enforced official bilingualism concept. Thus, all these jobs are now open ONLY to the mere 11%


    bilingual people in Ontario.

    It’s also bad in New Brunswick as well where they are pushing for a bill similar to bill 101 in Quebec.

    Awareness and numbers are on our side. If everyone were to tell two people and those two people told two people and so on, and so on… That could go a long way to helping ALL Canadians become aware of what is coming down the pike and once people are aware they WILL NOT like what they see.

    TO ALL: Share these with as many people as you can. Anyone that that may be interested in this topic. Spread the word as this is what will bring them down eventually. We shouldn’t kid ourselves, the embarrassment of the world knowing what they are doing is something they DO NOT want.

    _____(o o)

  14. Jews, Christians and Muslims alike have a commonality in a well known collection of writings called the old testament. Contained therein are the ten commandments. If we remove the concept of religion to embody atheists and other groups that do not give credence to the old testament than I would assert that treating others as you would have them treat you is simply a good concept that would promote peace, understanding and tolerance.

    The unfortunate reality is that governments world wide cannot legislate common sense. So we as humans will continue to succumb to jealousy, envy and hatred until the day that the light finally goes on and the fact that we are all in this thing called life together is accepted universally. Amen to that!

  15. @ Donna G, David, Highlander, Edudyorlik, Eric ,Susan, Kim

    Right on .

    @ trembly

    What part of “We do not want bilingualism”, do you not understand. If this is offensive to you, move to quebec, vote oui and bonne chance.

  16. Pete, you are saying we, who does that include ? Language fairness association, well with with all do respect to those members, logic sometimes eludes them.

    Donna, capital letters ?hahaha. So you just proved me right. you can’t criticize the argument so you criticize the grammar. I’ ll make to points on that subject. I really don’t care about my written grammar, the job that I have doesn’t require me to write in shakespearian english or for that matter in french comparable to Molière. Your argument doesn’t hold water. In an emergency situation, to unlingual francos or anglos no matter where they are, I would be of more use to them then you could be. With all do respect to myself, my english is pretty darn good, is it perfect, nope, but I bet you my english is 100 times better then your french.
    Howard no one is forced to learn any language. Are you suggesting that 8 million people have to learn english to please the majority ? Most francophones can get by in english, isn’t it just common decency for anglos that live in areas that you find thousands of french speaking canadians to return the favor.

  17. Richard, Quebec reports 4,047,015 ( all of Canada is just 4,165,015) as French only speakers and another 3,328,725 as Eng/Fr speaking ( all of Canada is only 5,795,575). You can do the math with Quebec numbers removed to see why English Canada is pushing back.

    “no one is forced to learn any language” Richard, these government road maps are more than just knocking on a door!

  18. Richard tremblay
    May 23, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    “Howard no one is forced to learn any language. Are you suggesting that 8 million people have to learn english to please the majority ? ”

    It remains a choice -well with exception of government and its social engineering!

    Richard are you saying that 24 million people have to learn french to please the minority?

    Richard tremblay
    May 23, 2013 at 7:00 am

    ” Imagine if we would do like kim said and reward canadians just for being part of the majority. In her words if your english, you shouldn’t have to learn french.”

    Imagine( actual reality ) that only bilingual (French) I define this as there are 200 other languages spoken in Canada -have access to government jobs-perhaps English language will no longer be recognized -remember bilingual today French tomorrow this analogy started in the 70’s and rings even more true today.

    If bilingualism is to be excepted it must be excepted in Quebec as well otherwise it french only push~!

  19. Eric
    May 23, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    Great numbers to prove your argument _Therefore the country promotes social engineering and legislates it on 30 million for those 4 million people …..things that would make other countries go WHAT IS THAT? Its called social engineering which never should exist in a democracy -but in our quasi democracy it does!

    Wasn’t Richard the one that stated 280 million french speakers in the world -he well over shot that as well ,but when it comes to “THE AGENDA” it matter not what the fallacy of numbers as long as the propaganda exists!

    Let democracy prevail let Canadians vote on (French) bilingualism as a true democracy! A referendum on this… most Canadians would agree to allow their voice on this issue.

    If this was really about protecting a language rather then enforcing it ,we should be more concerned with the many near extinct native languages.

  20. @ trembly

    The `we` are the 83% English that do not want to be forced into bilingualism they neither want nor feel i is necessary.

    As for logic, since 28 million Canadians, deem it unnecessary to be dictated to by 7 million francophones, of which 90% come from quebec. that has OUTLAWED English in its jurisdiction.

    Not only is it logical, but extremely reasonable.

