Howard Richmond CHARGED WITH FIRST DEGREE MURDER – Former Grand Master Mason & Six Tour Armed Forces Vet UPDATED

o police hand outCFN – As trickles of information about Howard Richmond; arrested for the homicide of his wife Melissa, start to become known it turns out that Mr. Richmond appears to be a Past Master of A Masonic Lodge, his local Henderson Hall Masonic Lodge in Winchester.

henderson lodge winchester

More on Masonry in Ontario.

Mr. Richmond appeared in court at 10 AM today.     He was charged with First Degree Murder according to other media.   Ms Richmond’s body was found with stab wounds now being attributed to her husband.

Mr. Richmond will be appearing in court again on Tuesday.

Mr. Richmond speaking on CBC radio;

Besides suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) related to his six tours of duty with Canadian Armed Forces the Citizen has reported that the couple were in financial distress.


As of July 12, that amount had grown to $141,412.53 with interest. Interest accrued at a rate of $13.53 per day, according to the statement of claim.

“The plaintiff has demanded payment in full of ScotiaLine Credit number 4538-169-101-412 and the defendants have refused or neglected to pay the amounts due,” read the statement of claim.

The loan was secured by a mortgage on a property on Queen Street in Winchester, not the home the couple had recently purchased and been living in at 2598 Summers Road.

The bank was seeking possession of the Queen Street property, as well as liquidated damages of $141,412.52, pre- and post-judgment interest at a rate of 3.5 per cent per annum and the costs of the legal action.

A statement of defence was never filed.

Ms Richmond was laid to rest in Petawawa today given Masonic rites as the crowd of over 250 attended St. George’s church at CFB Petawawa.

We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.

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  1. That must have been a real stress related incident was to owe huge interest on a line of credit and to lose the house. I would say the hell with the house and it is just a pile of rocks and mortar thrown together and not worth the price at all. It is all a Ponzi scheme that I have been saying for many long years. Enjoy life and the hell with home ownership. It is the same kind of Ponzi scheme that Willie Wise did except it is considered legal when the “banksters as in gangsters” do it to rip everyone off.

    What a relief not to have that white elephant on our backs anymore. At least if we want something we can have it without breaking the bank or going into depression or anything. If I wanted a meal at a restaurant I can do that too or buy clothes or whatever. People go in over their heads and I would say stop it and live lower than your means and you will all be ok. I feel very bad for what happened but something inside of my husband said that there is something behind all of this and blamed the woman for it all.

  2. Mason, soldier, deadbeat, PTSD, Society of Anachronistic Creativity or something? How did this not happen sooner? Feel good story of the week.

  3. It’s great to see the internet detectives in full force in the comments. You both obviously know SO much. And are just chock-full of empathy. Hope you sense of superiority helps you sleep at night.

  4. I used to hang out with howard for a long time and i knew melissa a little as well. All i know is that i never saw a more whirlwind tight bond of love then between those two. I have nothing but sympathy for all involved as it has come to a shock to me as well. Knowing howard as long as i did i dont believe him capable of cold blooded murder of his wife. He might have had his quirks and delighted in being different but he never would have hurt her if he was in his right mind.

    As for our soldiers who are so neglected in our society today after doing their duty and then tossed to the side with crap pensions and very little support for shame. As a past resident of petawawa i’ve seen how they are treated and i for one would like to see a much better support system in place so that our men and women of the armed forces are taken care of both mentally and physically when they come home after being rotated so many times into the line of fire.

  5. FIRST This is a tragedy on so many levels –a young life cut short
    Second JP is right..whether this is PTSD or something else..our Gov continues to shirk its duty

    I have been beating this drum non-stop under every photo op by your local MP Guy Lauzon/BBQ man cutting a ribbon or giving us back our money thru gov handouts
    He helped put up Support our Troops when the Ahfgan War his gov while seeking billion dollar jets..TURNS A BLIND EYE ON OUR VETS..shame shame they all scream like fools during question period
    Guy claimed we had to stop the terrorist over there..and now 10 yrs later/hundreds of our brave troops dead/ and this weekend they have to close USA embassies around the world because they are afraid of terrorist attacks…
    What a waste..but…lets not forget the “walking wounded” left behind.

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