Bilingual Rouse – Government Ineffectiveness in New Brunswick – LTE by Barry Irvine Campbellton

Multiculturism is great and should be included in the school curriculums; communities should also offer taining centers (whether instructor only or combined with training materials such as books and/or software based) in public libraries or other public centers. Real life skills and practical real world learning is essential in today’s global village. Prioritizing a compulsory French immersion program through institutional bilingualism is a sample of government misrepresentation and an obvious sellout to Quebec and lobbyist demands. This restrictive and undemocratic practice violates Section 16.1 of the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms that stipulate the right (as is the affirmed role of government and the legislature) to equal representation and specifically mentioned is distinct educational institutions.
Jody Carr, Education Minister for NB, could not, or did not, answer why our laws were being broken to enforce this institutional policy, He then went on to state that there will always be an insertion point for the French Immersion Program and that the stakeholder forced this policy. This was on Rogers’ Voice of the Province for a call in program; I’ve been notified by someone in Moncton that the program was rebroadcast but my first call, as well as two others, were censored. An exemption form for French Immersion for English kids stated that the program was compulsory in NB. It also stated in the third paragraph that there would be less opportunity in higher education and the work place for kids choosing to quit. So much for equal opportunity eh!!

As Bill 14 looms in Quebec we already see how this institutional racism that promotes Forced Immersion fails to acknowledge the more predominant Spanish or Mandarin as top languages prevelant in Europe as well as much of North America, including Canada. We should note that these policies, combined with Language Commissioner’s granting municipal councillors the power to accept Bill Z22 (sign laws), taken almost verbatim from Bill 22 and now called Bill 101, have crept across geographical boundaries and been enacted in the Russel Townships and municipalities in NB. These constitutional level laws have been classified as violations of the Freedom of Expression but allowed through a ‘notwithstanding’ clause with no other explanation than it furthers the French in our country. Allowing municipalities to promote such controversial laws through unqualified Councillors with no legal training, is misrepresentation by our government and its agents. The criminal behaviour and ineptness of this and previous Quebec Prime Ministers demonstrates that there is indeed “…something rotten in the State of Denmark.” as Shakespeare penned.

I hail from a French / English family and have an Acadian heritage. This is to no avail simply because I was brought up in the English school system and don’t consider myself bilingual, although I speak more French than most French people can speak English and are certified bilingual. The current system of bilingualism has high benchmarks for English – bilingual certification whereas there is little to certify French – bilingual. The system has no evaluative measures to check on the reprecussions of the societal effects of this affirmative action program that was created to appease the Quebec Seperatists and Acadians some half a century ago. The onus is always on the Majority population and the benefits laregly empower French first bilingualism.

Merit hiring has succumbed to the lobbyist (stakeholder) pressure and French has become the top prerequisite in government job banks here in Campbellton, NB. Our town has a French only community college, a French hospital administration and label, the next township (Atholville) has declared itself French (as did Dieppe, NB) and accepted Bill Z22 sign laws. There is a French only immigration center to the east of Campbellton (Dalhousie, NB) despite this area being predominantly French. This did not happen through atrition but more social engineering through minority funding and development through heritage dollars. Remember that English Acadians, or Anglocadians as I call them, are not considered in any of the French only Acadian papers that are free. There is no seperation of identity between French and Acadian around here so if you speak French you are accepted as Acadian.

I’ve written to all levels of goverment with these various observations, including our Prime Minister. I’ve yet to receive an answer, despite my comments in those correspondance that I represent a group of approximately 1000 members concerned with the discriminatory effects of this system of bilingualism enforced by our government. I’ve submitted proposals for removing the discriminatory effects of this system as well as for the Education Sector. I’ve always stipulated that this is a governmnt affair and that only a democratic and diplomatic solution should be considered. I am also a member of other National Language rights groups and have been drawn into this active role of democratic rights’ protection for 15 years.

My Facebook group, Equal Rights for New Brunswick Anglophones, has over 715 members currently. It is an open and inclusive group. I stipulate that we do not protest French Rights but instead focus on English rights and those areas that discriminate against us. I am ostericized in my own hometown and have been approached and threatened (online and off) for voicing my concerns. And that is echoed throughout Quebec’s streets. It is also reflective of the contradictory nature of the one-sided laws and policies that claim one thing but produce quite another. The government is apparently the only one not reacting to the growing voice of discontent to this ineffectiveness of office.

