Heart of the Family 150 Licensed Day Care Shut Down by Ministry in Cornwall Ontario – June 1, 2013

HOF 6CFN – Heart of the Family, a 24 hour daycare facility licensed for up to 150 children has been shut down by order of the Director for the purposes of the Day Nurseries Act.

Friday officials shut down the facility with parents left with the weekend to find places for their tots.


Sexualized behaviors, lost children and other issues reported by CAS of SD&G.  Playing and possibly ingesting cleaning fluid?


Sounds like some disgruntled former employee(s) had something to share.


List of what it will take to reopen.

Families of children that went to HOF have created a Facebook page.  LINK   License info LINK

Calls starting Friday night to HOF from CFN have not been returned as of press time.


Judy Rose, Executive Director of A Child’s Secret Garden Day Care sent in the following statement;

We are working on increasing our occupancy so we can accommodate some of the displaced families.  The installation of the required additional sinks will be completed early next week.  Once that is done, there is a plumbing inspection and a final inspection by the chief building official.
After we get the new occupancy letter, we will then submit it for review by the Ministry of Education.  We are doing our very best to assist the families and child care services .   We only have 2 spaces, and they are already spoken for.
It is unfortunate that a centre has so many violations. That is what happens when the director is not a registered early childhood educator.   Quality programs do not operate that way. Everything is transparent.   Parents need to know that their child is in a safe and secure environment.
It saddens me that young, helpless children were put in harm’s way.   That is not who we in child care are. We do not hurt innocent children.   This is the first time in our community that we have had a negative impact in our field. Parents should know that not all child care centres operate in this manner. There are some very excellent centres and educators working in the field.
Tips for choosing child care:
Ask for references
Visit unexpectedly during the day.
Look for the diplomas on the walls.
Look for certification in first aid and CPR.
Ask questions.
Speak to the director if you have any concerns.
Visit the Ministry of Education website for information on Child Care Centres.

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  1. Thanks! I will ask them! Ok, I know I’m sounding like a broken record but who is Chelsey Raso????

  2. Helllooo? Chelsea Raso? Her name was mentioned a few times. Can anyone tell me who she is & how she’s connected to this whole thing? People other than myself & Jamie have obviously been on the site today. I can tell by the little -1 beside my positive comment. Pathetic.

  3. Hello Jamie. Can you post the email contact again for interviewing?

  4. Wow, so much maturity in this forum. I ask a simple question & you people are more interested in the numbers & stars? Seriously??? Haha! That alone speaks volumes about some of your characters.

    I did find out who Chelsey Raso is. Yeah, why doesn’t she speak up? Maybe if she speaks up, so will the parents who had major issues with the way she treated people at HOTF.

  5. Lori-
    Who is Chelsea Raso?

  6. Chelsea Raso was the program director while Wanda was not working with Heart of the Family.

  7. Thank you -previously

  8. What happened to the Wednesday deadline? False advertisement? lol

  9. Well, looks like Heart of the Family is open! Best Childcare Centre in the City of Cornwall 🙂

  10. Thanks Previously. I wondered why nobody, including CFN would answer my question. Funny, since it was Jamie who mentioned her name to begin with. I’m not the “Sit & wait for an answer type of gal”. I found out who Ms. Raso is on my own. Enough said. I’m not surprised she kept mum, seeing as she was more than likely a key player in this awful situation.

    Oh, and to answer your question, JStuart… There was NO big news until late last night! So, on to more important and better things! HOTF was given the nod to reopen last night! How great is that? 🙂 Sorry to disappoint you & your cronies, and am oh so sorry for all those extra sinks Ms Rose bought for nothing. What
    a shame…

    Maybe once this is over & done with for good, more parents, grandparents & others who have first hand knowledge of what REALLY happened at HOTF. If I knew that my anonymity would be respected, I’d gladly have a chat with Jamie, as I was contacted by quite a number of people who were in the know.

    So glad that this is over so our children can return to the place they know & love – An improved HOTF!!!

  11. What I find hard to believe is that you all put no trust in actual court documents. It doesn’t matter who it is, you were all a whole community of parents and caregivers who failed these children. Nobody is being held accountable, your all thinking that being “positive” is sych a good thing…I would say the parents of the hurt children would hopefully feel differently. Ignorance is your bliss. And that’s why ppl kabel you as trash
    You FAILED INNOCENT CHILDREN…and now you think that you are justified because you are slinging mud at someone who outed your failure. You all will face your truths one way or another. I am ashamed to share a community with you. Congrats to Jamie for his expression of FREE press in a socialist society…especially with the low level of educated so called professionals. Poor kids!!!

  12. {MODERATED} Please note to post anonymously on CFN you have to register your pseudonym by emailing your name, address, and phone number as per LTE policies to info@cornwallfreenews.com along with user id you wish to use.

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