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Dr Rob Kamermans aug 4 2013
Dr. Rob Kamermans next to posted notice that he no longer fills out paperwork for Medical Marijuana.

CFN –  Dr. Rob Kamermans of Coe Hill Ontario has become a Martyr to Medical Marijuana.   The Pony Tailed doctor’s path has led him to controversy and the pages of media such as the National Post and his locals.

The breaking point is his simple concept of helping his patients through the use of Medical Marijuana in Canada.

While he and other doctors can prescribe opiates which kill thousands every year via abuse or simple effect, for a patient to be able to grow their own medicine or access it via dispensary requires not just a simple prescription; but the filling out of government paperwork.

And as most of us know nowadays if you need forms filled out by a doctor there are usually some fees attached.

And those forms have led to a witch hunt that had a single doctor working in an Emergency ward arrested, and a second circus like event that had a 67 year old doctor with no criminal record led away in handcuffs on camera.

Hippocratic Oath

I will apply dietetic measure for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice. I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. 

You would think that upon discovery the College of Physicians and other Medical institutions would come to Dr. Kamerman’s aid, but in fact it seems the exact opposite has happened.   He has been himself investigated and as I’m sure any investigation would discover of almost any doctor a few issues with charts were found.

Dr. Kamermans is still allowed to practice medicine now, but cannot fill out paperwork for Medical Marijuana.   He is free to write prescriptions for any other drugs with the exception of synthetic marijuana or THC .

Video Interview with Dr. Kamermans

Dr. Kamermans feels much of this stems from retaliation from the local OPP from an incident where he wrote a letter to the editor regarding preferential treatment given to VIP’s over DIU issues and incidents he treated as an Emergency doctor.

OPP Robs Aug 4 2013As a matter of fact within minutes of me parking in front of his office on a bright Sunday there was an OPP vehicle behind my car.   The doctor feels that his office may be tapped for sound as well which is why we conducted our interview in back of his office.

While other media have made issue with the total amount of money he’s reported from signing paperwork, the fee of $100 (or $250 if travelling to other cities) he charged is far lower than some fees reported to be as high as $2500 by some physicians.

And if governments allowed a prescription instead of extra certificates there would be no need for any extra charges.   The fact that events led people from all over Canada to travel to little Coe Hill would surely suffice to explain the nature of the desire for many patients to use Medical Marijuana over opiates.  Dr. Kamermans himself discusses in our interview how Marijauna has been used as a replacement for Percocet and Oxycodone type opiates for pain relief.

Kristine Rae of the OPP has refused to comment in other media reports.   The cost alone of the witch hunt of Dr. Kamermans surely has cost taxpayers an immense amount.   It has also led to the doctor having to sell his building and possibly shut down the clinic; the only one in Coe Hill.  He also has lost his position at the Sturgeon Falls Emergency ward which essentially financially supported the clinic.

As for Coe Hill and the area they have shown support visibly for the Doctor.

A letter was sent to the College of Physicians by Wollastan Council in 2012.   LINK

During the Jul 24 regular council meeting, Reeve Dan McCaw raised the issue of supporting the local doctor.

“We need to thank Dr. Kamermans, and tell him how much he means to us,” he said.  “There were no charges laid against him, and it is not likely there ever will be.”

McCaw felt that a letter should be sent from council. 

“We appreciate all he has done for our community,” he said.

Councillor Maryann Post added that it would also be a good idea to send a copy of the letter to the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Deputy Reeve Graham Blair also suggested a copy of the letter be forwarded to Health Canada as well. 

“It might be relevant in his particular situation,” he said.

“I feel he was really treated unfairly,” said McCaw

And a letter to the editor of the nearby Bancroft Ontario newspaper echoed the waste of taxpayer funds.  LINK

From a taxpayer’s viewpoint, this attack on Dr. Kamermans is an extravagant waste of funds, but that pales in comparison to the fact that enforcement agencies are still in possession of Dr. Kamerman’s medical files. This is troubling in the extreme. What ensures confidentiality and privacy, or should it be assumed by the medicinal cannabis patient, that upon becoming Authorized To Possess, we have no rights to confidentiality or privacy?

That’s another major issue in this case also.   Thousands of patient records were seized by police.   Dr. Kamermans has shared that police have suggested he’s being treated like a “Drug Dealer” even though he has not been charged for such nor dispensed any marijuana.

