3 Vehicle Crash at Pitt and Fifth Street in Downtown Cornwall Ontario – July 8, 2013

Pitt 5th Acc 1 July 8 2013 2CFN  – A three vehicle incident occurred at the corner of Pitt and 5th in downtown Cornwall Ontario.

Pitt 5th Acc 1 July 8 2013 1

Two ambulances were on the scene.

Onlookers said the black SUV went southbound on Pitt through a red light and hit the red car, the grey hatchback rear ended the red car.

Pitt 5th Acc 1 July 8 2013 3

No fatalities were reported.

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photos courtesy of Ms Kristine Picken

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  1. Holy Jumping Joseph what is going on in tiny Cornwall. These things happen every day here in Ottawa and worse but it is big here and too many crazy drivers who should not be on the road at all.

    Here in Ottawa we see a lot of them going through red lights and we are always mighty cautious. My husband curses at the drivers every day that he is behind the wheel. My son drives and has had some accidents and most were his own fault and his insurance is high. Cornwall is so mighty small and these things should not happen there.

  2. People are people no matter where they live Jules. Some people respect others and the rules of the road and some people are asshats and selfish and think they are more important than everyone else on the road. That’s where accidents happen. Or texting/dialing, they are killers. And just maybe there were some adverse weather conditions. Weather and asshats happen everywhere Jules, not just Cornwall or Ottawa. Just stop with your blanket assumptions and blithering’s. Please.

  3. Texting and driving….I see it a lot in Cornwall. Yes, it happens everywhere else as well….

  4. Bella-b just this afternoon my daughter and I were at the doctor’s office and while coming out we walked up Kent Street. We crossed a road further up at Cooper Street or one of those streets I can’t remember which one but a car with Québec’s licence plates scooted right in front of us while we had the right of way and we were already crossing at the time. People drive like idiots and here in Ottawa they race. All we hear all day here are cops, ambulances and fire trucks going by many times a day. People are mighty negligent and rude to other drivers and pedestrians.

  5. What do I care about your outing in the big city? I didn’t argue that folks drove better in Ottawa than Cornwall, I said there are idiots on the road everywhere. Don’t pile more drivel on top of what you have already thrown out there. There is no point besides seeing your name in print. Just hush your pie hole for awhile, and think before you type.

  6. bella-b I always think before I type and I say what I think.

  7. God Bella you just do not like anyones elses opinion than your own. Jules has every right to comment as much as you. I hate driving in Ottawa also Jules. Bella you should get a life outside of commenting all day it is driving you crazy. Gotta go bye.

  8. Oh bear, must you follow along like a lost puppy? Stick to what you think you know and save you flirtatious wit for the Freeholder.

  9. Spirit Bear thank you. Driving in Ottawa is one of the most treacherous places going. People drive at very high speed and cut people off. Yesterday I was so happy to see a cop pull over a driver in a BMW. Cops should be out there more often and would make a lot of money for the city. There are way too many accidents here in Ottawa and all you hear are emergency vehicles going by day and night. No wonder our insurance policies are high because of crazy drivers. That accident in Cornwall did not have to happen at all. That was pure negligence.

  10. Since when was Pitt & 5th ‘Downtown’? Anything North of Carl’s smoke shop ‘ain’t downtown’.

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