Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne Drives Her Big Red Truck in Cornwall Ontario – August 12, 2013

Wynne Truck CornwallCFN – Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne was in Cornwall Ontario at a local Trucking firm that received funding to help create a few jobs.

It’s the photo junket season with the Preme hopping from town to town pressing the flesh and meeting some of the community.

She had a chance to drive a big red truck too!


Sadly due to some favoritism miscommunication I elected to not wait, and wait, to ask some questions of our Premier.  Some of which were probably pretty darn good too….

Congrats to local firm Minimax Express Cornwall and the Poirier family on their funding!

Celebrate South Stormont


  1. I hope that while here she a talk to straight up bareass bob

  2. She couldn’t be at lot lizard in the worst of places.

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