I implore each and every one who reads this to start considering a more active role in demanding their equal rights and representation. UNESCO, the international watchdog for Language Rights, acknowledges that the Freedom of Expression is the touchstone to heritage and cultural development. NATO forewarned of Nazi-like similarities to Quebec’s sovereignty and Bill 101. Others in the international community recognize language as a form of racism and some even go so far as to label institutional bilingualism as a form of institutional racism – but not OUR government. NOW is the time to act before we lose our voice completely.

More importantly, I implore all readers to PLEASE DO NOT confront individual citizens. This is a matter created through an undemocratic policy by government and only they can change this – but nothing will happen if YOU DO NOT ACT NOW!!

Thank you for your unity in advance.

Kindest Regards,
Barry Irvine
Concerned Patriot –  Campbellton, NB

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James Moak


  1. Furtz
    August 11, 2013 at 5:02 pm
    “For sure Eric. Anyone who disagrees with your views should be ignored. Imagine the nerve of those people.”

    Oh furtzy, ask stella the last time she acknowledged me. The queen of ignore right there. lol

    “You freedom-fighters should be able to chat among yourselves uninterrupted by ignorant buffoons with differing opinions. ”

    If that is not the pot calling the kettle black!! HA!

    “Have you complained to the moderator?”


  2. If what you mean by “differing opinions” can be defined by any one of these or all of these examples Furtz then that is well beyond just a simple differing of opinion.

    If you see laws like
    — Bills 22, 178, 101 and now bill 14 as anything but completely repressive anti English laws said to be there to “preserve” the French language.
    Then it’s more than JUST a difference of opinion.

    These laws are plainly and simply nothing but laws that were in-acted to actually diminish the English language and ultimately the English culture in a place where the French want NOTHING TO DO WITH either.

    If you believe
    — English people are treated with total respect in Quebec
    Then it’s more than JUST a difference of opinion.

    The fact is — most English people are treated with disdain and as second class citizens in their own country ie: within the province of Quebec which is — JUST A PROVINCE inside the country of Canada —

    If you believe there is ANY positives that can come from having an office called
    — The office of the French language
    Then it’s more than JUST a difference of opinion.

    This office should actually be called what it truly is, which is
    the office of the screw the English language.
    And further more SHOULD NOT exist in a democratic society in the 21st century.

    If you believe
    — The French should receive the same level of service that the English are said to receive inside the province of Quebec
    Then it’s more than JUST a difference of opinion.

    The French population numbers in most provinces IN CANADA is less than 0.3% where as the English population inside the PROVINCE OF QUEBEC NO MATTER HOW SMALL ARE STILL INSIDE THEIR OWN COUNTRY AND NOT IN SOME FOREIGN LAND therefore, it’s a non starter. THEY simply SHOULD RECEIVE SERVICE IN ENGLISH. PERIOD.

    If you cannot see how
    — The French (generally speaking) are taking advantage of an old law that was originally put into place to see to it that the French could get service in their language from the federal government and the courts throughout all of Canada and twisting that into what they are now saying which is that Canada a completely bilingual country … WHICH IT IS NOT.

    Then as i said…

    But alas, i believe you should have a difference of opinion kind of cloudy but sunny kind of day eh 🙂

  3. My question is how much longer can this province go to afford duality and bilingualism? I’m scared that when the government does need to make drastic cuts to control the debt who’s gonna be there to speak for anglophones? You can bet the Acadian Society will be using all laws to protect them to ensure minimum cuts are on their side.

    We need to get the word out more, changes need to be made. Need a site where people can post their frustrations and problems they have related to the topic without getting into trouble. I’m sure their are many anglophones out there that have been bullied for not being able to speak or write french, people who have been denied jobs because they could not get a job

    Ive been trying to spread the word on the petition that’s out there, so far its failing. It either gets deleted or it gets blocked. Here’s the petition, take some time and read comments. Many people have shared their stories.

    This province cannot keep letting this happen

  4. Furtz
    August 11, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    “You freedom-fighters should be able to chat among yourselves uninterrupted by ignorant buffoons with differing opinions.”

    You freedom-fighters should be able to chat among yourselves uninterrupted by ignorant buffoons with differing opinions.

    Very well said and a good harassment of yourselves ;
    “ignorant buffoons” no more need be said.

