Funeral Turns into Brawl in Cornwall Ontario – Son of Deceased Loses Chunk of Ear to Lawyer – HD VIDEO June 1, 2013

langlois familyCFN – Losing a beloved family member is never easy, especially during that long and many times lonely ride to the cemetery; but for one Cornwall Ontario family it turned into a violent confrontation that left son Kevin Langlois missing part of his left ear!

Kevin Langlois ear

What we know is that there was a four car procession heading South on Pitt Street from Sullivan Funeral Home and proceeded to turn left (East) onto Second Street.

A pedestrian, Lawyer Nicholas Dougan, was irritated at the procession going through a red light delaying his crossing of the street.

According to family members Mr. Dougan became irate.   Epithets were hurled and the altercation occurred.

The 6’4″ Mr. Dougan is said to have been taken to hospital by ambulance after the incident.   Mr. Langlois and his family continued to Notre Dame cemetery for the funeral where they were met afterwards by Cornwall Police who as of press time have filed no charges as they are awaiting the results of viewing of CCTV cameras and interviewing witnesses.

The police have not responded to our queries as of press time.

We will update as more information becomes available.   Cornwall Police can be reached at 613 933 5000.

Milena Cardinal


  1. It is too bad that Mr Langlois came down to Lawyer Nicholas Dougan level,unbelievable how a thoughtless man could interrupt a mere 4 car funeral procession, I sure would never come to this man for legal advice,hope his actions are going to hit him in the pocket book. My condolences to the Langlois family,you may need to be tested for diseases because of the bite & charge him with assault.

  2. Kevin I am so sorry this happened to you, I have very little use for most lawyers and this one only re-inforces my dislike. I hope a lot of people see this and that he loses business over what he did. May god be with you and your family at this rough time and I am sure that anyone who sees this report will be on your side.

  3. Did Langlois exit the procession line, get out of his car and confront Dougan?

  4. No lawyer would get into a fight with someone at the corner of Pitt and Second..I do not believe Langlois after viewing this video..”did’nt hit him because he was a lawyer”? How did he know that? Way too many holes in his story..Langlois is going to talk himself into an assault charge..or should I say, 3rd or 4th assault charge.

  5. hey Kevin..sorry for your lost. that asshole lawyer shoulda kept his retard mouth shut! running your mouth to people morning the lost of a loved one is stupid and uncalled for!!

  6. In this city, the more $$$ you have the more chances are you can get away with a crime and or breaking the rules…just look at our city council!

    My condolences to the Langlois family. You didn’t deserve that!

  7. Mr. Langlois I just saw this video and I send you my deepest condolences. I lost my parents and I know the feeling. When there was a red light in Cornwall we stopped for the red light and we had quite a distance to go to the funeral. In a case like yours red lights should not matter as long as you were all going slow in that procession. That lawyer sounds like he had a bad day or something. In general Cornwall’s cops are pretty good. Take care.

  8. I went to school with Kevin and Kelly and their sister was my Prom date lol. Kevin and Kelly aren’t violent people unless provoked like any human being. There has always been an unwritten rule to not interrupt a Funeral procession of cars with their lights on or wearing a flag its disrespectful and wrong. In my opinion whoever swung first and made this physical should have they assault charge and Kevin should be compensated for his injury period.
    Kevin and Kelly my sincere condolences on your loss of your father

  9. Is your time so valuable that you cannot show some courtesy and respect to someone who has passed away and their family. Thank goodness not all lawyers are like this individual.

  10. My deepest condolences to the family for the loss of their loved one. This should be a private time for family to mourn…
    What this man did to invade your mourning is beyond words, but as well, this is very reflective of our self-serving society today.
    I wish your family all the best & I agree 100% fight this right to the bitter end. We need more respect in this world!!!!

