Funeral Turns into Brawl in Cornwall Ontario – Son of Deceased Loses Chunk of Ear to Lawyer – HD VIDEO June 1, 2013

langlois familyCFN – Losing a beloved family member is never easy, especially during that long and many times lonely ride to the cemetery; but for one Cornwall Ontario family it turned into a violent confrontation that left son Kevin Langlois missing part of his left ear!

Kevin Langlois ear

What we know is that there was a four car procession heading South on Pitt Street from Sullivan Funeral Home and proceeded to turn left (East) onto Second Street.

A pedestrian, Lawyer Nicholas Dougan, was irritated at the procession going through a red light delaying his crossing of the street.

According to family members Mr. Dougan became irate.   Epithets were hurled and the altercation occurred.

The 6’4″ Mr. Dougan is said to have been taken to hospital by ambulance after the incident.   Mr. Langlois and his family continued to Notre Dame cemetery for the funeral where they were met afterwards by Cornwall Police who as of press time have filed no charges as they are awaiting the results of viewing of CCTV cameras and interviewing witnesses.

The police have not responded to our queries as of press time.

We will update as more information becomes available.   Cornwall Police can be reached at 613 933 5000.

Milena Cardinal


  1. Reg, WAKE UP!

    Read what I wrote again and see that I’m only trying to be fair. This article does NOT fairly assess the situation. It only provides a one-sided view of a very complicated situation.

    You clearly have fed right into the propaganda.

  2. Omg Cannot believe he’s still getting away with this!!! Been 2yrs

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