Last Concert of the Season at St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage a Real Treat by Reg Coffey

Roxanne Delage and Rod Robillard at St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage
Roxanne Delage and Rod Robillard at St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage


CFN – Another great season of music is over at the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage. As usual the season ended with an Intimate Acoustics night where the Stage features 6 different acts who play three songs each. This evening was just jam packed with talent with Roxanne Delage, Don Tuttle, Donna Leclair, Jenny Berkel, Ewen McIntosh and The Musettes.


Roxanne was first to take the stage with her accompanying guitarist Rod Robillard. Roxanne is a well known talent in the Cornwall area and is currently promoting her debut album “The Way I am”.


Second up was Don Tuttle from Iroquois with some of his original country style music. During one rather romantic love ballad Don pointed to the audience and at the end felt he had to explain that he was pointing to his wife, just so there was no misunderstanding.


Donna Leclair closed out the first set accompanied by Patricia Liverseed on vocals and harmonica and Jim Eadie on bass guitar. The three musicians drove all the way from Bancroft on Saturday just to perform 3 songs for the great pleasure of the audience.


Jenny Barkel’s performance provided quite a contrast to the other performances with her soft voice and haunting electric guitar style.


A seasoned veteran of the local music scene, Ewen McIntosh brought a strong performance to the stage. Formerly of the Crofters, Ewen entertained the audience with his no nonsense stage presence and strong vocals and guitar playing.


The last set of the evening was also the highlight. The Musettes astounded the audience with their harmonies, their superb guitar, violin and ukulele playing and their energy on stage. During their second number, an a cappella cover of “I Will Wait” by Mumford & Sons, the audience spontaneously gave the group a standing ovation.


Next season on the St. Lawrence Acoustic stage a whole new lineup of great musicians are scheduled. Season passes will go on sale July 1st so be sure to check out the Stage’s web site for a complete list of performers and the concert dates.

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  1. Thanks for the video It was a good show and we enjoyed it. Please keep me posed for next season. Thanks. Cheryl

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