2013 Highland Games Marred by Death of Bruce Jones of Forest City Celtic Pipe Band of London Ontario & Poor Marketing

800px-Red_Lights_and_SirensCFN – The Glengarry Highland Games have been going through tribulations the last few years.  Dwindling crowds, high gas prices, and more options have meant the long time fave of the region has had to face new challenges.

This year sadly long time and devoted participant, Mr. Bruce Jones, 62, died at the games.    He played for the Forest City Celtic Pipe Band in London Ontario.

Mr. Jones made it to paramedics before collapsing.  He had no vital signs at the event and was later declared dead at hospital.


Jones’s only child, Erin Jones, was shocked to learn the news at her home in Brampton, Ont. She said her father had no known health problems. Her husband had visited her father 14 hours prior to the competition and noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

“It just came out of the blue and that’s the most devastating part of it,” she said.

Still, she said, “It couldn’t have happened in a better way for him.”

Nothing made Bruce Jones more impassioned than piping, said his daughter.

“He just loved the music. He lived the music.”


A moment of silence was observed before the playing of Amazing Grace by the 1,500 pipers and drummers.

Did you attend the Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville Ontario this year?  You can post what you thought about them below.

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  1. Originally from the Stormont area, I used to enjoy the local fairs and events! The highland Games being a highlight! I was fortunate to re- visit this year for the 1st time since 1988. I now live in Calgary, Alberta. The Calgary stampede and the Highland games both in the same year proved to be a great summer. I believe they would be the two largest out door events Canada has ongoing! One with men in kilts, the other, men in cowboy hats ! Haa, Both events are a must witness once to truly enjoy the competitors with trials and tribulations that follow. Sincerely.

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