    What part of this do you not comprehend

  21. @ stella

    recently, both France and England, proclaimed that multiculturalism is a failure. How are we benefiting from this policy ????

    In western countries around the globe , integration has led to terror attacks, the loss of majority rights and increases in crime.

    have you heard of what happened in England yesterday???

    Are you kidding, me, we need to take back Canada. Get quebec out and then rewrite the Canadian constitution to reflect what our fathers of confederation wanted freedom , absolute freedom for all, in a majority ruled society, as democracy demands.

  22. @Peter. I believe Germany also got rid of the failed concept of multiculturalism as well.

    Let’s not forget. Quebec wants nothing to do with any other cultures but the French culture. They treat the immigrants there about as bad as they treat the English Canadian citizens.

    Pure laine all the way..
    disgusting to note that the sheer thought of how the Separatist Francophone government in this era is treating my fellow Canadians in the province of Quebec conjures up a clear image of the NeoNazi — Aryan race (blond blue eyed) — concept that was so distasteful in that era. Aren’t we supposed to learn from history how NOT to treat our fellow human beings?

  23. – Privatize the CBC
    – Quebec separates
    – Abolish the Official Languages Act


  24. Quebec is the albatross around Canada’s neck. It has set the stage for many of the problems that beset the nation. By pandering to the never ending demands of this one selfish entity the entire country suffers needlessly. Canadians outside of Quebec do not need the French language and habitant culture. Quebec needs Canada much more than Canada needs it.

  25. Thanks Eric for the informative article.

    Again, why are these billions of dollars set aside for this failing policy to make Canada French and yet there are thousands of Canadians for whom aren’t meeting the basics of adequate food, shelter or clothing?

    Why aren’t disappearing Aboriginal languages promoted or protected by the setting aside of billions of taxpayer dollars. Why isn’t this money set aside to repair our crumbling infrastructure?

    Remember folks the government of Ontario insists that French education is the best choice for your child’s education. Are you going to keep drinking the cool aid that is fed to you by our various levels of government?

  26. For a province with 751,171 people, a defict nearing a billion per year and a debt of 10 billion, should every program and cost not be looked at? Ontario is certainly not in any better fiscal shape!

    From http://WWW.ASNB.CA – Dear Editor,

    Recent reports from government sources and others indicate that our province is in a serious financial position. Several individuals through letters to the editor and other forms of media are suggesting ways to slay the deficit and reduce the debt, but will any advice be taken seriously?

    Little does the average New Brunswicker know how much funding is being directed to language duplication and segregation, especially within our education and health departments. Our previous government indicated the cost for official “forced” bilingualism to be $750 million annually, not considering what is being hidden within all other departments which could easily double that amount.

    Millions more are provided to such organizations as the Acadian Society who have thirty chapters within this small province. This means their bank accounts are kept topped up by us tax payers relieving their Society from having to do any serious fund raising as do other groups such as the Scottish, Irish, Welch and Anglo Societies.

    This is but one more area that the N.B. government could reduce or eliminate funding and save tax payers millions annually.

    There are several areas within the province where English are a minority such as Dieppe , Buctouche, Caraquet, Campbelton and Edmundston but due to discriminatory policies do not qualify for government cultural funding.

    This clearly indicates that one linguistic group is considered superior to all others qualifying them for these annual handouts “welfare” from our Provincial and Federal governments while children go to bed hungry and the homeless forced to live on the streets.

    This surely portrays our elected representatives as weak, cowardly and uncaring to say the least.

    Angela Markel president of Germany was quoted as saying “SOCIALISM WORKS WELL UNTIL YOU RUN OUT OF OTHER PEOPLES MONEY”.

    Our government must accept the fact that financially New Brunswick is already in that position.

    Matthew Glenn
    President, Anglo Society of N.B.

    01/31/2011 05:09 PM

  27. @ trembly

    If you bothered to read all of the above comments, you would see it is painfully evident that many, many Canadians want quebec out and bilingualism gone. These are people from eastern Ontario trembly. You may want to see how people west of Prescott Ontario think as well.

    If you think they are anti-bilingualism , you haven t seen anything yet. Try going around the country, and then you get a true sense of how Canadians feet about forced bilingualism and the policies of the quebec government. Most want no bilingualism and quebec out of Canada. Don’t believe me, try going across Canada and see how Canadians really feel.

    Canada may be bilingual, but that doesn’t mean the majority of her people favor it. or want it. The fact of the matter is they don’t.

