Did Rob Ford or his people buy his crack video? More Questions as Seller goes Poof! May 26, 2013

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Mug Shot from Miami

CFN – Today Toronto Mayor Rob Ford called media “Maggots”.    Hmm….and he wonders why he may or may not be getting a rough ride?

Mayor Ford is embroiled over allegations that he did crack cocaine with two hoodlums in a photo that was published.   One of those in the photo was killed recently as well.

Oddly enough the Mayor was silent until it was announced the seller of the video purporting to show him calling Justin Trudeau a “fag” while hitting the crack pipe has stopped returning calls.

Could Mr. Ford and/or his associates have acquired the video?

Oddly enough Mr. Ford issued a statement around the time that the seller went poof!

He made a point to finally state that he was not an addict; but again read his quote and tell me if you see the missing phrase?

I do not use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict of crack cocaine,

He of course did not state; “I have never used crack in my life.”     And he calls media maggots?   What would the public say if the media were presented evidence of the mayor of the largest city in Canada in a video smoking crack; ignore it?

His brother,and city councilor Doug,  was profiled in the Globe and Mail where it was alleged that he was a guy to go to if you wanted Hashish in Etobicoke where they grew up.

Doug Ford definitely having read the professional media handbook immediately and clearly stated that the allegations were not true.

That of course doesn’t mean that they are or aren’t true; simply that he’s clearly repudiated them.

The brothers taking to their radio show to trash the media surely isn’t a classy or smart move.   While their hard core supporters will guffaw and continue to offer blind support surely more questions will be raised and yes; more investigation and media scrutiny of the Ford family.

If you choose to be in the public eye it’s part of the business.  Sorta like being in the mob and having police follow you around or occasionally visit your home.


  1. Rob Ford should not get elected in the first place, I did not vote for him. He had so much negative headline news and that certainly had a negative impact on the city. As for the video, I guess the Ford family might have got and destroyed it before he came out denying it clearly and forcefully, anyhow, he is fighting hard to keep his job, but I don’t feel the whole video incident is over, let’s see, if what he said is not the true story, then the truth will eventually come out, and I believe Torontonians deserve to know it, to know the Mayor they elected and his close associates.

  2. Rob Ford Did NOT do crack. There is absolutely NO evidence to suggest that he did. His only real crime, is that he is a conservative that hates big government and wasteful spending. So unless you have “real” evidence and are prepared to stand behind it, swallow yoru hatred and let the man do the job he was elected to do.

  3. Until you have proof other than a video we can’t see, then perhaps you should just be quiet? Just sayin..

  4. Throughout history, many powerful people have gone so far as to assassinate those who threaten to topple their empires.

    Fortunately, Rob Ford would never stoop THAT low.

  5. Rob ford is an embarressment to our city, our province and our country! He should step down; the sooner, the better! Of course he is an ADDICT of alcohol and illegal drugs. Where there is smoke there is always fire! We; the citizens of Toronto, Ontario and Canada can not be fooled or bullied by Rob or Doug Ford.

  6. It is sad that a newspaper can publish a story with no proof what so ever and the onus is on the subject to defend themself. Why is there no journalistic review board demanding the Star either back up their allegations or apologize? This story lowers my opinion of newspapers in general. Newspapers are ( were ) about the only news outlet left to actually believe and now that’s gone too. The national post, globe, sun and the rest should demand the star prove it or stop with the story!

  7. I haven’t voted anyone because I cannot vote. I moved to Canada from Western Europe 10 years ago. My opinion: Toronto had no one better than Rob Ford to be elected as a mayor. The Star has nothing worthy to write about than the personal habits of Rob Ford. Whether you voted Rob Ford or not this whole story draws attention to what a village Toronto really is- a village run by the village idiot- nothing personal Mr. Ford but the stories surrounding you are laughable. So dear people of Toronto – do yourselves a favour and take a stand that brings some dignity to your city. If you hate Ford and what he represents then involve yourselves in politics and rally behind someone who has the competencies and the presence of a true leader not that of a buffoon. If you are a Ford supporter then insist your police force brings clarity to allegations of illegal substance abuse. Should the story happen to be true then teach your opposition to show compassion for what might be in fact an illness. Then, get on with the issues that should matter to you, your families, and your community. And help Toronto GROW UP.

