Imagine a simple, natural solution for relieving pain:

Enter the Genesis CS1000 Pain Relief Light Therapy


Dr. Natalie gave CFN's Don Smith a demonstration her her newest treatment device
Dr. Natalie Samson gave CFN’s Don Smith a demonstration of her newest treatment device

The Genesis Pain Relief Light™ is a powerful new technology. This effective handheld medical device alleviates pain and stimulates/accelerates healing at the cellular level by concentrating broad spectrum light (400-1400 nm) through an innovative fluid-based filter.

Broad spectrum provides for a wide range of treatable conditions, including: nir
Skin 600-700 nm
Connective tissue 700-800 nm
Muscle & spinal cord 750-850 nm
Blood 800-900 nm
Nerves 900-1100 nm

Deep heating (3-4 cm) stimulates the mitochondrial membrane to produce ATP.

TREATMENT_0It can be used safely and effectively by people of all ages to diminish age and athletic related muscle pains and injuries. From sports injuries to back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome and much more this unit will see multiple uses for an active family. Canadian developed and Health Canada and FDA approved, the CS1000 has been engineered to provide maximum healing with unparalleled light spectrum. The Genesis Pain Relief Light CS1000 will allow you and your family to feel better again.


Compact portable easy to use non-invasive light treatment.

Research backed highly effective non invasive light healing – Join the thousands of people just like you who have already taken back control of their lives again.

Drug free pain management – Manage and eliminate your pain without the potentially harmful side effects commonly associated with drugs.

Improved quality of life – Don’t let pain limit you. Get active again, walk, jog, play golf, garden, whatever it is you enjoy doing.

Treatment frequency varies by patient, but 3x/week for four to eight weeks is typical and the price is very affordable. Both chronic and acute conditions are treated.


Plantar Fasciitis Knee / meniscus swelling
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Ankle Pain
Sprains & Strains Heel & Achilles Pain
Wounds Tendonitis
Diabetic Ulcers & Neuropathy Stenosis
Toe Fungus tennis elbow / golfer’s elbow

I found the Genesis Health Light helped me immensely. I have no more pain or tingling in my hand or wrist. Thank you!” Gianna

Dr. Natalie Samson, DC, is the first health professional here in Eastern Ontario to incorporate this device into her chiropractic practice. Chiropractic and Near Infrared Therapy combined can provide for synergies – the whole greater than the sum of the individual modalities. To determine if this is a good approach for you, give her office a call today!

For more information on Dr. Natalie’s chiropractic practice, please follow this LINK.



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