  5. NB wrote: Ive been trying to spread the word on the petition that’s out there, so far its failing.

    NB…This is Ontario. WOW, I wonder why it’s failing. That is truly surprising **smile**

    Gee…..wondering why the stories differ between the freedom fighters. We have highlander and yorlik saying it is growing, millions of Canadians are behind them and every day people are coming out of the woodwork to join them in their fight to abolish French. On the other hand, they are begging for people to take a stand, wake up and yes, even civil war may result from this.

    You guys should work on getting your story straight so you could all be on the same page…….how embarrassing must it be for you guys.

  6. stellabystarlight your right its Ontario, but the article is about NB. The whole country needs to know what is happening inside this province, Our government and other agencies are ignoring us. Last year a MLA was let go because he brought up the issues relating to duality healthcare, its been shown that our province fails at graduating bilingual students. Emails are being ignored by government officials. News agencies won’t even look at the issue and government officials had a closed door meeting to look at the act.

    We have a Acadian society asking the government to keep its promise of a 50% bilingual workforce when we don’t even have a 50% bilingual province. You would think after 40 years that the population of NB would be 50%+ bilingual.

    The latest statistics show about 60 per cent of New Brunswickers over the age of 16 don’t have the literacy skills they need to function in everyday life, how can these people learn a second language if they have problems in their mother tongue language?

    Many Anglophones have taken french training classes here only to be told their french wasn’t good enough, We have had many skilled people loose out on Jobs, promotions etc because of this.

    We got a huge debt and deficit, we have seen a 2% tax hike and cutbacks in education and healthcare, we are getting a 2% hike on hydro in Oct. We have a declining population, our unemployment rate has been 10%+ for 13-14 months straight. 25k children do not eat properly, more families are using the food banks. Statistics also showed that the Bilingual population is declining while the Anglophone population grew. 60k people are without a family doctor.

    Language should not trump skilled/qualified people for employment especially here in New Brunswick. Things need to be changed now so we don’t get to the point where there’s an all out war between the anglophones and francophones.

  7. Just for the record, I’m not anti french or anti-bilingualism. I am however a tax paying citizen who has a right to voice my concerns and opinions just like everyone else here in New Brunswick. Problem is those who are now voicing their concerns are being ignored and when government officials have closed door meetings in regards of the language policies and acts it makes you wonder what is going on.

    Ive always believed if a program is not working you either fix it or get rid of it, here in New Brunswick, we have a broken program, a broken economy that’s not being fixed but rather its being more of an issue as its continued to being forced. All 3 parties (government officials, Acadian society and the anglophones) need to come to the table and come up with a plan that makes sense.

    Why live in a province, and continue to pay taxes only to be ignored by government officials you vote in?

  8. @NB What you folks are dealing with there in New Brunswick is also happening to some degree here in Ontario too.

    We have French ONLY health care clinics where they refuse to serve the English population that pay taxes for these community clinics to exist.

    Please have a look and share some of this videos to help make people aware of what is going on in this country.

    Feel free to leave me a message as well if you like 🙂
    We must all get on the same page.


    And these three which spell it all out.

    And, Danny Williams spells it all out in this one.
    Confirming that THERE IS A CONSPIRACY by the French politicians against the English in Canada.

    I did sign the petition also 😉

  9. NB, very well written comments.
    Cost needs to be addressed by governments and they won’t till forced by the people.

  10. This is what I’m talking about, The Acadian Society and our Premier met few days ago, things were discussed. It did not go public and still hasn’t gone public even after cbc and ctv where sent the following info. The said article is a translation from a french article that was published:

    SAINT-QUENTIN – The SANB emerged satisfied with his meeting with Premier David Alward Wednesday in Saint-Quentin. The government will announce a number of measures that fall on immigration and language of work in the public service.

    “If we take the Francophone immigration, for example, you realize that the government has the same concerns as us. The current strategy is not working and they recognize, “says Jeanne d’Arc Gaudet, President SANB at the exit of the meeting.

    The current strategy, which dates from 2008, is 33% Francophone immigration, but reached only 13% of newcomers who speak French.

    “This fall, there will be a comprehensive plan for immigration to be presented with a specific plan for the Francophone community,” said Alward.

    Alward says the need to improve not only the overall level of immigration, but also the retention of immigrants.

