Kings Win in Bernier Trade to Leafs for Ben Scrivens, Matt Frattin, a 2nd and $500K Cap Space by Jamie Gilcig

jbowerCFN – Leafs GM made a bold move and won the Jonathan Bernier sweepstakes picking up the Kings goalie for the price of Ben Scrivens, Matt Frattin, a conditional 2nd, and $500K of cap space.

In trades they always say the team that wins is usually the team that gets the best player.  In this case some might say Bernier is that player, but some might not.

Toronto has a lot of parts and players of value; but you don’t win Lord Stanley’s cup for having the most talent.  You drink from the cup by being last man standing and sometimes you have to pay to get those missing pieces.

The question is did Mr. Nonis pull a Brian Burke?

The trade value essentially is what is the difference between Scrivens and Bernier.  In this case Toronto is betting that Frattin, a 2nd and cap space is worth it and LA is agreeing.

For LA it’s a great trade.   They still have a credible back up for Jonathan Quick and Matt Frattin still hasn’t shown whether he’s just another plugger or enigma or as I feel, just might be a power forward that still hasn’t hit his stride yet because of opportunity and injuries.

There have been many instances of big forwards like John Leclair moving to a new team and blossoming.    Frattin is the gamble that LA has taken.  If they’re wrong they still get the 2nd and the $500K in cap space.   Win LA

For Toronto; unless they are about to trade James Reimer too they now will have a competition and possibly goalie controversy for Leaf Nation to gab about.

What do you think Leaf fans?  Did Mr. Nonis hit a home run and will Jonathan Bernier be a stud in net?   You can post your comments below.

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  1. Goaltending is not the problem here….. Frattin was at a point per game pace before electing to have surgery done, Ben Scrivens played phenomenal when Reimer went down, hell it’s even arguable that both played a big role in getting the leafs to the post-season since 2004!

    Broken down the series between Boston would be lost due to defensive mistakes, cue Dudley Dions lack of awareness on a pinch with no time left allowing David Krecji to score, giving the Bruins momentum and evetually them scoring in OT & taking the series lead!

    Fast forward to game 7, & the un-seen 3 goal advantage Toronto would gain over the Bruins only to be washed away faster than downtown Calgary last week! The snuf-a-lufphaneuf is on the ice being his typical dough brain self! Hey Dion these guys are faster & stronger than your counterparts were back in your Rebel days….. Maybe no one told him? Or he’s still thinking about being Averys sloppy seconds soldier!

    Either the case this guy is terrible… For the five minutes a game you get from him that is impressive, fifteen minutes you’ll be hard pressed to even watch!

    Yes Reimer let in some soft goals, & Toronto as a whole played terrible, but with all that said, the name that stood above the others in poor play was our Captain #3!

    Now not to say I’m not pumped for Bernier, I just dont believe that Reimer was the faultee here, & withot his great play throughout the year along with Big Ben the Maple Leafs would not have made the playoffs. It reminds me of a gentlemen by the name of J.S. Aubin who almost lead Toronto to the postseason years back only to not see playing time the next season!

    Then there was Ed Belfour, Andrew Raycroft & Vesa Toskala! These guys were going to be Toronto’s saviours, but lacked any kind of starting minutes in goal! Inevidably they were distinguished sparks of hope!

    When we observe the league we see teams like chicago, Los Angeles Detriot, Boston (simply because Toronto gave up to fast on Rask) Nashville, Vancouver & New Jersey as teams with exceptional goaltending & why? Because they are given chances to fail & then succeed!

    Lets just remember that teams aren’t trading their 1st round picks two years in a row for even Crosby!

    Toronto needs to purchase a train ticket & stay on the track for atleast two years

    Anyways the thread is more meant to see what people think? Should Dion not be boughten out too, or atleast be sent to the AHL if no other team wants him?

  2. *besides Belfour none had substantial playing time……..

  3. Frattin is just too good already and with too much upside , when we have Reimer ( who had a great save percent ) for the trade to make sense.
    Phaneuf aka Mr. Give-away aka NoBrains —sh’d go, but we do need a top 4 d-man , which Dion is not.

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