Should Bob Peters of Economic Development in Cornwall Ontario be Fired for Working on the Mayor’s Campaign During City Office Hours Like the Freeloading Five? POLL

Bob "Vienna Sausage" Peters
Bob “Vienna Sausage” Peters

CFN – In light of the footloose five who were allegedly fired by the city of Cornwall we did a little sniffing.   While the city is still under it’s own leaky Cone of Silence questions are being asked now about all staff who potentially could have “stolen time” from the city.

Should Bob Peters of Economic Development be fired for working on this banner  below and other activities during Mayor Kilger’s re-election campaign on City time?


denise kilger for mayor

Former Clerk Denise Labelle-Gelinas had this on her Facebook status.    During the election there were other allegations of City Staff acting on behalf of the mayor on City Time as well.

The city is still refusing to disclose to the public what this messy waste of tax dollars is about. They are not being accountable nor replying to emails or answering media calls in a timely fashion.

Retired CAO  & Clerk Paul Fitzpatrick & Denise Labelle Gelinas with Mayor Kilger on Election night.
Retired CAO & Clerk Paul Fitzpatrick & Denise Labelle Gelinas with Mayor Kilger on Election night.

It appears that the replacements of Paul Fitzpatrick & our clerk by Norm Levac and Helen Finn may simply be a change of the face, but not a change of how things have been done.

And what of the Mayor himself?  Would someone like to check his attendance record during this and last term at committee meetings for the city?

While he recently had time to sit in on a new Waterfront condo development (on the former Domtar lands) and personally walked through with inspectors for the Truffles Burger Bar patio application (which was expedited) has the Mayor himself been giving the city value for the time he himself has spent?   Does breakfast at Napoleon’s count as time spent on the job?

Should every city paid employee or contractor be monitored?   The truth needs to come out about not only what happened to the five, but more importantly the process.   Were they arbitrarily or unfairly fired?  Were they treated differently than other staff?   The public deserve answers.



  1. It is really no one’s business about the 5 employees, they are not elected officials, they are ordinary citizens. What took place between the employer and employee should not be open to public scrutiny. It is a private matter.

    Tax payers money is a poor excuse for trying to find out what really happened. Actually, tax payers should be happy that the employer finally put a stop to it “IF IN FACT IT IS TRUE”

    Because we are tax payers doesn’t give us the right to delve in to private matters.

    Better late then never!!!!

  2. Yes Bob Peters should be fired for campaigning during work time. The other employees who were fired by the city should remain fired. There is absolutely no excuse for any loafing around or doing other work than the one that is assigned to you. If you do not do your work there are thousands waiting in line for your job.

  3. To all those who like to comment,
    If u do not the issues, please do not .
    Thank you.

  4. To all those who like to comment,
    if you do not know the issues ,
    please don’t.
    Thank you.

  5. Wow Jules !!! You must be a perfect shiny worker who has never ever slacked off. We don’t know anything about those 5 employees and their job performance or personal lives. All we know is that they were terminated for theft of time. Just because we pay taxes it does not mean we get to be judge, jury and executioner.

  6. May tomorrow be a great for ALL.

  7. Rick Shaver’s nose is like the Rosetta Stone.

  8. I meant Rosacia Stone.

  9. Uncle Fester needs to go!

  10. Fire him? Burnings too good for him!

  11. Stella… is right on this one. As I have said, if Todd Lalonde was not one of the five, we would never even have heard about these employees–as it should be. Should Bob Peters be fired? He should never have been re-hired–nor should have been his wife. They both left the City, their positions were filled, and yet here we are with both of them being paid HUGE unjustifiable salaries. This all rests on Paul Fitzpatrick and his desire to surround himself with people who owe him. And where is he today–still laughing at the rest of us. All of that aside, for Bob Peters to work on the Mayor’s campaign, it would have been a directive from Paul, at the request of the Mayor. He is a subordinate who owes Paul LOTS. Technically, the talking point will be that he has no ability to refuse the Mighty Pumba without the possibility of being charged with insubordination. NOT! While the current “5” MAY have willing broke their employment contract, Bob could have said NO because it is NOT part of his employment contract under Economic Development. The choice was totally his and if he did this on City time, his choice was wrong. Just like the “5”.

