LTE Larry Kazdan ; Harper Must Explain Transparency for Union Activity & Conservative Slush Funds

harperRe:  PM’s former chief of staff controlled secret Tory fund

Bill C-377 currently before the Senate finance committee proposes that all union books be open to the public. Conservative proponent MP Russ Hiebert argues that labour organizations should not be worried if they have nothing to hide, and that taxpayers deserve access to this information because union dues are tax creditable.

But taxpayers also support direct contributions to political parties. Conservatives must explain why rules for transparency and accountability should apply to union activity but not to secret slush funds operated by the Conservative Party of Canada out of the Prime Minister’s office? Could Conservatives have something to hide?

Larry Kazdan,
Vancouver, B.C.


Russ Hiebert:
Discussing C-377 on Sun News:

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James Moak

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  1. I think a difference is, people paying money into those unions are ticked when they see how their dues are going into political campaigns and causes they do not agree with. This could be one way to reduce it.

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