  11. Ferris…come on man…just listen..this man says the lawyer SAID he was a lawyer…before fists flew
    No matter what…pulling a Mike Tyson by biting…come on
    And my best friend is a man of color in case you pull out that old ploy

  12. My condolences to the family as well… That being said funeral processions do not have right of way and going through a red light is breaking the law…. That said most people when a funeral procession is going through do pull over and give them right of way…
    I guess this lawyer knew the law and was just showing his right … A bit silly really….and disrespectful however
    Again I am sorry the family had to go through this but two wrong do not make a right…

  13. Lawyers don’t have any respect for anyone especially if they don’t have money ….In cornwall …This is exactly what one would expect to happen to good people….lawyers only care about money not people.,….Cornwall only cares about Hochey and pedophile protecting…..not respecting the lives of good people….!….Pedville at its best….!
    So sorry that this law abiding family …who’s roots are here had to go through this in their time of mourning….You got nerve asshole…by that i mean you ….lawyer” whatever your name is”….

  14. Just because your father died , does not make you above the law.Sorry to hear you lost your father but how you acted you should be ashamed of yourself trying to run over a lawyer. I would be saying a few choice words myself if you cut me off from crossing.. Pedestrians have the right of way , and no I’m not a lawyer it is written in the G1 driver’s licence book. This is so obvious how did this man get his G like really.. You could of killed him you scared the man , what if it wasn’t a lawyer what if it was a teenager , you would of still done it in your condition..
    You SHOULDN’T BE DRIVING IF YOU ARE TOO EMOTIONAL !!!!!Also ONLY Emergency type vehicles may go through red lights .. Police Cars, Ambulances, Fire trucks.. ALL OF WHAT i SAID IS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK , PICK IT UP AND READ IT BEFORE YOU ENDANGER SOMEONE ELSES LIFE.

  15. I totally agree with you Marc Carrière and you went through a great deal in your life. Lawyers are only there to collect money and they don’t care if you are hurt, go to jail or whatever it may be as long as they get paid. This lawyer should have acted on a professional note and granted the family the courtesy of waiting for the procession to go by. Whoever this lawyer is sure wasn’t professional but acted like a hoodlum instead.

  16. My deepest condolences to the Langlois Family. I know these people they are my neighbors and they are not violent people.
    It is deplorable that a Lawyer would make a issue about his right to cross the intersection during a funeral procession This lawyer should be aware that spitting in itself is a serious offence.Spitting in
    a person’s face is a PHYSICAL ASSAULT. It as the same impact of
    hitting someone in the face and I must add that Mr. Dougan as a lawyer knows this fact so Mr Langlois should have him charged. I
    really think ,my opinion of course, that any officer ,the Mayor or lawyer would be spit in the face by someone They would surely punch that person right off. I do not understand the lack of disrespect and indifference for such a delicate circumstance as a funeral procession especially from a LAWYER. Mr.Langlois is scared
    for life. We must ask ourselves are the Law Man of this town above the LAW. Will this be another case of Cover up in favor of Lawyer Mr.Dougan or will this time Justice be done. I doubt it.

  17. My condolences.

    Spread the word on this ‘person’ nicholass dougan. Hopefully he gets charged AND loses any future clients!

  18. Jane Doe your wrong, funeral processions DO have the right of way and always did. Read your drivers hand book.

  19. First and formost… my condolences to the Langlois family……..
    Kevin Langlois is my son-in-law, and I have know him for almost 10 years, He is not a violent man unless pushed . I agree with most of the comments on here, the lawyer should have given the procession the right of way out of respect…. I am sure if the lawyer was in Kevin’s shoes he would expect the same…. What does this say about our systems… what does this say about this lawyer? I myself would never use this lawyer in any legal matter because of his morals… I just can’t get over the fact that he started mouthing off because he couldn’t cross the road on a green light…. Was he that much in a damn hurry that he couldn’t wait another minute and a half for the light to turn green again and allow the Langlois family to proceed with the funeral procession?…. And Sara if it was your parents and someone did that to you i am sure you would have a few choice words for them also…. So think before you speak…. I have been to way to may funerals and not once has anyone disrespected the procession and tried to barge their way through…. That is what is wrong with some people …. no heart…..
    Again my condolences to the Langlois family… I love you and will stand behind you 100%

  20. “Every driver approaching a traffic control signal showing a red light shall stop his or her vehicle and not proceed until it turns green. Even emergency vehicles, such as police, ambulance and fire vehicles, must stop at a red light, and proceed only when it is safe to do so.” …Anything else is disinformation; any emergency vehcle driver can vouch for the requirement to stop. Funerals are, well, not that pressing.

