Premier Wynne’s Private Breakfast with Bernadette Clement in Cornwall Ontario – Was the Local Riding Ass. Snubbed?

Provincial Leadership Co-Chair Bernadette Clement with Riding President James Borer
Provincial Leadership Co-Chair Bernadette Clement with Riding President James Borer

CFN – Local political buzz in Cornwall is whether all things are well in the Provincial Liberal riding association camp after none of the local Grit VIP’s were in attendance for Premier Kathleen Wynne’s visits to the River City including last candidate Mark A MacDonald or former MPP Jim Brownell.

CFN discovered and confirmed however that the Preme had time to breakfast with City Councilor Bernadette Clement who played a major role in Ms Wynne’s team construction and transformation.
The Bachelorette and Lawyer did not have an answer as to why the breakfast didn’t include any Liberal dignitaries and would not state if she was being groomed, considered for or would want to run in the upcoming Provincial election under the Wynne banner.   She confirmed word of the breakfast tete a tete at Monday night’s council meeting.
We contacted riding president James Borer regarding the visit to Cornwall.
“Mr. Gilcig,
I am happy to answer your questions to the best of my ability.  Unfortunately if further clarification is required it will need to be directed to the Premiere’s staff as I wasn’t personally involved in the visit.
As always the SDSG PLA appreciates CFN’s continued interest in the politics of our riding.
My answers follow below:
Why were there no local Liberal association members present?
1.  We were informed that because this was officially government rather than party business that the rules didn’t permit participation / attendance by Provincial Liberal members.
 Why wasn’t past candidate Mark A MacDonald invited or former MPP Jim Brownell?
2.  I unfortunately don’t have an answer to the decision taken to exclude the SDSG PLA from a breakfast meeting as we were unaware of it.  This would need to be directed to the Premiere’s staff.  I do know that it has upset a number of the members in the SDSG PLA.
Why did Ms Wynne have breakfast with Bernadette Clement at the exclusion of the local riding association executive?
3.  I haven’t discussed my continuing service in the role of elected President for the SDSG PLA with anyone to date.
I am dedicated to supporting a Provincial Government which stands for and respects the legitimacy of democracy.  To bypass properly elected representatives at any level shows a complete lack of respect for democracy and undermines any authority granted through fair and properly conducted elections.
Arrogance of this sort should never be tolerated in a truly democratic society.  
Operating in secrecy, outside of proper channels is not democracy but rather an abuse of power which is never accepted by people with the full rights of citizenship.
I am disturbed and quite frankly disappointed by the choice to not meet with the SDSG PLA while in our riding.  I will be seeking an explanation that makes sense and can justify such a deliberate act in order to answer to the members who elected me as their President.
We have heard rumblings that you are considering resigning your position?  Is there any truth to this?
Is there a rift between the local Liberal riding association and the Premier’s office?
4.  I am not aware of any rift between the Premiere and our riding.  I fully supported Premiere Wynne during the Leadership campaign as did a number of our delegation that voted in Toronto at the convention.  I am hopeful that this was an isolated incident based on an error made by her staff.
I look forward to dealing with it appropriately and moving forward as we prepare for the next general election.  Our PLA is dedicated to finding Nominees and electing the best Candidate to put forward for the next election so we can return SDSG to Liberal Leadership which respects the choice of those who elect them to Govern.
James Borer  “
SD&G  was held for two terms by former Liberal MPP Jim Brownell.   Ms Clement, a two time councilor,  is considered a frontrunner as the next Liberal MPP candidate although her current council under Mayor Bob Kilger is under scrutiny with two Whistleblowing lawsuits and allegations of a coverup over the corruption at City Hall, and alleged scandals over the hiring of the Mayor’s son to the fire department.
MPP Jim McDonellAfter Mr. Brownell retired the seat was won by current Conservative MPP Jim McDonell.
What do you think CFN viewers?  Was the local Liberal Riding Association snubbed?    Was it proper for Ms Wynne to have a private breakfast with Ms Clement?  You can post your comments below.
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  1. Is it possible that the two got together for breaky as personal friends? Was the repast official government business, or just bacon and eggs with a friend? And what the hell is a “Bachelorette”?

  2. I think that Ms. Clement is in Ms. Wynn’s lap of getting in provincially through the door and it was a personal thing between them only and queen Bernadette has been in Cornwall’s council for one thing only and that is for her own benefit and had nothing to do with the people of Cornwall with whom she represents.

    Remember everything at the next election if the gang isn’t out before then.

    Yes it was unfair indeed to the rest of the Liberal (fiberal) MLA’s but Wynn was not in Cornwall for the benefit of the people of Cornwall but for queen Bernadette.

  3. B. Cl. should run for M.P.P. Why not, she’s done nothing concrete as a councillor and if she runs as an M.P.P. we can really get her out of politics so she can be a do nothing lawyer once again.

    That being sais, she at least has the ear of Premier W. for now. She could be of some use for someone someday.

  4. @ Jules. I take it that you don’t like Ms. Clement or Ms. Wynne. Is that because they are “fiberals” as you so cleverly call them, or is it a personal issue you have with them?

  5. Why the surprise?

    It seems to come as a surprise that Ms Clement would conduct herself in a deceitful manor by not informing others of this breakfast. Why would this opportunity of a private meeting with Ms Wynn be any different than what we’ve witnessed from her actions in the past. She has demonstrated a self serving agenda.

    Ms Clement has been consistent at one thing since she was entrusted to serve the Citizens of Cornwall. She has been consistently advancing her personal career in politics utilizing her elected position as a stepping stone. Much to her voters detriment that was fooled in believing in her sincerity that she would be a catalyst for change.

    I hope that the local Liberal officials are not to hopeful that this was an error created by the Premieres staff. It’s very nice of them not to through Ms Clement her under the TRUCK. I’m sure they know who was driving this TRUCK to this PRIVATE BACHELERETE BREAKFAST.

  6. Your article stated “Operating in secrecy, outside of proper channels is not democracy but rather an abuse of power which is never accepted by people with the full rights of citizenship.” It will never change with the typical Fiberals, they are the “entitled”! Coming to Cornwall to have breakfast with Bernadette…..well many things come to mind! Things that are of no benefit to the citizens of our fair city.

  7. Furtz I don’t care for the Fiberals at all after the mess that they made and I don’t care for the Harpies either.

    About Bernadette you are right nor do I like PM Wynn at all either. Bernadette is there for what she can get and that is it just like the rest on council. None have any vision and none care about the people of Cornwall at all whatsoever. All these people are there for is to feather their pockets at other people’s expense. You are right on Furtz about how I feel about all of them. There is a complete housecleaning needed from the top management jobs down to the lowliest job whether cleaning a sewer or trimming headges or sweeping a street, etc.

  8. Thelma & Loser?

  9. At Bob’s house?

  10. Perhaps Bernadette and Mrs. Wynne (if married) should have future breakfasts at a lodge or hotel somewhere out of town. Maybe a supper dinner instead, among two friends.

    Whatever the ‘sizing up’ projects are, it makes sense that Wynne in particular gets a heads up as to strengths B. can offer perhaps in another M.C. assignment prior to the next election.

    Like either or not, here in Cornwall is immaterial. Furthering her career in the liberal fold would ultimately be of benefit for Cornwall, should the liberals ever get to govern again.

    Leave the B. alone……..for now.

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