He even claims that officers have told the public that his practice was closed when it hasn’t.   His wife Mary who is also his nurse at the practice has also endured suffering as has their family.

There are no easy solutions to the abuse of prescription drugs.   What we do know is that they kill thousand each and every year.

Is this a criminal issue?   Is this a health issue?

Or maybe this is simply an industrial trade issue as there are millions if not billions of dollars in sales of drugs and taxation at stake.   If Canadians could have the choice of growing their own medicine and knowing it’s source for pennies instead of being forced to pay either directly or via the cost in taxation to the system for traditional drugs would it truly be such a bad thing?

Coe Hill Clinic

The irony is that more and more doctors across Canada are signing the paperwork for Medical Marijuana.   Dr. Kamermans persecution may have had just the opposite effect and impact that those would harass him would hope to achieve.


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  1. We are indeed in a sad state of affairs in Ontario and for that matter in all of Canada.
    Here we have a doctor that is writing prescriptions for growing medical marijuana and he is being charged and harassed by the OPP while at the same time thousands of prescriptions are written every day in Ontario for very addictive and harm causing drugs .
    We as a society have a crisis with Oxycodone etc ,yet a non addictive alternate that does the same job is judged as criminal.
    As the doctor states in his video interview ..we are living in a police state . Despite the crowns suggestions and his lawyers advice the police continued to charge and harass this man whose only motive was to be of good service to his patients ..unlike those who quickly write prescriptions for very addictive drugs that actually kill people and cause many social problems in our communities.
    When will be ever be able to hold the police ,politicans and other agencies accountable for their stupidity?
    Great article that should become a social discussion.
    We need change in this county and we need it fast before the social fibre of Canada is destroyed .

  2. The charges need to be dropped. Public opinion is the real law here, and most of us now know that marijuana is a medicine. The public has lost patience with police, government and some local officials regards medical marijuana. Change is happening and we don’t need the government or police forces to make the change. People are ignoring the laws on mass. This means the laws are out of touch with current values and norms. The dinosaurs are on their way out. No more war on sick or any other people.

  3. The insanity of our marijuana laws has been obvious for years. Whether for medicinal or pleasure purposes, most people who want to use it find a way to get it regardless of the laws.

  4. no need to jump all the way to comparing cannabis with opiates, which are are not “all bad” and certainly do have bonafide uses which improve quality of life in many people with serious and debilitating pain.

    the most widely used meds for pain are aspirin and anti-inflammatory agents (like advil and motrin) that you buy over the counter. cannabis is arguably safer than both aspirin and anti-inflammatories…even if it’s not as effective.

    pain aside, (since there is little to no scientific evidence regarding the efficacy of cannabis in various types of pain from, traumatic, cancer, neuropathic or phantom, versus other meds), cannibis is certainly excellent for its well know side effect of making people hungry. And this desirable side effect – for AIDS sufferers who may have body wasting, or chemo patients who lose their appetite due to drug-induced nausea – are perfect applications for medical mary jane.

    as far as dr. K, the cops and the college go, there may be stuff going on behind the scenes that haven’t been made public yet. not suggesting dr. K has done anything wrong, but there are doctors who go off the ethical deep end, or who are themselves addicts, and we should be thankful that the college does its job. and if the cops are wire tapping….well, maybe there are reasons even if unrelated directly to dr. K. stuff goes on all over the place.

  5. Dear Soc… Why hasn’t marijuana been tested..? Its been around foe 100000 years….. Time for waiting is done!

  6. This is another qwack doctor. His patients would be drunk all the time on marijuana (aka Mary Jane) thinking that it helps relieve certain illnesses. The only way that it relieves it to make a person feel very high in another world where they don’t know what is going on around them. It would be like selling to the person on the street to get high.

    There are ways of enduring chemo and other such meds and Yoga helps. By taking marijuana you destroy the brain cells in your head if you have one left.

  7. Dr. Jules? Calling Dr. Jules. Rant needed stat.

  8. @ nonbeliever. No need for testing. It works. We don’t need scientific studies to prove what is already known.

  9. Another thing that I will be doing is making sure my children are exempted from the annual drug speech given to the children. I have been to many, and I as a father will not have my children lied to by people who are not qualifies to talk about the subject. I encourage others to do the same if they feel this way. I won’t let them brainwash my children. I love them..