  8. @NICK

    Are you suggesting that an individual should be given the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court law?

  9. If the Toronto star was a reputable newspaper, they would have PRODUCED the video, rather than go with rumors and alleged reporters supposedly seeing this video.

    Since when does a newspaper, get in bed with crack dealers, and then consummate the marriage with allegations that purported the mayor was caught on video smoking crack.

    Produce the video, or shut up. Stalking he and his brother’s family, waitng for him outside his, homes, following him into Tim Horton’s. this resembles the paparazzi doing to Ford, what they did to Diana.

    If the guy did what they allege, simply prove it beyond a shadow, if not then leaves him lone to do his job. BTW, he is doing a very credible job as well.

    Since his election, the Toronto star has had it in for him. They should go after Dalton Mc Guinty, for wasting taxpayers money to the tune of 7 billion dollars, and this has been proven.

  10. @ADMIN……I figured you had more integrity than the maggots in Toronto. I guess not.

  11. Rob Ford should remember that maggots reduce dead rotting carcasses so they are once again useful to nature.

  12. There is clear evidence that Rob Ford is abusing at least one substance: Food. Addictive personalities usually have more than one weakness. Although there is no evidence other than hearsay of crack abuse, it certainly wouldn’t surprize anybody if it were true.

  13. @George….By your reasoning, admin could also be a crackhead. Rediculous. This whole story is completely outrageous. Since Day 1, Ford stated the allegations were ridiculous. What more do you want? Regardless of how it was said or when, the media will spin it to their advantage. I’d like to see the Star, or CFN for that matter, print an apology. As they say….it’ll be a cold day in hell!

  14. @Tom & Peter…….you got that right!!

    With technology the way it is today, anyone can download anything to make it seem real and factual.

    No proof……no truth.

  15. The plot thickens….now both Mayor Rob Ford’s press secretary
    and deputy press secretary Isaac Ransom have quit.

    Last week he fired his chief of staff. I think the chips are falling.

  16. There is so much bullying these days and stories made up that some people are committing suicide over such allegations that are not true.

    Just this morning while coming back from our walk in the park we drove by our usual streets heading home. One man was out on the corner with a sign (I saw that yesterday as well) speaking about bullying causes harm or something like that and to honk. My husband honked his horn today and we waved as well.

    This stupid thing about Rob Ford and crack is something to get the mayor in trouble. The mayor is crazy enough without crack. If it were food and alcohol yes I would agree. For me it is food.

    So many young people have gone on Facebook and were badly hurt and so much so that they could no longer face life and did away with themselves because of the stupid people bullying and running down their reputations. I don’t believe in Facebook or anything like that. The society that we have today is literally finished for life – it gets worse as the generations go on.

  17. Re: The story about Rob Ford itself. I could care less what comes of it or if whether it’s him or not.
    As for the video evidence. I find it interesting that when the police have a video of the “bad guy” carrying the electronic equipment out of the store

    — THAT’S IT —

    CONCRETE proof. We’re off to court. It’s a done deal.
    But, if you have this kind of thing or some white color crime caught on tape the story is…
    — let’s wait to see if the video is conclusive and, this could be a doctored tape and and and…

  18. The man likes to smoke. But he will keep big government small. Let the man have his hits. Rob Ford is a “working” man’s mayor.

  19. @ Raymond Carey. There’s something about the mayor of Canada’s largest city showing up at public functions half in the bag that doesn’t instill confidence. Most people, including “working” men/women, frown on people who are drunk on the job.
    The Toronto police have the crack video.

  20. Such a nice home and family, wonderful income, but self destructs with cocaine, ruins all, he commits a crime admits it , why can’t law abiding citizens get ahead? People are taking advantage of the good fortune of being born to a good family, good income , many law abiding people hope for such a life style.
    Minimum wage doesn’t provide vacations, sick days , well isn’t that the truth. Hope we get a Mayor unlike a criminal.

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