Cornwall Ontario’s Little Historian Sara Lauzon Wants To Name Street After Judge Jacob Pharand Pringle – PETITION

judge pringleCFN – Cornwall Ontario resident Sara Lauzon is on a quest.   Better known as “The Little Historian” she wants City Council to name a street or lane after Judge Jacob Pharand Pringle and she’s set up an online petition which she hopes to present to council and lobby for support.

Inspired by Thom Racine’s successful bid to have  a lane named after slain Constable John Robert Davey Sara is hoping that the public embraces her goal. petition link.

I spoke with Sara about Judge Pringle, living in Cornwall, and why history is so important.

Some of the highlights of Judge Pringle’s career;

1837 – Judge Pringle served as a Private in the Rebellion of 1837. (He occupied the Old Fort at Coteau Du Lac, Quebec.)
* December 1838 – Pringle served as a Private, Corporal, and Sergeant in a company of artillery that his father had been authorized to raise. It disbanded in May 1839.
* Autumn of 1862 – Judge Pringle created and served as Captain in the Cornwall Volunteer Infantry Company. He kept this position until he was appointed Judge in 1866.
* He was mayor of Cornwall in 1855 and 1856.
* November of 1857 – Judge Pringle became Clerk of the County Council for Cornwall. (Which he held until 1866.)
* January 1858 – Judge Pringle became Clerk of the Peace & County Crown Attorney for Cornwall. (Which he held until 1866.)
* 1866 until 1878 – Juniour County Court Judge for modern day Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.
* December 1870 – Judge Pringle was appointed Local Master of the Court of Chancery for Cornwall.
* 1878 – Judge Pringle was appointed Surrogate Judge of the Maritime Court.
* June 1878 – Judge Pringle was appointed Judge of the County Court for modern day Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.
* Judge Pringle was also Cornwall’s first historian. He wrote the first historical account of Cornwall and some surrounding areas, “Lunenburg or the Old Eastern District.”

To learn more about Sara you can visit her website here.

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  1. I think that Sara has a wonderful idea. Full of meaning and purpose. I am most certainly 100% behind her mission.

  2. The majority of us do not know the history of Canada nor the history of people who were the leading citizens and what they had accomplished. Yes I think that this is a good idea indeed. At least something good can be accomplished out of all the bad that we see around us.

  3. Fantastic idea this is, great to see such effort the sad part however is the next street name is going to be dedicated as Kilgers Way!

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