  10. Dr. Jules… Really… So you are saying that I am full of bull when I tell you it stops me from experiencing the most painful condition known to mankind??? Without marijuana I would have committed suicide, because the pain is more than you could imagine Sir.. Furthur to that I work full time, I’m married, a father of two and I do charity work in my area. I must be a dangerous offender lol… Please take the time and real a little Jules.. Regardless we love you brother.. Peace

  11. @ Jules. Be thankful that you haven’t been stricken (yet) by a horrible disease like MS or many others, whose symptoms sometimes can only be relieved with cannabis. Not everyone is so lucky.

  12. Jules, Jules, Jules, Jules, Jules…..We lost our sister to cancer in 2001. Had she not been taking weed to increase her appetite after all of the shit chemo and (Legal) drugs that were pumped in her body, we would have lost her years earlier. We know that from experience. The fact that you have enough sense to put up a post as you did, merely means that you either uneducated on the subject, or you are a cop, or maybe even tied in to the pharmaceutical industry. Either way, it’s individuals like yourself that spew about something that you have no idea about, that makes it harder for people to look at alternative medicines as opposed to the real drugs that will kill you, ( Pharmaceuticals). For your information ” Jules ” Chemotherapy is only 2 percent effective. Do your research before you post something like this. It’s very insulting to the ones that really know what’s going on… Next rant you are probably going to go on is that weed is a gateway drug….Oh and by the way, weed replaces dead brain cells, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.
    Yours Very Truly…

  13. Let’s leave the mention of what drug is better/worse out of this for now (I may be back).
    Health Canada runs the Medical Marijuana program. Health Canada will allow people with usually debilitating medical problems the right to access marijuana. They have a list of such maladies they will consider. (check their website). If someone feels that marijuana may be something that will work for them, whatever the reason, they can apply for a license through Health Canada. In order to obtain this license you have to show (prove) your illness. This would have to be backed up by a doctor with a doctor’s signature on an application form. The patient can then send the form off to Health Canada for a decicion. Health Canada will then look at the application, and THEY WILL DETERMINE IF YOU QUALIFY OR NOT!!!!
    If someone(CMA, OCPS, OPP, RCMP) feels that Health Canada has wrongfully issued licenses for Dr. Kamermans, or any other doctor’s patients then those groups should investigate why Health Canada did that!! Health Canada makes the FINAL DECISION and THEY hand out the license. Such patients would normally have been through a battery of testings, specialists, different drugs, etc. before turning to this program.

    TO: Soc…Look up at the top right hand corner of your browser. See the little box? It usually says Google. Start there. Come back in no less than a month, for it would obviously take you that long to educate yourself.

    TO: Jules…I would suggest the same to you as I did Soc, but I really don’t think it would help. Have you ever SEEN a cancer patient?? I have. I just can’t imagine them doing yoga. There could be so much more to explain this, but really no point. Sad, very sad.

  14. Our new minister of justice, Pete Mackay, just said that weed is a “gateway” drug. He should know.

  15. marijuana policy in Canada will not be rational in Canada until the Conservatives are defeated. Their policy is not guided by science or history. Conservative support originates in the Alberta ozarks where kids are still told certain other activities will blind them. Its a strange democratic system where 60% public support for legalization translates into mandaTORY sentence for growing and sharing. It all boils down to one thing. Harper and the conservatives are trash and history will judge them as such. Huck Farper.

  16. My former GP had me taking $50,000.00/year worth of narcotics and pharmaceuticals in 2006 (paid for by Trillium), and I required >30 Dr. appointments every year. When I was stoned on 320 mg./day of Oxycontin+ he had me sign a contract to purchase my drugs ONLY at the dispensary he owns in his clinic. When he perceived me to “break the contract” he quit and threw me out of his office with no meds.

    This is the kind of “doctor” that should face charges, not Dr. K.

    I detoxed from all pharmaceuticals in Sept. 2007 WITH CANNABIS and have not had a pill since. I produce my own medicine outside legally at a cost to nobody (and VERY little to me) and see the doctor once a year to fill out my MMAR application – for free.

