UPDATED – Fire Strikes 331 Cumberland Street Apartment in Cornwall Ontario – June 21, 2013

Fire Cumb BALCCFN – Fire struck an apartment at 331 Cumberland Street in Cornwall Ontario.   Firefighters are battling the blaze.

Cw FIRE cumb


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fire cumberland june 2013

We will updating this story as more information becomes available.


Mo Trepanier Cumberland Fire
courtesy of Mo Trepanier

Smoke from behind building. (video courtesy of Mo Trepanier)

courtesy of Mo Trepanier
courtesy of Mo Trepanier


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  1. Any quote from the Fire Department? Is there a police investigation? Any word from EMS services?

    Pictures can only say so much, it’s time to do some journalism and get some barebones information.

  2. I live on the top floor of this building on the opposite side of where the fire started. my cat and dog were in there the firemen got them out but my cat ran off so if anyone sees a chubby orange and white cat please email me.

  3. ya I agree with smut, you could have at least interviewed the person in the wheel chair ,, come on Peter Parker!

  4. I agree that there should have been more journalism done to this story on how the fire started and how many units have been affected. Also if there was anyone hurt or killed. All we see are still pictures and nothing else. That sure is dangerous and balconies of wood. That would spread like wildfire.

  5. I live in the area Amanada…I will keep an eye out for sure! Do you have a pic you could email? ednryan@yahoo.ca – I will post it on my FB page for you! I have about 650 people on my page…more eyes the better!

  6. I lived in the apt 5 months moved out 2 months before the blaze I tried telling the super that its a disaster waiting to happen. No one listened I took videos and pics showing the problem no one listen im happy I moved out when I did.

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