Our Pets are more than Animals by Jamie Gilcig – July 19, 2013 Melly

melly 12CFN – A boy and his dog.   As I approach my own 49th birthday which for some reason I’m feeling is very very old I’m going through the process of dealing with the end of probably the deepest relationship of my life.

I brought Melly home when she was 7 weeks old.   In these days of shrunken family units and the seeming inability for people to sustain relationships Melly has always been my rock as dogs are to countless millions around the world.

I used to bring Mel on first dates.  I know, crazy, but Rotties “know” things about people from their years of being protective.

When I brought her home I really didn’t think about how short Rottie’s lives normally are.   I knew my friend lost both of his under the age of six; but who really thinks about that when you have a bundle of puppy in the crook of your arm with that little nose and face looking up at you?

Mel and I have been very very lucky.   She’s 12 now and sadly starting to really show it.  She’s starting to limp.   She has some cysts and tumors that we’re going to have the vet deal with.   She sleeps more; but she still loves her food and her little brother who no matter how much he pesters her still ends up snuggled in the crevices of her body.

She’s been with me through death and divorce.  She’s been there on the darkest of days and nights only asking for her hugs and cookies, and the occasional cheeseburger.

I now make her food from scratch.  She gets her glucosomine.   She has the best vet in the world, Dr. Debbie Nash, who has been taking care of her since she was a puppy.   No more chasing balls or squirrels although she still will dart after one and then pay the price.

When I take her out she’s not in any rush; sometimes she just stands and smells the wind.   She’s smart as she will want to go out because she knows she gets a treat when she comes back in.

Her aging has made me aware not only of her limited days, but of my own.   Sometimes in the dark I rest my hand on her side (she’s a cuddler) and feel her breathing realizing that one day she won’t be there to reach out to.

Melly-Dec-24-12-598x800Time is the only thing we can’t buy on this tiny planet.   Mortality is always there no matter who, no matter where.    Sometimes I think our pets short lives are there to teach us lessons of our own mortality.

She’s been a huge gift of life and I’m blessed to be able to make the time to cherish the moments I have left with my furry friend.

I know in this world with so many huge problems and much more important issues than this little story that’s but a drop; but how many of us take our pets, family, and friends for granted only to be stunned when they are gone for whatever reason?  How many of us have to work crazy hours and neglect the things in life that matter most?

So today; if you’re still reading this at this point maybe think about those you care about most and ask if you’re spending enough time with them because one day they or you will be gone.

Life is short.

And if you’re looking for a pet please consider adopting or rescuing a senior.   It will enrich your life and help them when they need it the most.

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  1. It is so nice to hear a man actually admit his love and devotion for his pets. Most men wouldn’t be able to say it out loud let alone put it on paper and share it.

    Thanks Jamie!

  2. Great article Jamie! Pets are a blessing to us all.Though I do not have a dog,I have a wonderful Cat who thinks she is a dog. Being a single guy,she is my “child” and brings me more joy than I give her. You are right, it is a crazy world and Pets give us a ltlle breather from the craziness simply because they tend to love us with no strings attached….well maybe the odd cheese burger or in my cat’s case some “temptations”…

  3. Great article Jamie! God Bless Melly. My two adoptee’s, Jessy and Charlie, are both looked after by Dr.Deborah Nash, she’s the best!

  4. Jamie heartwarming story.

    Pets love us unconditionally, they are reliable, nurturing and they are there for us through thick and thin, through sickness and health until death do we part. More then what we can say about some humans **smile**.

    My aquarium is peaceful and soothing to look at but it is nothing compared to a little dog that knows you like no other and that can relate his feelings without saying a word……..priceless!!!!

    As for life getting shorter, it seems there is not enough days in a week to accomplish everything we want to do. We need to be able to create a fair balance between our personal life and work. What good is money if one is not healthy or totally stressed out because of work?

    Life is passing by too quickly……..time for a little introspection to see what is important and what can be changed in order to live a more fulfilling life and to truly enjoy what time we have left.

    Jamie, you are at the half century mark **smile** It is time Jamie starts thinking of Jamie. Just looking out for your well being **smile**
    before it is too late.

  5. Jamie every time we go out for our walks in the park we meet many dogs with their owners and I said to all of them that they are the very best friends that one could ever have. Everyone agreed with me. We have no dogs or any pets of our own and I kind of adopt everyone’s pet as mine without the responsibilities and the tears of losing them. Your dogs bring you their live and an unconditional love and yes they sure do know what kind of people that you meet up with and that is so very true indeed.

    Jamie your dog reminds me of myself where I go for my morning walk and glad to get home to have something to eat. LOL LOL. I too am aging and much more so than yourself. You are still very young compared to me. There are days that are a struggle to go and walk in the park especially on hot and humid days – it takes everything out of me just like an old dog and with arthritis to boot. Give your dog a pat from me. They are the very best company indeed.

  6. Author

    Thanks everyone. They certainly give more than they take. We should never not appreciate the gifts that our pets are.

  7. Jamie and folks I don’t know if anyone came across this beautiful story on yahoo and I want everyone to see this:

    “Cat’s best friend: Rescuer discovers dog taking care of abandoned kitten”


    This is so very cute indeed and if only people were half as good as some animals are this world would be a much better place to live in. I love animals so very much.

  8. Jamie I noticed that you adopted the beautiful little dog “Fitzie” and so mighty cute indeed. He reminds me of a little dot that I once knew in Cornwall walking in the Power Dam Park. Dogs are your best friends that you can ever have. I put my whole trust in dogs but not in people. Give them a pat from me and a cookie.

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