  28. I am what the French have termed an Anglophone. (Anyone who isn’t French)
    I was educated in English and live in a mainly English town. Like my Anglo contemporaries, I sent my child to French Nursery school, junior and senior kindergarten in Quebec and then from Grade 6 on, to French immersion in Ontario. I didn’t want him to be disadvantaged like his parents were in Montreal in the 70’s and 80’s.

    After he finished grade 8 with a high average I sent my Son to an English high school in Montreal, only to have him fail his 45 minute a day French class and have to go to summer school to catch up. Can someone tell me how he graduated in French only, with good marks, yet didn’t obtain a level of French that would get him through this class??

    He went on to university in the sciences doing very well and winning awards even from MIT. Unfortunately, because he is not “sufficiently bilingual”, he is unable to find employment in his field.

    If I could do it again, I would not have sent him to immersion. Not only did he not come away with sufficient French language skills, but I also had to teach him vocabulary and grammar in English, since it was lacking in his education.

    All my “Anglophone” nieces, nephews, and children of friends; are facing the same dilemma, they are not competent enough in French to get a good paying job anywhere else but perhaps out west or in the United States.

    Immersion for my family has been a big waste of time and effort.

  29. @Sharon RE: POST on May 25, 2013 at 6:21 am
    Sharon wrote,
    “After he finished grade 8 with a high average I sent my Son to an English high school in Montreal, only to have him fail his 45 minute a day French class and have to go to summer school to catch up.”

    I feel for you Sharon. There are many of us in this country that share similar stories. Or stories of not being able to get work because of this issue, or stories of being pushed out of our work because of this issue …

    That being said, I believe the more important question we ALL should be asking is WHY? Why do we — The majority 80% Anglophone population — perpetuate the insane concept that we need French to get by in our own country. How is it that we have been so brainwashed and pushed into believing and accepting the French mantra that say’s, “if we don’t send out kids to learn French they will not be able to function in a country that has English as the common language and we, the Anglophones, are the majority in? Especially when we look at the PROVINCE of Quebec where they have a majority French population and they have determined that English is COMPLETELY not necessary there. Actually they have gone further and outlawed English all together. So why? Why do we, the Anglophone majority, not just take a page from them and say, hey wait just a minute here. Let’s examine this.

    Since the Francophones want nothing to do with English language or the English culture but yet at the very same time they want everyone else in Canada to know French, what conclusion should be drawn from this in the end? DO THE MATH. 2+2

    That’s right. the answer 4 say’s, if the French STAY French ONLY and the English learn French then Canada is headed towards ultimately being FRENCH ONLY. All the pieces are in play and with the Anglophones accepting this insanity and drinking the cool aid as well it’s all falling into place for them. It’s called re-conquering Canada. If we allow it they will ultimately use federalism to push this same agenda EVERYWHERE. Matter of fact they are about 65-70% through this plan already.

    WE must all wake up and see the intended goal as it has been plainly set right there at our feet to see. And beyond that, instead of accepting our — “relegated to secondary citizens fate” that lays before us — we should stand together NOW before it’s too late.

    If we run and move away to more Western areas like the Anglo’s did when Quebec introduced Bill 101 we are just leaving those empty pockets of Canada for the French to fill.

    But, if we — the majority Anglophone population in this country — decide that

    — sure, French is a nice language to get to know IF WE CHOOSE to get to know it —

    BUT, at the same time deem that it is not a necessary language for jobs (and push government to realize this is what the majority has decided in this country) then … THAT IS THAT.

    And — THAT — is what is necessary RIGHT NOW in Canada’s history.

    J.V. Andrew warned us what was happening back in the late 70’s and now, much of what he said has come to pass

    “ENOUGH!” By J. V. Andrew -Chapter 4 – Synopsis

  30. Sharon,

    Thank you for sharing that information with us. If stories like the one you detailed here were a rare event than many of us wouldn’t be so concerned with this language issue. However, there are thousands of us across the country who have been negatively impacted by these unfair language laws that favour hiring French over merit for jobs. This used to be only in civil service positions but the practice has now also been adopted in the private sector as well.

    If you read the past blogs you’ll find thousands of comments and hundreds of stories about this kind of thing in about a dozen or more letters to the editor as well as CFN articles detailing the South Stormont, Cornwall Community Hospital and Russel Township issues.

    All the best Sharon to you and yours.

  31. Interesting video, it shows Trudeau JR has not changed his stripes (since Mansbridge had hair) and is consistent with comments he made this week about Quebec.
    I also like how you have French people are not the problem listed near the end, and ask Anglo’s to speak up for themselves.