    It has however long been a considerate gesture to allow a funeral procession to stay together, and proceed through an intersection regardless of signals. But then it used to be a considerate gesture to stop on the sidewalk and remove headdress as well.

    I can only guess that the “legal beagle” was chasing an ambulance and had the misfortune to cross a “badder dawg”.

  21. A most tragic occurrence to mar the passing of a loved one. Red, green, amber the point is not about “legal right of way” the point is we all bury our loved ones and if at no other time deserve the simple respect and courtesy of the moment. I have witnessed a great number of funeral processions and with few exceptions this simple act of humanity of giving right of way to a funeral procession has been observed. The act of pulling over to the shoulder of the road while a procession went past was simply a proper procedure of respect for the deceased and their family.

    Unfortunate that we have become so dysfunctional as a society that even an “educated” individual sees only their own entitlement
    and no vision of the bigger picture.

    I consider myself a level headed well grounded peaceful individual but I could not say with any conviction that I would have done any better/different if placed in the same situation as this family member was.

    An assault does not have to involve physical contact to be deemed an assault. The instigator should be charged in my opinion and restitution made to the victim.

    The police certainly know the public is watching and it will be enlightening to see just how they conduct themselves under the microscope of public opinion.

    My condolences to the family, this is not the memory to attach to this time of grief and sorrow.

  22. Author

    Jane I’m not sure how this story will turn out. I have no proof of who’s right, who started what,etc. What I know is that maybe this incident can lead to some sort of policy or law so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.

    Funeral processions should not be disrupted; at least not for the funeral car and family procession. If we live in a world that can’t show respect for four cars mourning the loss of a loved one we may as well give up as a society.

    I would hope that after reviewing the CCTV footage that the right decisions are made for all concerned. And then I would like to see some input to our council and community leadership to either pass a local bylaw or to start to interact with other communities and bring this issue to Queen’s Park if necessary.

    While I feel bad for all injured, including the Crown Prosecutor who apparently had his face split open by Mr. Langlois sister after he bit off her brother’s ear, (never get into a fight with a Cornwall chick!) the bottom line is that a funeral procession should be respected.

    And I’m shocked and embarrassed for the people of Niagara Falls after reading that story you linked to.

    I hope that the public there created a pot of money to give to the poor person who was ticketed.

  23. OK, legally the funeral procession should give right of way to the pedestrian on a walk light but morally the pedestrian should have respected the grieving process of the family which includes the procession to the grave yard.

    For this lawyer to get into a fight over the right of way of a three car funeral procession on the way to a grave yard is just repugnant, and that’s not even considering the ear biting thing.

  24. I watched this whole fight and there was no flags, no proof that they were on their way to the funeral, the guy did not lean in his window and spit in his car he just got out, spit on his face and the man trying to cross the road started beating on him. Yeah, you’re going through a hard time but you’re going to start a fight in front of your children, maybe out of respect for your father you should’ve just let it go.

  25. It has to do about respect. Lawyer has none.

  26. what if the pedestrian would not have been a lawyer?? but someone blind or even a child ??

  27. I think it ridiculous, when someone lost there love one others should respect they are mourning. There should be a law if anyone disrupted any funeral should be charge. The family have enough to deal with, without dealing with outsiders . Alot of people in our society have no respect for others. I think the cops should look at the video and do the choice they half to do . Talked to Mr Sullivan and witnessed and go from there. We were not there so we cannot judge without facts.

  28. Just when I thought that the curtain was coming down on the Cornwall shit show….

    On with the show this is ittttttttttttt!

  29. the last post above by Jane Doe is not me… and yes Jamie.. I totally understand.. I usually pull over when there is a funeral procession… always have.. but I am not sure if we know the whole story here as you said..
    What is this about the sister getting in on a fight too with the lawyer..
    I think some details are missing……

  30. Author

    Hi Jane, I’m sure there are two sides to this story. We have emailed Mr. Dougan but have not received any reply yet. We also called the Cornwall Police Saturday, but they too have not responded as of yet. I’m sure more info will be available soon.

