Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce Mike Metcalfe Threatening CFN Advertisers? Again?

mikemetcalfe-tcCFN – I thought I’d ask our viewers what they think of this very sad and pathetic situation.  Imagine someone from the Cornwall Area Chamber of Commerce running around to our advertisers and not only sharing his negative opinion of CFN, but threatening them that if they didn’t stop advertising with us that there’d be repercussions?

Can you imagine?  An organization whose only real purpose is to foster and develop business trying to not only tear one down, but impact a local economy by telling clients that their choice of advertiser would cause them harm?

That apparently is what Mr. Mike Metcalfe of the Cornwall and Area Chamber has been doing.  Last winter we sent a communique to the Chamber asking them to have Mr. Metcalfe cease or we’d hold the Chamber accountable, but lo and behold it seems that Mike has been a busy and nasty person again.

It’s a free world of course.  We all have our likes and dislikes, but to threaten any business, service or organization is wrong; totally wrong and we’re perplexed as what to do about this chiefly because those clients of ours that have shared this with CFN have suffered enough and don’t need to be dragged through a court process.  (as if the Cornwall Chamber doesn’t already have enough problems to deal with)

It’s so destructive to a local economy so I thought I’d ask our viewers thoughts.  I can’t imagine how any responsible organization would tolerate and allow any employee, staff or contract, to put them in such liability….

You can post yours below.

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  1. I loved your comment Simon that was a good one indeed. If Metcalfe celebrated on the roof then his fall must have been not too bad since drunks always survive.

  2. So Jamie, any new advertiser recovery as a result of this exposure?

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