Beavergate in Cornwall Ontario One Year Later – It was a Success! Clear Guindon Park Waters with no Flooding!

wyatt guindon park aug 8 2013CFN – What a difference a year makes.  When we started the Beavergate Protest we never expected that the devices placed in the Guindon Nature Park in Cornwall Ontario would have such dramatic results.

Funded fully by Lesley Fox and her Fur Bearer Defenders organization the road to clearer waters and healthier habitat were started by Wyatt Walsh pictured above.

Beaver Trap Sign

Instead of signs that dogs and small children can’t read there is lush green.   Mr. Walsh had one abortive attempt after contacting the Standard Freeholder go on deaf ears before CFN became active in trying to find a solution.

Our request for a 90 day moratorium on trapping to the City last year resulted in the traps being moved next to the lodge and wiping out the family of beavers lived.

That’s when local activist and musician Rebecca Sorrell entered and then with some media momentum and help from Lesley Fox and her organization oiula!

Even though with near record rainfall the park was not flooded.  Nor did the beavers eat all the trees as some suggested would happen.

 The park has never looked better.

You can see from this video from last year below how much has changed.

Placement of filter system where first traps were!

All we had asked for originally was a moratorium simply to discuss alternatives to trapping.  Sadly it go messy because of closed minds and only when the threat of National humiliation and free implementation did the Kilger regime agree to change.

As a matter of fact OPG (Ontario Power Generation) rep and now retired Linda Haliday actually refused to participate in one group meeting if I was present; that’s how nasty it got to get to this point.

Let them eat beaverSad, don’t you think?  Especially when Lawyer and ambitious politician  Bernadette Clement sat on the board of the River Institute at the time.

The River Institute did not assist or help with this project.  There was only one city councilor who showed support, but he chickened out and refused to go public.

The City of Cornwall did not respond for comment to this story.

What do you think the with results to Guindon Park?  Is it time to look at alternatives to trapping?   You can post your comment below.

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  1. Good job! Beautiful story activists, CFN and supporters. Politician’s aside, it’s unbelievable that the River Institute didn’t get involved.

  2. Jamie I thank you so much for showing us Guindon Park. When we lived in Cornwall we walked this park on a daily basis and when we go to Cornwall we pay Guindon Park a visit. What a beautiful job was done to the park and thank God that the beavers are now protected. The park is lush with greenery. We love to walk in the parks and so very healthy.

    Speaking about cutting down the trees as this gentleman mentioned there were beautiful trees (pine trees) that we heard belonged to Domtar and they were cutting them down which is a real shame. That park is so beautiful indeed and thank you so much for showing me that park and others.

  3. Oh another thing Jamie is that at the opposite end of the park where Lake St. Lawrence is located you get people from other cities that go to Guindon Park and we saw some. One man and his wife come from Montréal and they love that park and always came down every summer. It has been years since we lived in Cornwall so we don’t know what goes on. Many people do walk their dogs in the park and are not just from Cornwall but the towns surrounding Cornwall.

    Again what a beautiful job that was done to the park and thanks to Rebecca and her husband who was speaking along with some others in the video.

  4. Excellent coverage & scenery from the park now in all its glory thanks to Rebecca & Wyatt who would not take no for an answer,just goes to show why the city needs younger newer ideas to succeed

  5. I completely agree with you Mariah and I hope that this lady runs for council and she would be very good at it. She is a smart cookie and can get things done and that is exactly what is needed. She sure would show them all off as well as her husband – two excellent workers.

  6. Thanks for your report on Guindon Park … Job well done…. I know that similar efforts are made in US to protect beavers whom by some organizations and individuals are considered disposable.

  7. Great to think about your hard work and the effect it produced. I’m curious why you think there are five families in the area? We have seen enormous benefit because of our beaver dams, birds, otters, steelhead, but only the same family. Congratulations.

    Heidi Perryman
    Worth A Dam

  8. It is great to see the follow-up one year later, and how successful coexistence with the Guidon Park beavers has been. Thanks to Rebecca, Wyatt, Jamie and CFN! Kudos to ALL!

  9. This is what I call good work and I can’t give them enough credit but to say a big thank you to the lady and her husband and those who were with them on this project. To all these people you put the mayor and council to shame – you are the best people. Thank you again.

  10. I’ve got to get out their. Dog on leash okay?

  11. Diddlyscwat Guindon Park is a very beautiful place to walk and we miss it very much. We have a beautiful park here in Ottawa Vincent Massey Park along with the falls and we have the Rideau River but we lack the pond like what you have in Cornwall with the beavers. We have squirrels in birds here and have a lot of cardinal birds. We don’t see the blue jays here for some reason and we miss that. I was out with my daughter to shop and all I heard coming home on foot were the cardinals and so beautiful in colors. The traffic is enough to go nuts and no peace and quiet at all to enjoy the wildlife.

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