Do Conflict of Interest Issues in Cornwall Ontario Go Beyond Mayor Kilger & Former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick? by Jamie Gilcig

Kilger Bench BLUECFN – Ageism.   It’s wrong; but sometimes there can be grains of truth in cliches.  Sadly Cornwall Council voted to keep Fluoride in our drinking water.    Fluoride is poison; but of course many poisons have been used as medicine.  In this case many municipalities and regions around the world are saying that this toxic soup is not medicinal in anyway.

Of course our own Dr. Paul Roumeliotis of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit reputes that so his “good friend” Mayor Bob Kilger pushes a button and with a wave of his gavel his coven of sycophantic councilors vote to keep poisoning the public.

It makes me feel….conflicted…which is good as that’s the basis of this piece.

Conflict of Interest in Cornwall Ontario.    Not just the Mayor’s.    So I decided to print the city’s own policy which is aimed at staff.


I know.  Dear Viewers you think I’m talking about Mayor Kilger again and allegations that he used his authority to somehow help his son, former NHL player Chad Kilger get a gig with our Fire Department.


Yep, you’re still thinking that….


Ah but dear viewers I am not directly writing about our Mayor right now.  He has enough on his plate.

What if we had a city department though where a large chunk of staff had their own businesses…related to….. the nature of the department they worked for?   Would that be conflict of interest and what would the remedies be?

Imagine further that the city itself had tenders with some of said companies even though some of the partners and principals were in fact working for the city?

That would sorta kinda put them in conflict, no?  Could that be why our mayor is getting a free pass on his own conflict?

Speaking with one labour expert they suggested that the real issue would be the managers who are supposed to know their own policies and bylaws.   Yes the employee would be violating unknowingly.  Several I spoke with have such businesses protested that so many others did that they never thought that they were violating any rules as it certainly wasn’t their intentions.  They also asked how could one of them be prosecuted or sanctioned when so many were doing it?  Selective justice doesn’t work.


Bob n Fitzy May 14 2012

And of course who signed this into law?   Mayor Bob Kilger and former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick.

You just can’t make stuff like this up.   Mr. Fitzpatrick of course, himself the route of an estimated $3M in legal fees, settlements, payoffs was given nearly a year of “executive leave” whatever that is before being allowed to retire.

The mayor is spending huge chunks of money covering up said scandals while fending off having to admit his own conflict of interest.

How on earth could you hold anyone working in any city department to the fire for their own conflict of interest when city managers are allegedly giving out contracts to companies owned by city employees?

Imagine.  The awesome woman that mops up City Hall, if elected to council, would have to give up her job; but these games go on behind closed doors.

Or putting someone in charge of a critical department of the city because the manager golfed with the former CAO as alleged….

And they wonder why our taxes went up 2.88% this year?   And of course the city paid for Mr. Fitzpatrick’s legal bills even though they declared guilty on the Diane Shay case while refusing to pay her whistleblowing legal bills!

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  1. Jamie and folks I know that conflict of interest of using city equipment and by family members of a sitting counsellor and that is all I will say here. We had enough of Fitzy pulling off a thing like that as well.

    Bare Ass and some of his councellors as well as Fitzy pulled this off quite well as well as those in the administrative offices. All the city is as corrupted to the core as it gets. A whole huge house cleaning is needed to get rid of the whole gang and start over and that is from the very top position in the city down to the lowest level.

  2. Jamie:
    This article seems to come from the Alex Jones 9/11 conspiracy files…just throwing out flouride is a poison…like its a known fact seems irresponsible. Especially as most of the article is on your Mayor and his gang, who nobody can defend.
    There is also a huge group who believe getting shots to prevent child hood disease is wrong
    They not only put their own kids at risk..but everybody around them.
    I am open to positive discussion on ANY subject but in this case your article doesn’t provide a service to anybody.
    Can I just add that often my wrath is directed at our local health doctor for his war on prescription drugs that have brought untold suffering to true pain patients..all the while…the addicts just moved on to other ways to mask their mental pain.
    Doctors and pharmacists are running scared…some basing their medical decisions on keeping themselves out of trouble with the “drug Police”.
    Thanks to the world wide web…the poison story is everywhere but so is the joke theory that world trade centre was taken down by USA gov

    From health state california

    Is fluoride a poison? No.

    Fluoride is NOT a poison at the concentrations found in optimally fluoridated water. California

  3. Author

    Never Blink Fluoride is a poison. We are seeing this same psychology with Hydrogenated oils. How much is enough or not enough to hurt you? Just examine the numbers and look at cancer rates at locals that have stopped the practice.

  4. While we might not agree on fluoride….respect your allowing Never…to have his say
    If this was Freeholder comment section…suddenly all would be deleted.

  5. Jamie…
    this is getting interesting…
    if what you are saying has some truth to it.. re: city employees being principals in a business where that business is getting tenders… this could uncover some serious corruption.. that must have been going on for god knows how long.