  12. Elzoey when you pay huge taxes and you see this craziness going on you get mighty upset and any normal person would be mighty upset. Taxes are going through the roof and every year my rent goes up a lot of money and the same for people who own (I owned a house and I know the cost and it is humoungous) and I don’t accept people to loaf around at all. I am a tough cookie when it comes to work ethic. I left jobs where there was not enough work and I got terrible headaches sitting around and called my employers to tell them that I wasn’t getting paid to read books all day and I told them that the staff could handle things without me or anyone else. There are others who feel the same as I do and we cannot sit around not doing anything. I am always busy even at home and I live a very frugal lifestyle and that is the way to live.

  13. Yo yo , pat yourself on the back . If u couldn’t
    keep a job, whose to blame. The 5 also pay

  14. To the fabulous 5 , Best be with you.

    Mom always said if you have nothing
    to say ,say nothing at all. Especially
    to the hypocrites .

  15. Whoever does the next campaign will have to sharpen their PhotoShop skills… dressing up a disgraced old political goat to match that bright, tanned, and vital fabrication of the last campaign… that’s going to be a full-time job.

  16. Bob Peters get fired?? Bob Peters should have never been re-hired period. This guy is so high on himself, it’s a fight between him and Gilles Latour to see who’s crap is browner.

  17. I am also a thrifty sister Jules, put in a hard 40hr work week and pay high taxes. All I am saying is that we don’t know anything about those 5 people so why pick on them? They could be hard working employees that have been setup, who knows. Peace 🙂

  18. To people the dirty 5 were the guys who answered
    the phone to help u , 24 -7 . Holidays – nights – weekends.
    Instead of criticizing stand behind these guys.
    U with the blocked sewer, u with the icy corner, u
    Who just wanted to talk at 3 am . Help these
    Guys instead of putting them down.

  19. You have inexperience people doing this job now.

    Wake up part people from the complex.

    People that do not have a clue how

    The city functions . Re water . Sewer . Roads .

    Don’t get me wrong but some of these people

    Are x Domtar employees . The city seems

    To have an abundance of x Domtar employees.

    WHY ?

  20. Mr Cornwall Weekly If push comes to

    Shove I would like to talk .

  21. NO, Not at all, he should not get fired. He has done very well for the City of Cornwall. We do not know all the facts, and if I would be running for this city, I definetely would be contacting Bob Peters for his help and knowledge. LEAVE HIM ALONE, HE IS DOING A FABOULOUS JOB.

  22. OK, that’s one pro Bob Peters supporter. Could be his wife or his mother.

  23. I stand fast for the fabulous 5 . Been there

    Done the job . Not easy . It seems they were

    Responsible for every department after hours.

    They did a super job for what they had

    To work with .

  24. Author

    Gregg I think most people just want to get to the bottom of what happened and why?

  25. Maybe some day we will talk.

  26. As a tax a payer, I am highly interested why the fabulous five were dismissed. I am also interested why they are entitled to their jobs again after they were dismissed a few weeks ago. Weren’t they dismissed for a reason? How can a dismissal get rescinded? Are these five on leave with pay? If they are re-hired will they receive back pay? Why do some people refer to the Mayor as “bare a$$?”

  27. I am not related to Mr. Peters at all. He is one of the nicest guys working for the city, he makes things happen, does it right, gets the job done..All I can say, is “Leave him alone”.

  28. LOL LOL. Some relative of Bob Peters is posting here if it isn’t Fitzie himself or Bare Ass or any other member of the clique.

  29. Somehow I thinks this Gregg guy who is posting is the same Gregg that started all this by being caught at the gym on city time. A super job for what they had to work with, wow really? Sit at home or drive around is a tough job. By far are you responsible for every department after hours, not even close to the truth.

  30. I really think getting rid of the fab “5” was a way to discredit Todd Lalonde and make it look like part of a bigger issue. Could be that the grand pooba heard that maybe Todd was going to take a run at his the Mayors seat or even council. One way to get rid of any perceived or real competition is to discredit them. Happens in Ottawa all the time and who spent lots of time there?
    What say you admin?