  31. I would think if a visible blind person was about to pass in front of the procession the Langois family (and any other reasonable family) would have shown respect and stopped for this person. Same goes for a young child who would not know any better. I’m only 26 but can remember as a young child yielding for funeral processions. Although this may not be a “legal provision” it is customary in our society and how most of us were raised.

    It’s sad Mr. Dougan could not have found the dignity to yield a minute or two to allow a grieving family to pass.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Langois family – you guys did well!

  32. @Julia Robinson, absolutely!!

    This type of behavior seems quite odd when grieving.

    So someone, perhaps unknowingly, disrupts a funeral procession… what? It has happened many times. Does that give someone the right to start a scene?

  33. Is sounds like Mr. Langois may of indeed cut off the pedestrian in order to keep up with the funeral people, which of course sparked anger in Mr. Dougan. This fueled by Mr.Langois’ loss caused anger to spill over. As soon as Mr. Langois left his vehicle he was legally in the wrong. He should of ignored the anger from the pedestrian and said Hey chill…. this is a funeral line…. and just proceeded on and none of this would of happened. Some people have to control their “get even” attitudes and not hate hate hate…… you wonder why wars are caused and never end…..

  34. Heart felt condolence’s to the Langlois Family. I only hope Nicholas Dougan get’s charged and has to pay Kevin for what he did to him. Harry was a Wonderful man and one who would never dis-respect another human being unless they deserved his wrath. I believe that total and complete respect is due when a loved one passes. People, respect that last ride, stop and allow un-interupted passage, bow your head and say a silent prayer for the loss and the remaining family. Kevin is also a Good man with a Huge Heart of gold. He showed love for his Dad. I would have dropped that lawyer as well, got what he deserved.

  35. “Never get into a fight with a Cornwall chick”……sexist and very immature comment. There is being politically incorrect and stupid.This comment is both!

  36. First off my condolences to the family, second lawyer or
    Not this guy better have what’s coming to him he’s not above the law. That lawyer should learn what respect is and wait a minute or two for a funeral. Whether it was 4 cars or 40 respect
    Is respect and he obviously didn’t learn that where he practice law. A teenager would know what respect is for a funeral how come a lawyer couldn’t. Fighting with fists unthought disrespectful is one thing biting off Someone’s ear which he will have to live with for the rest of his life how dare you. For that lawyer this is to you “take your head out of your A** an show some respect to the family who just lost their father.
    I’m completely disgusted by what you did and I hope your charged to the fullest!!”

  37. @ebm…that’s what you have to say about this situation:

    “Never get into a fight with a Cornwall chick”……sexist and very immature comment. There is being politically incorrect and stupid.This comment is both!

    You get outraged over a humorous side comment but not at a brawl caused by disrespect and intolerance. Get your priorities straight. The women’s rights movement was all but over in the 80’s. You won. Let’s move on.

  38. Jamie. You are getting some great stories. In a normal town, the lawyer would be successfully sued for disfigurement of Mr. Langlois’ ear.
    Mr. Langlois,

    Get a lawyer from out of town and launch a lawsuit.

    I hope you don’t get charged cause he sounds to be the aggressor. And congrats to the Cornwall chicks. I’d like to see a video made public. Admin?

  39. Reg…saying my comment is an outrage is a bit of a stretch…..and last time I checked just for the record I am a GUY… my comment is not about women’s rights.I just felt it didn’t belong in this story. I would like to be part of the change cocerning the impression that Cornwall is the arm pit of Ontario.I am part of the solution not the problem.

  40. I’m so sorry for your loss and my condolences to your family. The behavior of this lawyer is rude and selfish, I hope that he is charged and that you can move on.

  41. ebm, if you read my comment again you will see that is not what I said.

    “You get outraged over a humorous side comment but not at a brawl caused by disrespect and intolerance.”