  32. Eric
    May 28, 2013 at 6:16 am

    Yes it is an interesting video ,as well as JT remains only interested in Quebec -welcome to regional politics -Can you imagine if Harper had stated “the Alberta is better and they should rule the country”.

    Wow that would put whats happening to Rob Ford at the moment to shame as the left wing media including “the state run CBC” would crucify him in the press ,but hey only a whisper when Trudeau said it !

    “I also like how you have French people are not the problem listed near the end, and ask Anglo’s to speak up for themselves.”

    That speaks for itself ! Its only Human nature to take advantage of a situation that gives you the upper hand.
    But its not Human nature to allow oneself to be subjugated and be treated as a second class unless its “STATE “sanctioned and the people feel they do not have a choice …..but they do .

    I see Trudeau inserted foot again in mouth as he said we should keep the senate as this gives Quebec an advantage .

    Quebec has 24 seats in the senate ,yet Alberta and B.C with the same population combined as Quebec have only 6 seats each -so yet another “DISTINCT ADVANTAGE”.

    You see people its not necessary the french people but the” French politics” that has become invasive and eroded the Canada that used to be.

    An end to a Country that would no longer be recognized by those that built it without a shot being fired .But as the saying goes the pen is mightier then the sword and legislation is the instrument.

    There is a difference to being equal in society then being treated as a “distinct society” .
    I refuse to be subjugated ,ALL people should be treated as equal by our government but have learned and experienced that this is not what is happening.

  33. Its being pushed very hard in NB, you have no idea. The acadian society and our premier met a couple days ago to discuss immigration and language in the public sector. This meeting never went public however was published in a french newspaper:

    Full Translation: Wednesday, August 14, 2013

    SAINT-QUENTIN – The SANB emerged satisfied with his meeting with Premier David Alward Wednesday in Saint-Quentin. The government will announce a number of measures that fall on immigration and language of work in the public service.

    “If we take the Francophone immigration, for example, you realize that the government has the same concerns as us. The current strategy is not working and they recognize, “says Jeanne d’Arc Gaudet, President SANB at the exit of the meeting.

    The current strategy, which dates from 2008, is 33% Francophone immigration, but reached only 13% of newcomers who speak French.

    “This fall, there will be a comprehensive plan for immigration to be presented with a specific plan for the Francophone community,” said Alward.

    Alward says the need to improve not only the overall level of immigration, but also the retention of immigrants.

    SANB suggests the government to recruit French-speaking countries who are not covered by Quebec in order to avoid inter-provincial competition. She also believes that New Brunswick should follow Quebec and ask for more powers in immigration.

    With regard to language of work in the public service, the government intends to introduce new measures in a few months, after a series of consultations.

    “A new plan will be implemented in 2014 and ensures that we will be consulted, says Ms. Gaudet. We sent them the message that we do not want to wait for a new revision of the Act (the official languages) in eight years. ”

    Another important issue concerns the francophone education and early childhood. Economist Pierre-Marcel Desjardins concluded that a shortfall of $ 11 million to the French education system, a figure that has SANB back on the table for discussion.

    Alward said it recognized the importance of this issue for the francophone community, but it made no investment promise.

    9% speak french, about 33%-/+ are bilingual and over 57%-/+ are English. Put the stats together, 90% can hold a conversation in English or 39% can hold a conversation in French.

    We are a bilingual province and yet we are now seeing cities declaring themselves french. Statistics show the bilingual population declined while the anglophones increased, they also show this province fails miserably at graduating bilingual students.

    Another statistic showed that 60% of people 16 and older don’t have the literacy skills they need to function in everyday life. Now these are people who cannot read or write properly in their native tongue how do you expect them to learn a second language?

    As mentioned before we have a very bad debt and deficit (continues to grow), a declining population and we have had a 10%+ unemployment rate for 13 months straight (26% unemployment rate for youth). This year we have seen cuts in education and healthcare>> (we have a very high aging population), we seen a 2% tax increase, a 2% increase on hydro rates coming in October to help pay off a $1billion debt hydro NB has. The last month or so, 3 non profit organizations close their doors because they got cut off. (groups that helped the homeless and groups that helped the people with mental illness find work)

    More families are using the food banks, here in Moncton 1 food bank is looking for a new building to expand, in 3 years the number of meals giving out has almost doubled (24k in 2010-42k expected this year) now remember this is only one food bank, there’s a few others in the city. New Brunswick had one of the highest prevalence of children living in food-insecure households at 25% behind Nunavut, Prince Edward Island.