    SANB suggests the government to recruit French-speaking countries who are not covered by Quebec in order to avoid inter-provincial competition. She also believes that New Brunswick should follow Quebec and ask for more powers in immigration.

    With regard to language of work in the public service, the government intends to introduce new measures in a few months, after a series of consultations.

    “A new plan will be implemented in 2014 and ensures that we will be consulted, says Ms. Gaudet. We sent them the message that we do not want to wait for a new revision of the Act (the official languages) in eight years. ”

    Another important issue concerns the francophone education and early childhood. Economist Pierre-Marcel Desjardins concluded that a shortfall of $ 11 million to the French education system, a figure that has SANB back on the table for discussion.

    Alward said it recognized the importance of this issue for the francophone community, but it made no investment promise.

    Still don’t think its being pushed?

  11. Democratic Rights Rally; Campbellton, NB
    November 2

    Many supporters coming from across Canada, change is coming…

  12. Quebec and Ontario are fighting for those same Francophone immigrants, and I thought there was an article last week on how these immigrants leave Quebec quickly.

    Yes NB, the push is flying less under the radio all the time.

  13. I rented 4 buses……..I can’t wait, this will be so exciting!!!! Millions upon millions from across the country will stand up for a common cause:



  14. Hi Friends,

    A little more info about upcoming rally in NB…

    “I will be conducting a rally on Nov 2nd, 2013 here in Campbellton. I promote equality and seek only to address issues and violations of democratic rights and misrepresentation / ineffective representation due to language laws. My original petition stated the very same issues you posted on your site regarding the language issues. I have submitted proposals to our elected and appointed officials regarding removing discrimination from the language laws and discriminatory system of bilingualism in place currently. I also submitted proposals for tiered learning in the immersion program to address the violations of the mandate of their office and the criminal actions in not adhering to Section 16.1 of the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. I have evidence of promoting French by lobbyists, our elected and appointed officials that exploit the majority voice. Michael Carrier was called to Ottawa for promoting Frenchification with the SANB and not one government representative will publicly acknowledge the topic of discrimination whether we use the term Frenchification or not. It is a real word and there are VERY SERIOUS ramifications involved for those propagating it when the majority sees through the smoke and mirrors of this institutional bilingualism that has bigots exploiting our laws. I cannot join a group that is afraid to speak the truth and if that means gaining my own audience and following for addressing this through People Power and not some Pandering group reliant on appeasing oppressive people with a few bucks in their pockets. I gave the group the opportunity and basis for this issue. I will make a concerted effort to not dismiss the Party but I will no longer promote it as vehemently as I once did. Good luck and thank you for your reply and clarifying your position on Frenchification – I hope we have a chance to work together in a democratic and diplomatic effort at restoring democratic rights.

    Yours in Unity,
    Barry Irvine”

  15. Democratic rights rally;Nov.3 2-3pm Campbellton,NB

    “Truth will set you free

    I speak French. I have Acadian blood. My son is encouraged to speak French until he asks me to give him a break because he had to do it all day long in school. When French students take English Math, Science, Arts and even Gym then I will consider revising my stance on Frenchification versus bilingualism.

    It is easier to pull a string across a floor than it is to push. When the Education Minister admits to breaking the law and violates my child’s Rights and Freedoms (right to distinct educational institutions – Section 16.1) and when we have French first (Quebec Bill 22 changed to Bill 101 and verbatim sign laws called Bill Z22) sign laws with language police fining businesses for non-compliance then I see more than bilingualism.

    French only signs. Just like the former 80+ percent English in C’ton now a 35% minority. We now have a French only hospital, college, immigration center (Dalhousie) and French first sign laws in Atholville to the west of us.

    Jody Carr admits that the ‘stakeholder’ forces him to violate the mandate of his office (Section 16.1, subsection 2 states it is the affirmed role to preserve and promote both linguistic communities). The Language Commissioner was called to Ottawa to answer for Frenchification and working with the SANB. These are the people who sat in on changing our language laws last year because English groups were refused access to the discussions and decisions between the French and our Government elected officials.

    There is no English to be found on the signs between Campbellton and Grand Falls. Even the municipal buildings (Fire Dept, etc.) are in French only. Towns declaring themselves French only aren’t really promoting biingualism, no matter what they tell you. Look to the cost of duplicating services; this is costing Canada 2.4 billion annually.