    If you want to be part of the solution then get your priorities straight. Let’s focus on this antisocial behavior and try to figure out why such over the top reactions are so prevalent in Cornwall.

  42. Biting off Mr. Langois’ ear sounds more like Mike Tyson was around in Cornwall. LOL LOL. I know that this is no laughing matter but Mr. Langlois I would definitely pursue this matter and yes get a lawyer from out of town. I have learned from many Cornwall people when we lived there that no lawyer in Cornwall will go against the other Cornwall lawyer – no fair trial in Cornwall among their lawyers. You are disfigured because of the “want to be Mike Tyson” and it has always been a habit of respecting the funeral procession.

  43. It really is hard to judge a situation that you were not part of.

    First off, my condolences to the Langlois family. Secondly, I find it quite entertaining how there are so many people referring to the funeral procession. FYI no matter the reason, turning left on a red is illegal, ask any law enforcement officer and they will confirm that.

    Everyone is making a big deal about Mr. Dougan not waiting for them to pass; why couldn’t the car wait… like everyone said it was only a min and it wouldn’t be very hard for a car to catch up with the procession.

    Mr Dougan should have never spat and neither should the Langlois family. Better yet if it was so important to them to follow the procession why did they get out of the car to attack Mr. Dougan?

    Seems to me that everyone is siding with the Langlois family when they were just as wrong as Mr. Dougan. Also people are forgetting the part that the Langlois family tackled Mr. Dougan to the ground and his only way to get free was to attack Mr. Langlois. Maybe if he didn’t bite off part of the guy’s ear he would have been beaten to death, maybe that was his only choice of self defence. We just do not know the whole story. Most people are not irate or violent unless provoked. People need to stop judging them without all the details and all the proof. Unless you were there and were part of it you shouldn’t be saying anything at all.

    Unless you know all the facts no one should be judging either side. It does not matter that it was a difficult time for the Langlois family.

  44. The fact of the matter here, is Disrespect! Its a funeral procession, and I lost my mom not too long ago, and let me tell you, if someone would have done to me what he did to the langois’s I would have done the same thing and if you wouldn’t ….Well that means your a better person than I! So Sara, I guess for 1 you got me beat – Oh and that being said, who was suppose to drive him to his fathers grave site ? I’m sure he didn’t plan of being interrupted by a disrespectful, power trip asshole? Please, give me a break….We’re all human! Oh and ya, there are 2 sides to every story, if he’s so innocent, why won’t he say so…..He’s ashamed thats why! Anyways I said what I had to…Kevin, Kelly, their sister(I don’t know her name) and Tinny (you know who it is) I’m very sorry for your loss! xo

  45. I would like to say a big thanks to It Doesnt Matter… you are exactly right… and to all others fighting on here … grow up… it is about morals and allowing a funeral procession to proceed… respect respect respect….. and if the lawyer had not spit on Kevin none of this would have happened….

  46. Although nothing merits biting someones ear off… There are always two sides to consider. This article is very one sided. Apparently the Langlois’s almost hit Dougan with their car then threw racial slurs at him (he is african american).

    Let’s not be quick to judge people. This article was written based ONLY on information provided by the Langlois family. The police haven’t commented, we haven’t heard Dougan’s side and MOST importantly, there are NO witness reports.

    There seems to be more to meets the eye here and it’s clear that this article is NOT completely factual or unbiased.

  47. Author

    Jack this story is based on the facts presented. Mr. Dougan refused to issue statement or comment to CFN.

  48. “Facts presented”? Or information from “one side”? I think using the word “information” would be more appropriate than the word “facts. C’mon.

    Facts would only be shown from both audio AND video recordings of the event or (possibly)witness testimonials which this article doesn’t offer.

    Let’s be reasonable. I’m not defending either side. Just recognizing that this article is lacking “facts”.

  49. Face the facts Jack, you are too willing to ignore what is staring you in the face. There are probably countless scenarios where the lawyer might be able to justify his actions, to himself anyway. Maybe his dog was run over by a hearse or perhaps he fell into an open grave in a drunken stupor and spent the night paralyzed in fear. We can make up all kinds of things but until more information comes to light we can only use what we have been given.

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