    Under the MMPR, set to take effect on April Fools Day 2014, I am supposed to destroy all my medicine and start to purchase it from large commercial industrial growers at $8.80/gram+HST+Shipping. That will mean that somebody will have to pay that $50,000.00/yr for me again…

    Will you pay for our cannabis? Taxpayers may have to in 2014.

  17. Denis: If you think that marijuana replaces dead brain cells then you are brain-dead from smoking too much!

  18. Stan.. Marijuana and magic mushrooms do grow and regenerate neurons in the hippocampus region of the brain. Google it.

  19. Stan, Stan, Stan, Stan, Stan. First of all, you may want to take a little time and goodle the many health benefits of the marajuana plant. At least take just a little bit of your time, not much, just a little bit. because you are really coming here not properly armed, with education on the issue. No offense meant.

  20. Sorry meant to type google

  21. I know the heart ache of loved ones addicted to opiates that our Doctors and Pharmaceuticals pump into their patients and then the chain reaction to the drugs on the street. It is horrific, and not to mention the number of people who DIE from such drugs every day…I commend Dr. Kamermans for his martyrdom to change this system…Finally a Dr. who is willing to fight for the best interest of the patient and not the pocket book….Opiates have gone Viral and are so out of control it is disastrous…and as we fight for our sick and our youth who are becoming drug addicts ( and that’s its own sickness)by the thousands and many heading to early graves, we need to recognize it is not because of marijuana but because of opiates…we should recognize a system that was tried and failed…The Doctors and pharmaceuticals are the only ones winning this war as they fill their pockets with blood money. I have watched my sister die of cancer at the age of 35 and my own daughter at the age of 9 from a brain tumor…I understand this pain. I do truly believe opiates should be locked up and administered only when nothing else helps the person for the critical pain…not given to a 15 year old because she has a tooth ache….Do you see where I am going …I am not sure which is worse here….watching a compassionate caring Doctor very humbly trying to help his patients with alternative medicine, be treated like a criminal or the small mindedness of people who judge this man…when it is all said and done, you can bet your bottom dollar the real drug dealers (pharmaceuticals) will win…cause money is power…God Bless you Dr. Rob Kamermans for your courage to change the nation.

  22. Just read this article sad sad sad this stinks big money always wins, guess who pays health Canada/’s Bills and salaries of the people who make drug approvals ? you guessed it big pharmacy called user fees .

  23. there are a lot of religious fanatics on police forces and this is where this is coming from. Until the media starts digging into this fact nothing will change.

  24. Dr. Kamermans is a hero. He is also my doctor. If you agree his actions are heroic, please write a letter to your MP and Health Canada and the College of Physicians protesting his treatment. Thank – you.

  25. Google Pheonix Tears, a Canadian man who is providing the pure extracted oil from the pot plant that cures cancer and many other medical conditions. On this web site are instructions as to how to prepare pot for medical use of the oil. This is a witch hunt but many Doctors have been shut down and charged criminally for using natural alternatives and giving the big pharma companies a run for their money. The action against this Doctor is the real crime.

  26. To the naysayers who think Dr. Robert Kammermans is a bad guy because he allows his patients the alternative of having a drug to control their pain and sickness through something that was put on this earth by God himself please stop preaching against medical marijuana unless you can prove to me that it is more harmful than the opiates that other doctors and our government force upon us for our pain and suffering. I have had serious spine issues for years as well as dibilitating arthritis. When I had to take prescription pills I could not function during the day as my head was still filled with the aftereffects of the opioids I had to take to help me to sleep through the night, not to mention the addictive properties that opioids produce. Since I started with medical marijuana I am able to function as a productive member of society and hold down a job full time. I do not want to put synthetics nor chemicals in my body that do more harm than good and can cause many serious side effects. It is my right as a Canadian Citizen and as a human being to be able to choose which medication I choose to use for my pain management and nausea. Maybe if the government spent a little more time and money researching the harmful side effects of prescription pills that they force onto people they would see that the only alternative is to legalize Medical Marijuana and make it available to the public so they have their own choice to make. Please stop your witch hunt. Dr. Kammermans is a wonderful caring doctor who only wants what is best for his patients. As for all the money they say he made well let me tell you that for me to go to another Dr. for prescribed marijuana they charge a lot more so why is Dr. Kammermans suddenly the scapegoat for the grovernment. Really! to the government of Canada, please find something else to do with my hard earned tax dollars that you take from my paycheques each payday like chase down the murderers and rapists.