    Indifference and apathy have been acknowledged by the Lobbyists who promote French interests only as a sign of approval from the silent majority. Considering Canada was declared bilingual by Trudeau and 10 Premiers without a democratic vote I would have to disagree that Canada is a bilingual nation. The Meech Lake Accord had the provinces decline bilingualism and only NB and Manitoba agreed to bilingualism. Then Manitoba backed out. NB had Louis Robichaud, an Acadian, declare NB bilingual. We are therefore the only province declared bilingual; again, not democratically enacted. These language laws came about because of threats of violence and seperatism in Quebec (French only) and NB through the then political SANB party.

    This is not, and never really was, about Language so much as it is an attempt to exploit (admitted by SANB President Jean Marie Nadeau in an NB paper) English. He taunted that they were in Exploitation mode but that this was better than invasion mode. I’m not spouting emotional rhetoric but demonstrating through scientifically tested means how using inductive and deductive reasoning we see how the evidence stacks up to Frenchification, not bilingualism. I am all for bilingualism and promoted ideas on how to eliminate the discrimination. This also has fallen on deaf ears. I would never do anything to take away from my French family or friends. Let’s just call it for what it is and get busy fixing it; that is what I’m saying.

    There are books that were written some 40 + years ago detailing what was happening with Frenchification but were dismissed as wild accusations and paranoid ramblings. The fact that most everything forecasted has come to pass is more than simply coincidental. The sad part is that our indifference was included (and written about) in the planning stage of Frenchification. Trudeau himself said that they would make Quebec French, and French only, then the other provinces through bilingualism. Justify that with coincidence and say that this is just the inevitable perception to change and the increase of bilingualism until you also read that he further stated that then they would make all of Canada French. This goes back to the ‘poison cradle syndrome, also called the ‘poison oath’ where the oath of those French colonists who swore allegiance then swore to turn Canada back to French or destroy it trying. Depleting the coiffures and using lobbyists to circumvent the cumbersome democratic processes seems like a good start to accomplishing both goals in my mind…

    Trudeau travelled to China on a number of occassions to the amazement of the democratic world. China is communist. It has a minority run government that is also known as the “Mandarin Syndrome”. Canada has an overrepresentation of French Bilingual staff in our civil service. The federal office of the Language Commissioner has a 75% French bilingual staff to represent a 75+ percent English population. Does anyone not see the ramifications here? Still think the Office of the Language Commissioner is about equality for both linguistic communities? Think again!

    Think about this now. The PC Premier for NB said that he fully supports bilingualism in NB. When I stated “Despite that it discriminates against unilingual anglophones he replied “The PCs fully support bilingualism.” I submitted proposals to my MLA and was told my ideas were ahead of their time. I stated my concerns that these divisive laws and policies would cause civil conflicts and confrontations in the streets. I spoke of how I witnessed car bombs in the streets in England and that this would lead to bloodshed he yelled “Well LET THEM”. And ignoring the warnings of the UN that Quebec’s actions were Nazi like is to forget the sacrifice of our fallen heroes who asked us to hold the torch – not just to hold it but to HOLD IT HIGH. The torch is democracy and it isn’t a given – it requires us to actively ensure our Rights and Freedoms. If we would fight on foreign lands for those Rights and Freedoms I beg to question you all “Why not on our own soil?”

    I feel shame, not intimidation for arguing my points – democratically and diplomatically I might add. I do not promote hate and animosity; I promote unity and peace. I do not ask for anothers’ rights or interfere with the celebration of their heritage for it is also mine. I am no less an Acadian because I protest vehemently in English. I am no less a Canadian because I protest my government’s misrepresentation and criminal behaviour and ineffectiveness of office. I am no better than you but I am no less than you either. I have all the same rights as you and if I do not I will stand with those who are like minded in DEMANDING my RIGHTS. This is not just my privelege afforded me by my constitution but my civic duty!

    I’m thinking that I shouldn’t pay equal taxes if I do not have equal representation. I am planning to rally for my democratic (not language) rights and representation the first Saturday of November. I would like to know if anyone is willing to stand with me. The route will be planned and I will get legal permissions for this peaceful rally. I would only ask that we remove stigma for democratic rallies and bring something that makes a noise. I have logos and appropriate signs listed for people wishing to make signs for this rally. The walk wouldn’t be more than 2-4 Kms. The location would be here in Campbellton on the Quebec border. Please let me know ASAP. I will include my email and mailing address for replies wishing privacy in replying.

