Canada Day Comes Early to the BEM Fireworks Facility in Coteau Du Lac Quebec Near Montreal – June 20, 2013

BEM FIRE 2CFN – Fire and explosions have rocked the tiny community of Coteau de Lac Quebec as the BEM Fireworks facility apparently blew up!


From the BEM website;

Throughout the ages, man, fascinated by the fire, has attempted to bring it under his control. In the 9th century, the Chinese discovered black powder, a mixture of charcoal, sulphur and saltpeter. First used as a weapon of warfare, it was not until the 15th century that gunpowder, with its explosive properties, found a peaceful application as what would later be called pyrotechnics. 

B.E.M. is a highly contemporary company. Yet our modern technology and expertise have grown from the knowledge accumulated over the centuries during man’s quest to control and domesticate fire. 

With over a quarter century of experience in the conception, production and performance of fireworks displays, B.E.M., as a master fireworks handler, produces shows using the widest possible range of colors and special effects available. B.E.M. works with the finest manufacturers in the world to develop unique items and new effects. 

The reputation in which B.E.M. takes pride has not developed by chance. It has been earned through the personalized care with which every display is designed, made to measure to correspond to the specific theme of each festivity. We take every possible advantage of the site placed at our disposal in order to ensure a fireworks display which will surpass your greatest expectations, always with the best possible quality / price ratio in mind. 

The quality of a fireworks display depends upon the choice and arrangement of the pyrotechnic devices. This is why B.E.M. is engaged in an ongoing quest for excellence, both in terms of the concept scenario as well as in the quality of the pyrotechnical products.



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  1. Their previous building allegedly had a brothel on the top floor.

  2. @WOW

    So it was a hot spot as well !

  3. Sorry Jamie, this has nothing to do with Canada Day. It was certainly a Black Day for those people in Quebec who are involved in this explosion. Canada Day is celebration, this was not! My heart goes out to all the families who are touched by this terrible tragedy.

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