  6. Don not ASSUME anything. That being said, this city has been in cahouts with itself serving council and downtown business`s since Ron was a cowboy and even much much before. The more things change in this city the more they stay the same.

    For example, the old boys network is just that. Whenever there is an election, one of the major complaints is about just that, the `old boys network`.

    Many of the current old boys had that same argument when they were younger men vying for a council seat. Syd the guard was the worst. Add to that any of those over 50 and is in their 2nd or more council sittings and Walla…now a repeat offender.

    Old boys stick together through all kinds of heat or weather. So if you are on a witch hunt, you are very likely to find some brew.

    I believe it, you should too. Good subjective and pertinent stir on this one Jamie. More fodder for the next election to add to your mountain of hidden piles you must have all ready. Anyone, anyone considering rerunning for next term best think twice.

    All conjecture I know, but from the Perry Dunlop fiasco to the Kilger episodic issues, nothing more would surprise anyone, or would it…….ha, ha, ha. The citizens of Cornwall are done trusting anything anymore.

  7. Possible corruption, conflicts of interest and attempted cover ups sounds like any of the current council or sitting mayor have laid an excellent platform on which to seek reelection. They have and seem to be continuing to follow the “new normal” in political candidate requirements. Montreal, Laval, London……maybe we are about to make the BIG TIME.

  8. @admin
    “Just examine the numbers and look at cancer rates at locals that have stopped the practice.”

    Do you have a link to this study, it would be an interesting read.

  9. Fluoride is poison indeed and whether Alex Jones said it or any other person it is the truth. Many municipalities are doing away with fluoride and one of the cities doing just that here in Canada is Calgary Alberta. Even toothpastes have fluoride and it even states not to swallow toothpaste and to contact poison control.

    There are too many vaccines given to children and it does cause retardation. Back in the early 1960’s mom kept children of a woman who was a physio therapist and her husband was a chemical engineer in Cornwall. Both of them stated back in those days that the vaccines were mighty dangerous and causes retardation. Actress Jenny MacCarthy saw that happen to her son who was well at first until he received those injections.

    My own children received the injections back in the late 70’s and 80’s and my daughter became hyperthyroid and now hypothyroid and I do know that it is usually transmitted by family history but in some cases there is no family history and people do get sick. Yes in a way the vaccines have eradicated many diseases like polio and other diseases that we do not often hear about today but there is too much given and that I agree. There is a vaccine given to very young girls about cervical cancer about them being sexually active and that causes cancer and death and I put an article on favorites about it. How many young girls that you know about at age 9 years old having sexual relations? They also want to do the same to young boys and this sounds mighty fishy to me. Do boys have cervexes?

  10. It is interesting how they name the New Fire Chief just as Deputy Hickley is going to court on Tuesday. If one had a suspicious mind you might think they are trying to influence/intimidate the court or Deputy Hickley.

  11. If you all type in your search engines on Cornwall Ontario corruption you will come up with plenty and on one of the articles you will read about the pollution that Domtar has caused that is going into the St. Lawrence River and causes all kinds of retardation, miscarriages, cancer, etc. etc. etc. If something is not done soon things can get much worse. One of the most harmful things to look into is that polluted crap pile that you call Big Ben ski hill which leaks into the St. Lawrence River and there is the old dump at Optomist Park which leaks into people’s basements who live on St. Michel Street. There is plenty to look into and things are being hidden from the public. Everything is being swept under the rug so as people will remain asleep to the things going on. The same thing with the “tax mahal” that you call a Benson Centre where the land has not been cleaned up and that was sold illegally. That land had to be cleaned up before being sold to the next sucker that came around.

  12. About Mr. Hickley my prayers and good thoughts are with this man. I hope that everything goes well with this man on his court date. We all have to get Bare Ass out by hook or by crook or else people will face dire consequences for having him and his ilk around. The entire system in Cornwall has to come apart for real change to take place. Without taking the top off (which are the top management at City Hall) including the mayor, council and the clique then forget it – Cornwall is way behind other places and will continue to be as long as people do not wake up and make drastic changes to the entire system.

  13. Ah yes Cornall teh corrupt. For employees to plead ignorance on their conflict of i9nterest and using the old others do it so i followed their lead… is not a defense. Ignorance of teh law is not an excuse. Each city employee who has a business for which they have been given contracts and work from teh City are now tainted. They have abused their position of trust for personal gain. I doubt any would pass a lie decte3tor on if they knew it was a conflict of interest. Money makes teh world go round and since teh upper echelon were pilfering the taxpayers why not the lower levels.

    Why is it certain politicians are trying their best to interfere with teh legitimate running of certain busioness and trying to shut down others. Cornwall politicians are dirty their time is coming because there is a new sheriff in town and hes coming in to expose and dig up the bodies that these pio

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