    The democratic voice has a legitimate forum but you must make an effort to shamelessly, even proudly, stand and be heard. If we cann’t get our government to answer our communications in writing (either online or off) then we must make our voices heard from the streets where they can no longer ignore us.

    Hey, if it quacks like a duck… Juss sayin…

    Yours in Unity,

    Barry Irvine

    12 Shannon St.

    Campbellton, NB

    Canada E3N 2Y3″

  16. concerned citizen 2
    August 17, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    Barry well said ….” I am no better than you but I am no less than you either. I have all the same rights as you and if I do not I will stand with those who are like minded in DEMANDING my RIGHTS. This is not just my privelege afforded me by my constitution but my civic duty!”

    This is not an anti french issue but a rights issue .


  17. @Highlander & Barry

    Thank you!!!!

    People need to get over this crap of fearing to be called a bigot for standing up for their personal rights.

    Anyone know if a group will be going from the Cornwall area???
    Will people in NB be offering boardering ???
    I know a few people interested in going.

    Change is coming…

  18. Four bus loads from Cornwall………I am so excited!!!

    Yep, we must stand up for our rights!!!!

  19. stellabystarlight August 18, 2013 at 7:46 am

    Patronizing,and instigation does it ever end stella .
    Please POST any VALID information we have been waiting two years from you.

    Is your French groups paying you to disrupt at the expense of taxpayer’s?
    We have every right to equal rights of which you do not agree with,but your efforts to push for the LANGUAGE APARTHEID is well noted.

    So which of the many TAXPAYERS FUNDED French groups do you belong?

  20. Stellabystarlight lives in Ontario, which is being taken over by immigrants
    she isn’t allowed to stand up for herself

  21. For an area like the S,D,G that gets millions and millions of tax dollars to to feed and house and medical ,50 million on a trail that did nothing i think you should start being concerned on how much you cost the government, for an area that has forty percent mental illness and others serious issues is very costly for Canadians.

  22. @ Jimmyboy. Pretty much all of North America was taken over by immigrants starting a few hundred years ago.

  23. Yes Furtz, and the vast majority learned English, created businesses, looked after each other, and formed where we were before the over explosion of safety nets.
    Some are good but we have been trying to give everyone everything. And if not everyone, some groups at least.

    Immigrants coming here today are wondering why they need to pay so much for the past. Read the Big Shift

  24. CHANGE IS COMING ………I am so very excited.

    Who cares if the world may be facing war, the English freedom fighters must fight for their language rights. Forget about nuclear weapons or gas attacks. That is not as threatening as language issues. When a province has French signs only, that is a travesty to our freedoms.

    Being bilingual, I demand to be spoken to in English, it is my right. English is the majority in this country.

    Demand that highway signs be English only. It gets too confusing for the unilingual English population. We have rights…….stop this injustice now.

    People are waking up…..oh my goodness!!!! Just the thought of it gives me hope for a better world. A world where the English freedom fighters rule, dictate, control and protect all Canadians. IMAGINE WE WILL FINALLY LIVE IN PEACE AND HARMONY IN A COUNTRY OF BROTHERLY LOVE!!!!


  25. The only two groups that the government listens to are the The society of adadiens and the Irving Empire.

  26. Stellabystarlight sounds just like Jules. Could it be…….

  27. Hugger I am more confused than what you are and need the Royal Ottawa Hospital badly and I will explain. No I am not StellabyStarlight and just me a little looney at times but just me and there must be many of me around. LOL LOL. ROLF! What I have been reading are two Stellabystartlights and another Stellabyestarlight and one has been completely bilingual like myself and another sounds completely schitzophrenic or am I imagining things. God Almighty I need help desperately. Will the real Stellabystarlight (the bilingual one) please stand up. LOL LOL. My former supers from the 70’s era are from Moncton N.B. and I want to go down there and see them and we miss them a lot (they are French Canadian and on facebook). I do need psychiatric help here since someone imitates my style of writing. No Hugger it isn’t me and I am more confused than what you are just now.

  28. Well one good thing is that I gave all of you a good laugh for the day. I am confused by two stellaby(e)starlights. Someone must be star gazing as two people even disagreeing with one another. Well there is only me (the one and only). LOL LOL. ROLF! I believe in bilingualism 100% all the way. This country was built on two main languages French and English.

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