  27. I am at this time in my life not requiring any kind of pain medications although in the past I have had to take Tylenol #3’s
    I don’t know alot about prescription drugs except for some different medications that I have been prescribed it has made me feel worse than the actual issue to start with so needless to say I would quit taking them. And also I do not smoke marijuana at all.
    I’m not saying that I haven’t tried it. But when I have tried it I felt way better than when taking prescribed medication. I personally think that if I was in alot of pain I would go to the marijuana before the chemicals made in a scientific lab. I personally know Dr Kamermans from taking my wife to his clinic and compared to all the other medical doctors out there I believe Dr Rob and his wonderful Wife Mary are more concerned about everybody’s health than the other doctors and the government and just wanting to fill their pockets I think that this is a good time to get the marijuana laws out in open so people in pain can get what what they really need instead of what they have to take so day’s the government. We know it’s all about power and greed and money.

  28. I can’t believe in this day and age their are still witch hunt’s ? Well I honestly believe that my wonderful Dr. and his wife are a product of one with the O.P.P. Here in the Bancroft area , While their are Dr’s here perscribing more opiates than EVER??? Well in the past 2 year’s that i’ve lived here , I’ve seen 2 extra pharmacy’s put up and a O.A.A.C. , little own the loss of 2 dear friend’s to this bad drug ??? What the heck is wrong with this world ????

  29. The vindictive treatment that Dr. Kamermans has received at the hand of the OPP and the College of Physicians is an example of the inherent corruption at play where medicinal cannabis is concerned; it is a shameful and absurd waste of taxpayer funds. Their sleazy and underhanded treatment of Dr. Kamermans, his wife Mary, and their staff, however, underscores the unwillingness of Health Canada to establish a court ordered medical program that works. The government of Canada should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves; their trough slopping inept mentalities are an embarrassment to this country.

  30. It’s time We, the people, led the way on this and all things crucial to our personal interests. No way will that good doctor have to go to jail for dispensing what is essentially folk medicine, the remedy most commonly introduced through smoking it. That seems a real issue with Big Pharma and the alcohol industries, the primary lobbyists that lobby to keep cannabis illegal, along with assorted bigshots in Lie Enforcement who seek to keep the Prison-Industrial Complex at full capacity.

  31. I see the poll is at 96%. 96% of voters believe that this is a witch hunt and that the charges should be dropped.
    I also see that the majority of the comments are in praise of Dr. Kamermans.
    Lots of people give him praise and mention all the good Dr. Kamermans did for them.
    Imagine how/where you would be now if it were not for his help….especially Medical Marijanna patients, but his other patients as well, for he has helped ALL of his patients in different ways.
    I think every single one of Dr. Kamermans patients, past and present, need to send letters to advocate for him and his wife Mary. Send them to him, to the College (Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons), Health Canada, Ontario Ministry of Health, your own or different MP!! Try your MPP too; the OPP is provincial after all.
    Send to anyone else you can think of too. If you are not sure what to say, ask someone to help put it in words for you that fit. You could also make it like an itemised list if that’s easier. Write a simple note that explains how he has helped you…that’s all. It doesn’t have to be long or perfect, just do something. Please. (& Thank you)

  32. Dr. Kamerman’s remains my doctor as always, I don’t have access to a local doctor and I would not trade him for one closer. I travel to see this wonderful, caring doctor for 6 hours one way. I pay for all expenses as I was not allowed to claim them. I have had Fibro for twenty years and have been in seven car accidents lot’s of broken bones and a broken neck -always a passenger fYI no fault of mine. I know what works for me, and Dr.K has given me reason to believe in natural healing. Which happens to be my choice and mother nature provides. Government controls have made things terrible for us all period. I believe Dr.K is the best thing that ever happened to me and my pain management control. Don’t give up we are all here for you. Mary is your anchor and Rob you are the ship that brings us relief. Thank You
    Regards, Mark

  33. Seven car accidents? Wow! If it wasn’t for bad luck, you’d have no luck at all.

  34. Dr. Kamermans follwed the rules/regulations set up by that government program when he signed applications. Dr. Kamermans should not be treated as a criminal for that!!! Treating patients is part of an oath you take as a doctor, it is not a crime!!!
    Jct: Dr. Kammermans should have stayed in his Ontario Office and exempted everybody by Skype like BC doctors do. But he made a house -call to Nova Scotia and signed the exemptions there where he wasn’t licensed instead of waiting until he returned to his Ontario Office to sign them there. That’s the non-medical reason Health Canada revoked those thousands of out-of-Ontario exemptions (don’t know their reason for the Ontario revocations) that we have raised as as tort in our Statement of Claim used by our 148 stars in Federal Court.