    Now we do run a duality system here, its always been an issue on whether or not we can afford it. Last year a elected MLA a doctor (heart surgeon) brought up the issue pertaining to duality healthcare, well he was voted out of his caucus. We have asked many times to give us the cost of duality and the government won’t release the numbers. This province also receives $1.5 billion in transfer payments from the feds to help pay for essential services.

    Many stories are now coming out on how English speaking people are loosing out on jobs, or being denied jobs or even getting that promotion because they are not bilingual. We have had many English people spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on french courses only to be told it was not good enough. We had a doctor 25 years of experience lose out on a promotion because he was not bilingual. We had a part time nurse 10 years get denied full time employment because she was not bilingual, Im sure there are many stories of the same not wanting to speak out without being called a bigot.

    Take some time and read comments, some paint a really good picture. The anglophones have started to become vocal in our issues, emails have been sent to MLA’s and the premier, emails have been sent to our media stations and newspaper. They are all ignoring us.

    Ambulance New Brunswick had an article saying they are having issues recruiting bilingual qualified paramedics so they could cover all areas, those who are bilingual are now working over time costing the company more money.

    Is all this worth being a bilingual province? A duality funded province? I think not, its a reality check now here and more need to know whats going on in this province.

  34. New Brunswick had one of the highest prevalence of children living in food-insecure households at 25% behind Nunavut, Prince Edward Island.

    It appears that New Brunswick is more concerned of what words come out of their mouth then the food that goes in.

    Duality has cost the average person far more then the goverment will admit to ,it is truly sad that it has come at the cost of the disadvantaged.

    I guess that would prefer the people go hungry .

  35. This is Ontario!!! We have enough of our own problems to deal with.

    Thinking what is happening in Cairo and all over the Middle East may have a bigger impact on us all in the future……more so then language issues.

  36. stellabystarlight yep Ontario has its own problems, NB is living proof that such programs are not working and Ontario should be ready to fight it. NB is in a horrible financial state, the statistics are there and yet the government continues to push it. Anglophone community got to realize their rights are slowly being taken away, these non public meetings are just an example of whats being done to push the minority ahead.

    As it stands if your not bilingual you have no future in NB, you either learn the second language or leave NB. They say bilingualism is NB’s biggest asset, NB’s wealth, and yet look at everything that’s going on in the province.

  37. stellabystarlight
    August 17, 2013 at 8:33 am

    “This is Ontario!!! We have enough of our own problems to deal with.”

    You see stella LANGUAGE APARTHEID is not just a local issue ,nor just a Quebec issue or New Brunswick and now PEI ,it is spreading like a virus ,and yet the people do not have a say or vote on it !

    This is not democracy ,if it were….let the people vote on it !
    All language laws have never been voted on by the people but the politicians of which INTEREST GROUPS have their ear and rewards.

    LANGUAGE APARTHEID IS HERE AND NOW -PEOPLE WAKE UP its only your rights that are lost!

    When do you take notice people!!!!!

    When yourself ,your children ,your friends no longer can find gainful employment…ask yourself how many people you know have been affected by these language laws……and there are many like you.


  38. And don’t forget the horror of living in northern Ontario, where some low-life might speak to you in French. Surly real Canadians shouldn’t have to put up with abuse like that.

  39. Furtz
    August 18, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    “And don’t forget the horror of living in northern Ontario, where some low-life might speak to you in French. Surly real Canadians shouldn’t have to put up with abuse like that.”






  40. Great link NB, refreshing to hear concepts like allowing MLA’s to vote for THEIR areas and common sense over language decisions. Unlike the divisive stir the pot “information” added by Furtz.

  41. NB
    August 20, 2013 at 6:59 am

    Thanks for the link NB ,people need to realize that these unfair language laws are not just locally in Cornwall but across the country.

    Great interview and he describes it as LANGUAGE APARTHEID it is becoming a common term with regards to these language laws .

    He talks of the duality system as segregation and clearly it is ,what of the so called inclusion that bilingualism was supposed to bring about ?

    The Acadian society has advocated for segregation and duality of services at a very costly taxpayers expense whatever happened to inclusion?

    Thanks NB keep it coming we need to make others aware of Canada’s LANGUAGE APARTHEID.


    Folks to keep you informed of the above reality “pastagate ” for example the Canadian media avoided it …well until social media was involved and international media picked up on it.

    It took international media to shame our Canadian media on the issue of this LANGUAGE APARTHEID …AND THE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA ARE NOW PAYING ATTENTION TO THIS ISSUE.

    You may have not heard (and conveniently so )but many international news groups are writing articles on Canadian language laws …..but you will rarely hear of this unless you are involved in social media.

    Things that make you hmmmmmm.

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