So I’m Going to Treat Myself With a Tablet For my Birthday? iPad Mini or Android?

So I’m Going to Treat Myself With a Tablet For my Birthday?  iPad Mini or Android?

CFN –  So I was all set to go out and purchase an iPad mini this week when a friend said “WHOA!” and tried to convince me to look at some of the other options out there.

My friend’s iPad 2 really has impressed me and I’m leaning Apple; but have decided to be open minded and compare.

Even though I run an internet newspaper I’m not a geeky techsavvy kinda guy.  I like to turn stuff on and use it.  Updates, tinkering, modifications give me an aneurysm!


I have to admit I miss my iPhone which I lost.   Apple keeps impressing me with their products although I’m still terrified and intimidated by their sexy computers.

The iPad Mini is about $325 with a 7 inch screen. I tried it at Staples and my worry was the smaller keys but it worked fine; at least in the store.  It doesn’t have 3G at this price point and can be connected via USB 2.0 or HDMI with connectors or adaptors (which may be sold separately)

I even asked the question on Facebook as to which tablet my peeps use, why and for some advice.   Here were some of the suggestions.

samsung gal 3The Samsung Galaxy tab 3 is also about $400  It has a 10″ screen and the model I looked at on had 16gb and worked off the Android 4.1 with Clovertail.  (as if I know what that means other than it sounds kinda cutesy) It did have 1 USB port and had no 3G option. (phone)

google nexusGoogle Nexus 7 by Asus has 32 GB , a 7 inch screen and Android 4.1.   At Bestbuy it’s only $269 which is so far the lowest priced.  It has  a quad core processor instead of dual quad which has to be good as it’s double, right?  It appears to only have a micro usb input/output and no 3G.

acer iconThe Acer Iconia A1-810 has a 7.9″ screen – 16gb with Android 4.1 OS. It’s a quad core.  It does have an HDMI port and one USB port.  I own 3 of their machines right now and have owned several others over the years.

sony expThe Sony Xperia looks sexy; but Sony in Computers to me always feels like Jaguars and cars.  Sexy, but unreliable. I had a VAIO that was nothing but trouble.

The model I’m looking at is priced at $499.   It has a 10.1″ screen, 16gb with a S4 Pro Processor.  I think it has 2gb of video ram. If you bought the adapter you could have an HDMI port and there is one built in USB 2.0 port.  Again it’s a Sexy Sony 🙂

microsoft surfThe last one I looked at is the Microsoft Surface.  I looked at an expensive module although there are some cheaper ones.  This baby was listed for $999 but had an i5 processor.   A 10.6″ screen, 128 gb of storage and 4GB of ram, windows pro 8, 1 micro hdmi port and 1 USB 3 port.

It sounds closer to a smaller notebook than tablet which I imagine for those looking to replace a notebook is a real feature.

I have to admit after looking at the specs for all these models my brain is muddled and I have letters and numbers floating in front of my eyes!

I’m kinda still leaning towards a mini for my B day gift; but will test drive a few more units before I take the plunge.

So dear viewers of CFN what tablets have you purchased and have you been happy with them?  You can post your comments below.




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