  35. we need more doctors willing to educate themselves about this miracle plant. Dr K has helped many and by doing this to him scares other doctors from signing.
    this man should be set free he is a hero.
    ~ cannabis cures ~

  36. I believe that truth is a powerful thing, and the truth (from my point of view) is that too many people are going without the natural solutions, medications and nutrition that nature can provide. Why does the FDA say fluoride is acceptable in small portions, but cannabis is not acceptable at all?
    With the global warming, maybe we should be thinking of how we are going to adapt? It’s all interconnected, growing hemp and cannabis may very well improve conditions. What have to to lose except growing deserts, and shrinking icecaps? we can use it for everything from food to fuel, construction and more, improve air quality, provide jobs!
    I say it’s time to educate medicate and activate!! Good doctors like Kamerman are rare, is it any wonder when they fight the forefront of this “War on Drugs” and are literally taking all the hits.

    Kudos Dr K!!

  37. April said “Why does the FDA say fluoride is acceptable in small portions, but cannabis is not acceptable at all?”

    That’s comparing apples and oranges. Two different arguments that don’t connect.

  38. Dr. K. It is ashame you and your wife are going through so much hardship for something you believe in. Shame on the government!
    I am a chronic pain patient myself. Have been on opiates for years. They seem to be causing a multitude of more problems than i started with. I think i’m going to start smoking pot to see how it works in comparison. I did smoke it when i was younger for recreation. (contrary to a lot of peoples belief mj is not addictive or a gateway drug)
    Thanks for the inspiration, maybe i can get off all the pharmaceuticals and get my life back.
    I hope things get better for you!

  39. With respect to all the naysayers, I highly suggest that you watch the CNN series, Weed – Weed 2 and Weed 3 put together by world renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta.
    The evidence regarding the medicinal benefits of marijauna is overwhelming. Israel is leading the way and has published many studies showing the effectiveness. What one has to do is separate the confusion between medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana. While recreational marijuana generally has a higher THC content, (the psychoactive drug) the majority of strains used for medicinal purposes contain a much higher CBD content, the healing content of the drug. It assists better than current medication for Crohn’s Disease, some cancers and specifically Epilepsy. For those requiring pain relief, A strain with a good THC and CBD mix is more effective than similar opiates and MUCH MUCH less addictive. The majority of medicinal users can adjust their required doses as needed rather than take a set prescribed amount whether needed or not. Not every strain of marijuana gets a user ‘high’, in fact, a strain in the USA was created called Charlotte’s Webb. It has virtually NO THC what so ever but is exceptionally high in CBD. A very young girl who was having over 500 seizures a day and who could not be brought under control by conventional means of medication was, after much consideration given a tincture made from the Charlotte’s Webb strain. Immediately she went from over 500 seizures a day to 1 to 3 per day, and is continually getting better. Needless to say, there is much debate and difference between what most associate with users of pot and the actual reality. Medical Marijuana; however, is and continues to be proven to be an effective medicine for many who cannot find relief from other sources. While I know some have already made up their minds and will never change, I can only hope that the majority will do their research and NOT close their minds to the possibility. We find new sources of medications every day in nature. This one is the only one that has a mass hate against it. I guess the 60’s were too tough on it.

  40. There is one more thing that I wanted to add here and that is our friend Robert passed away from lymphoma (cancer of the lymph glands) and we have other friends who passed away with cancer as well. Cancer is a real epidemic and we are all eating garbage food that is loaded with carcenogens and none of us know what we are eating. That GMO garbage that we are eating happens to be full of carcenogens and we ask ourselves why the high rise in cancer. Not only that but the plastics that we use have bisphenol A in them which is a cercenogen as well. I can go on and on on this topic like there is no tomorrow. A lot of canned goods have carcenogens in them as well.

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