Cornwall Community Hospital Confirms Sale of Cornwall General Site – June 7, 2013

Health Minister Deb Matthews

CFN –   It’s official.  While Deb Matthews refused to confirm our story yesterday today the Cornwall Community Hospital issued a release confirming the sale of the Cornwall General site.

The province, in what City Councilor Andre Rivette speculated could be an election issue decided to take some short term cash (the sale price of the facility, estimated to be insured at nearly $60M, was only $2M)

With Mayor Bob Kilger siding with the Provincial Liberal Government (Mr. Kilger is good friends Bernie Boredwith former Premier Dalton McGuinty) and his trained seal top vote getting councilor Bernadette Clement playing a large role in the process to replace Mr. McGuinty with current preme Kathleen Wynne it was no surprise as he was quoted as saying that he wasn’t married to the Hospital that so many in this community sacrificed and donated to.

The disappointment to the hundreds of local people who came out to the Concerned Coalition meetings who wanted a similar creation to what the City of Barrie did with their hospital which retained value for the community instead of being sold into private hands for pennies on the dollar.

Here is the hospitals press release:

Phase III of the Cornwall Community Hospital Redevelopment Project is well underway with the demolition and renovations necessary to prepare the McConnell Avenue site for the consolidation of all hospital services.  This final phase is scheduled for completion by fall 2014, at which time all services and programs will be transferred from the Second Street Site.  


In preparation for this final phase the Board of Directors at Cornwall Community Hospital listed the properties for sale in an open competitive process.  Multiple offers were received and the hospital is proceeding with a potential buyer to satisfy the conditions of the offer.


At the same time, in accordance with the Public Hospitals Act, the hospital sought the required Ministry of Health approvals for the sale of the hospital properties. The approvals from the Ministry of Health have now been received by the hospital.  


“With the Ministry of Health approvals, the hospital and the buyer can now move forward with satisfying the remaining conditions of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale,” stated Helene Periard, Chairperson, Board of Directors.


Mrs. Periard also reassured “ the Hospital Board understands and respects the important housing and daily needs of our seniors and appreciates the passion of those seeking to address these needs, however we do not have a mandate or means to redevelop this site.”  


The Hospital Board recognizes its responsibility and obligations for the provision of acute care services to this community and must move forward with the disposition of the property in order to avoid liabilities.

“The details of this Agreement remain confidential, however, we are encouraged by the opportunities that the potential buyer can bring to this site and our community” stated Mrs. Periard.

Sources have quoted Dr. Dany Tombler as being one of eight doctors to have made the purchase.  Dr. Tombler has not returned our attempts to interview him.  The Chantale LeClaire of the Champlain LHIN has not returned calls or emails, and the Minster’s office itself has refused comment.


Cornwall City Councilor and EOHU Board Member Andre Rivette sent in the following statement for publication.

Andre_RivetteAlthough the details of the agreement remain confidential  I hope that the Ministry of health, has heard the concerns from our communities for the need to increase the number of Long Term Care beds to accommodate seniors within our community.
It was encouraging to read in the Media Release that Mrs Periard’s reassurance that the Hospital Board understands and respects the important housing and daily needs of our seniors and appreciates the passion of those seeking to address these needs.
I would hope that these comments were conveyed to the Minister of Health and that this consideration would have been part of the agreement for the sale with the new owners.  If the cry of the community was heard, the re-development of the General Hospital will see more services considered for Seniors along with providing additional long term care beds.
I would like to thank all who worked diligently for the Seniors needs. It shows that we have people in our community that are willing to stand up for the needs of seniors in our communities and to help them have a better quality of life in their later years.
Lets hope the new owners have heard the community concerns also.
Councillor Andre Rivette


Citizens Coalition Member Mark A MacDonald issued the following statement.

markmacdonald01I think the hospital board is completely out of touch.

I do not buy their explanation, there is always a way to make things work.

In this day and age with all the daily announcements of government corruption and waste, the hospital board played favourites.

If I find out that this building is being sold to any former board members, I will call for an investigation.

This hospital belongs to the community and should be used for the common good and social benefit of all of us.

Mark A. MacDonald

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. I believe that a number of people will be in shock that their open concept in the perceived purchase methods, especially having called into play a wider citizen coalition will be eventually accepting now that a final decision has been made.

    That will be up to the leaders to identify their thoughts. For me, I think it is unfortunate that the coalition had been played with from the start. The comment that told me it was so was that of our Mayor when he said he was ‘not married too the CGH’ (paraphrased).

    As a community we wil be in positive anticipation and we will follow the expected upcoming comments and announcements.

  2. This secret behind closed doors corrupt partisan issue will definately be an election issue for me come October 2014. Shame on the hospital board and the Lhin . Free drinks tonight for the clique at the old boys club tonight. Cornwall citizens got screwed again. Shame.

  3. The General Hospital if the truth can be spoken was owned by the taxpayers of Ontario. When buildings bought and paid for with taxpayers dollars are to be disposed of the right of first refusal should be given to community coalitions such as the one which stepped forward. Failing which the building(s) should be sold at fair market value and not a penny less. If this took place we all would agree that our interests had been well represented.

    I do not feel that this was the case and I tend to agree with Mark A. MacDonald’s statement. We all need to wake up and take notice of what is happening around us. Bureaucracy is out of control and our needs are not being met. Yet we pay for it all !

  4. I watched Mr. MacDonald yesterday and I could sense the tiredness in his voice and the way he spoke. This man has worked tirelessly on the hospital and the mayor is a piece of doo doo and I wish that I could use the real word here. This piece of doo doo must go now not later – he is going to bankrupt Cornwall and I don’t say that lightly. Get rid of him now and get rid of Fitzy and all the clique – send them packing on the rails to nowhere.

  5. Mark just wanted a job

  6. The writing is there on the wall. A building is insured for $60 Million and is sold to someone for $2 Million. Could there have been some collusion between the buyer and seller and someone will wind up with a few million in their pocket?

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