  31. Author

    um Scott; I think I already typed that a few times. Welcome to CFN.

  32. How dude my lunch time is my time . Get the facts staight before running your mouth

  33. must of missed it, sorry….

  34. Author

    So Gregg do you work for the City?

  35. Someday we will talk .

  36. D Day tomorrow . Justice for all.

    The 5 Get their sentence.

    Hope all will be pleased with the

    Outcome .

  37. Yo Jamie you want the truth ,

    Listen to the people that have been there.

    Any person who cant post their name,

    why do u bother.

  38. “LOL LOL. Some relative of Bob Peters is posting here if it isn’t Fitzie himself or Bare Ass or any other member of the clique”.
    You are wrong!!!!!
    Nope not at all. I am not a relative, I am not part of any clique at all, I don’t care for them, I am not Mr. Kilger, or Mr. Fitzpatrick, I am someone that has dealt with him at the City. Bob Peters has done very well for the City and for our community. For the third time on this subject, I recommend leaving him alone.

  39. To the person who posted “To Jules” we will not leave Bob Peters alone at all and he should go. Cornwall has a town of complete and total corrupt people working there and it is long past due to throw all those bums out on the duffs. The vast majority of us left Cornwall many years ago knowing what was going on even way back then so can you imagine how worse things became. Well they sure did worsen. Cornwall had some of the best people in the past but now the vast majority have left and will never ever return. You have to get rid of the entire bunch at City Hall and mayor and council and know exactly who you are putting in and not just vote for some “joe blow” to be put in and you do not know anything about them or because they belong to a certain club or a certain church or whatever it may be. It is all in the hands of the people of Cornwall and if they blow this one then Cornwall will be finished for sure and no turning back and that I guarantee to you and all.

  40. The first comment sums up the definition of an “AIR HEAD” and the mind set of all too many.

    We are not discussing a “private” company situation.



    This same individual believes that a Canadian should only be concerned about their own province of residence. That what goes on elsewhere in the country should not be their concern.

    If anyone else truly believes that what a public servant does during “tax paid time” is not of concern please feel free to direct your reply directly at me and I will be glad to respond.

  41. David wrote; WE ARE THE EMPLOYER !

    Did you participate in the hiring process of these city employees?

    David wrote: We are not discussing a “private” company situation

    But we are discussing a “private” person’s situation which is none of your business.

    David wrote: If anyone else truly believes that what a public servant does during “tax paid time” is not of concern

    The concern was dealt with, if there actually was a concern. If in fact there was wrong doing, the employer did correct it. What more do you want? You want the nitty gritty details? Again it is not your business and it is not important. It was rectified. END OF STORY.

  42. STELLABYSTARLIGHT you have a uncanny ability to demonstrate with every word that you type your inability to comprehend the simplest of information.

    A voter and taxpayer to a municipal government body would be comparable to a shareholder of a publicly traded company.

    In both instances accountability is to the taxpayer/shareholder.

    While outside of work hours you have certain privacy rights, during working hours an employee is fully accountable.

    You must know more than most, perhaps insider information? I do not know if the situation was handled properly. It is my business since I pay my share and therefore it is important.

    Small minded, ignorant individuals who thrive on complacency only add to dilemma that the rest of us ultimately have to resolve for the greater good. Go ahead and embarrass yourself further by continuing to make uninformed comments on issues that you lack any comprehension about. However I strongly suspect that you lack the ability to see the folly of your arguments and therefore could not be embarrassed by your stand on these and other issues.

    Truly in your case ignorance is bliss. Smile.

  43. Stella David Oldman is right. Even you are the employer of those city workers. The salaries that those people receive come out of the city’s taxes. The same holds true in other provinces where we all share in the tax burden and what the senators do, the PM and his gang and even the simple little employee that I used to be was paid by your tax dollars and yes you have to care what is being done on the jobs. There was so much loafing around and I cannot get into all these matters because it is confidential but I can say that there were a lot of people who should not have been employed in positions that made absolutely no sense at all and were paid very high salaries for doing nothing to very little. Yes you have to care what goes on everywhere.

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