UPDATED – Police & Ambulance Near Montreal Road Head Shop in Cornwall Ontario – July 27, 2013

police Montreal road july 27 13 2CFN – This story is literally less than ten minutes old.  We are posting this before the desk sgt at Cornwall Police HQ have full info.


Cornwall Police have updated us with the following.

The incident was a drug related medical emergency in a residence.  No criminal activity was related to the event.

We will be updating as soon as more information becomes available.


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police Montreal road july 27 13

Photos courtesy of Michel Lalonde

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  1. So what was it? We drove by and there was one police car

  2. That is a great head shop. Somebody must have had some of the super Jean Guy out of a vaporizer and got the old, “I think i’m having a heart attack problem.”, which is usually just a bit too much weed and precursor to the munchies. Roma’s is just around the corner dude. Peace.

  3. Speaking of munchies, have you been to Rib-Off yet, I hear it is huge.

  4. everything that 420 said lol

  5. And people want to legalize drugs. God almighty the problems would be indescribable.

  6. Weed is not a drug it is a natural herb. I do not smoke but I would rather be around some one on that then drunk.

  7. Weed which is known as marijuana is a drug and it is like alcohol and it destroys the brain cells. My husband and I saw a man who smoked weed, cigarettes, did alcohol and womanized and looked so old compared to his years and died a good six years ago of lung cancer. I wasn’t shocked at all because of the lifestyle that he lived. All drugs and alcohol are dangerous. Anything that you put in your system can be deadly. Weed acts similar to alcohol in giving you a buzz and then it wears off. There are times that weed no longer gives you that buzz and you have to go onto harder drugs to get that buzz and then comes theft and B&E’s to support that dirty habit.

  8. jules, that’s bs, you have been reading too much mainstream conservative newspapers, wait, you will see it was caused by a much stronger designer drug,

  9. Holy cow if a man was smoking weed and cigarettes and drinking yes I would believe that he would look way beyond his years but I can almost guarantee you the womanizing and weed had nothing to do with it. The lung cancer would be from smoking cigarettes if it wasn’t originally liver cancer that travelled to his lungs. Do you seriously believe that smoking weed caused him to get lung cancer and die? Please explain to me then why doctor’s prescribe it to help with pain management in cancer patients….here, smoking weed gave you lung cancer so I am going to tell you to smoke more to manage the pain from the chemotherapy you are undergoing to cure that lung cancer…..really??

  10. Drug related, medical emergency – outside Smoke Signals? LMAO – this picture is in poor taste…

  11. My husband’s eldest niece in Australia had bone cancer and she is Type 1 diabetes (born with diabetes aka juvenile diabetes) and she went through chemo and did not smoke marijuana or anything and is well and working as a legal secretary. My husband’s eldest sister is a cancer patient and had cancer back in 2001 and no need for any marijuana to deal with her case. Our friend Robert had lymphoma and went through chemo not once but at least twice and didn’t use any marijuana or anything like that. So many poor excuses just to use drugs. Maybe some patients who are afflicted with AIDS want the drugs to help take the meds but these people are dying who have AIDS as well as certain cancers but it is not for all cancer patients. One drug leads to other drugs and it doesn’t stop. I have seen people rob banks, etc. here in Ottawa to pay for their dirty habits.

  12. Jules, I’ve smoked pot for 40 years. I expect any day now I will be off robbing banks to support my “dirty habit”. Please do your research before commenting.

  13. HDH I am not talking about pot robbing banks but I am talking about the hard drugs like cocaine and others. I have seen a bank that I used to go to years ago here in Ottawa get robbed pretty well on a daily basis and the cops knew who the robber was and the bank had to leave that mall and go elsewhere because of the insurance. A lady who used to work at a dry cleaner had her car smashed from behind because the robber was trying to escape. With much harder times coming sooner than people think then what? Are people going to turn to crime to support their dirty habits? Marijuana and the light drugs lead to the stronger ones when a person doesn’t get the buzz from it any longer and want something stronger and that is what I am talking about.

    One more thing about legalizing drugs. The Netherlands has legal drugs just like we have legal alcohol and they have a big problem and it hasn’t stopped people from using them at all. We will always have problems with drugs just like alcohol and there are plenty of alcoholics and drug users out there. Legalization is not the answer at all.

  14. You guys are getting way off topic here.
    The victim jumped out of the apartment window above the store from what I was told from my neighbor, no clue as to why he done this.
    I live just a couple apartments away and was coming out of my apartment as the paramedics were taking the victim to the ambulance.

  15. I’d just like to point out that the article isn’t about the “pot shop”. The article also states that it’s being written in front of the police seargent, but then never goes on to update. Don’t tell us you’re going to update the article if still 4 days later there are no updates. Where did your integrity go? As far as I know the person that jumped out of the window was the owner. Where is this information? I could be wrong, but this article certainly doesn’t answer my questions. I understand that information can be withheld, but come on.

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