If Ottawa Senators Captain Daniel Alfredsson Leaves the Sens was it a Penny Pinching Ownership’s Fault?

alfieCFN –  With the buzz that Sens Captain Daniel Alfredsson is leaving O Town many fans are hurling epitaphs, but looking at the numbers Alfie played for only $1M in 2012/13.  Could he not be justified in balancing the numbers by getting his golden loyalty contract as cash strapped New Jersey just did with Elias?   $1M+$6M divided by two equals $3.5M.

Ottawa is not in cap jeopardy so the villain in this story certainly isn’t looking like the Sens Captain.

What do you think Sens fans?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. If you look at Bryan Murray’s media presser the other day it looks as though he’ll be a shocked by this as anyone. It’s clear he felt Alfredsson was coming back. When a reporter mentioned him leaving Murray replied with a stern warning to get their facts straight. I think Alfredsson is making a career decision here. Sens are better off as Daniel doesn’t bring much more than veteran leadership at this point in his career.

  2. I’m sad, Alfie is gone. Hope we get another good player for this great loss.

  3. I think Melnyk is stupid to let Alfie slip away….

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